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The Legend of Koizumi streamed.


Because mahjong is the way to settle international diplomacy. RISING SUN, BITCHES.

P.S. Taro Aso is a cool motherfucker here.

Next stop, China, ROFL. I can’t wait till they get to the Hitler arc.

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Princess Robot Bubblegum

I might actually watch this if there was a Japanese audio track. Note, “might”.

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Disappearance Movie announced

Dear KyoAni,



P.S. Please don’t start the movie with キョンくん, でんわ.

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The President…. is my childhood friend

this is a fucked up game
.ok…err l4d session
now zombies horde sounds more normal
kurogane: yeah

I couldn’t resist posting this up. This shit is just too fucking hillarious.

Another “YES! WE CAN!” to the Japanese eroge industry!

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Chihara Minori@Music Japan

Yay, DaiCon gets coverage on NHK’s Music Japan! Also probably the first-ever Malaysian ‘otaku’ event to be given coverage on Japanese national TV too!

And I’m very much impressed with Minorin’s stamina. Her performance of Paradise Lost in the show doesn’t lose any sparkle despite the fact she travelled over 5000 miles and performed a concert the weekend before. Respect +25.

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Noto-sama speaking ENGLISH?!!

Holy. Mother. Of. Otakus. Is that Noto speaking in English at the end of the PV?!!

If I am not mistaken, it is, and I am god damn impressed now.

I wonder will they be doing double dubs for international release with the same seiyuus. Oh god, the sheer idea…. /me faints

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…this is crazily additive to loop.

Nico. Found at Sankaku Complex.

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Gurren Lagaan Parallel Works: All You Bastards, Get Fired Up!

Ah finally. A worthwhile Gurepala Works to watch.

This final one (IIANM) details Lordgenome’s rise to become a Spiral warrior when the anti-Spirals started their conquest of the universe. Of course, the rest is history, but I have to say, his resemblance to Nia when he was young is a bit disturbing to say at least. It seems we’ll also be seeing some footage of the sort in the Gurren Lagann movie, which is already airing in Japanese screens, and probably will take a while more to reach the international audience :P.

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Gurren Lagaan Parallel Works: Libera me from Hell

No. I am not trolling you. This IS the video.

Seriously. For the most EPIC BGM of 2007, all you can whip up is a slideshow of desert backgrounds and the shadow of someone running? I’m sure it’s, uh, something symbolic, but this shit is too “deep” for me man.

I want to cry now. Why are my Tuesdays all so shitty? T.T

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Lucky Star OVA “YOU WA SHOCK!” Trailer

A new trailer for the Lucky Star OVA just came out and guess what it’s using as the BGM…

Yup! It’s Ai wo Torimodose from Hokuto no Ken, also popularly known as the “YOU WA SHOCK!” song. Good to see KyoAni hasn’t lost their edge yet. I can’t wait for the OVA!

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