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Linking Policy

So you’ve decided to start your own anime/manga blog and want me to link to you. Unfortunately, I’m not a very easily obliging person, so here’s my linking policy.

Number one. Your blog must be at least three months old. This mostly functions to weed out people who just decide to start one on the spur of the moment but start to lose interest very soon. This happens way too much lately, so if you can pass this criteria, you’ve done quite a good job.

Number two. You must have an entertaining blogging style. If you’re just gonna be Random Curiosity redux, sorry but I probably won’t be interested in your blog, unless you’re covering shows that no one else does. Well, I do understand it does take time to build your own style, but that’s what’s rule no.1 is for :).

Number three. Your site must not be a commercially related one. If you’re one of those, “free downloads, plz donate” sites or selling items or have a fuckton of ads plastered all over, sorry to say, you’re probably not going to get any links from me. However, if you do want to buy ad space, you can always contact my host, Maestro for inquiries. Remember, ad space != linkage.

Number four. All final decisions rest in my hands. Hey, it’s my blogroll. I’m supposed to link to blogs/sites that I LIKE.

That being said, good luck and have fun blogging :).