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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Finals

So after nearly 4 months of voting, fake voting, support materials, post rushes, joyous victories and despairing heartbreak, Saimoe 2008 finally comes to an end. The results is:

1位 1037票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Kagami @ Lucky Star]
2位 976票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star]

And, this year’s Saimoe is Kagamin! YATTA! Finally, a Saimoe winner that is deserving in my eye.

There was quite a lot of fakes too, but it seems to be in support of Kagami rather than to sabotage her. Unofficial vote counter had 1350 Kagami votes to 1005 Tsukasa votes.

Well, I’m really glad to finally have this over with, and to see Kagami rise up above the rest to win the Tournament. Hinagiku even got third place too (based on vote counts) and it’s just a bit too bad Kyou had to face Kagami in the group stages. Congrats and good work to all the Lucky Star supporters, especially for Kagami :).

Lucky Star

I’d like to give my thanks to the people hosting the unofficial vote counter as well as the people over at the Saimoe thread on ASuki Forums (even if I wasn’t really a regular poster and didn’t really agree with many things that people said there). Also thanks to the readers of my blog that followed and commented on my daily posts for their support too.

Till next year then, which should be a bit more interesting to see.

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Semi-final 2

The results:

1位 1137票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star]
2位 1096票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]

Quite a massive amount of fakes this time though for both sides and Hina came off worse thanks to it. She was at 1.5k to 1.4k at 10 mins before voting ends earlier, though Tsukasa was leading throughout the day.

Well, all done’s is done and so it’s a Hiiragi sisters final this year. Man,I love this year’s Saimoe. Kagami for Saimoe 2008!

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Semi-final 1

The results:

1位 1122票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Kagami @ Lucky Star]
2位 922票 古河渚@CLANNAD [Furukawa Nagisa @ CLANNAD]


First off, today’s voting was truly fucked up. There were some parties hijacking the voting threads with text spam, causing about 5-7 of them getting closed early due to 2ch’s 512kb per thread restriction, so there was like ten, I repeat, TEN bloody voting threads today. Seriously crazy.

Let’s not forget the fake votes for Nagisa, which shot up like mad on the last hour to 1.2k votes, but Kagami proves to be immune to it. Heck, in fact, winning by 1.1k votes was seriously 100 votes over my expected vote count.

Finally, Kagami for Saimoe 2008!

Saimoe 2008

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Quarterfinals 4

The results:-

1位 934票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]
2位 750票 千葉紀梨乃@バンブーブレード [Chiba Kirino @ BAMBOO BLADE]

And Hinagiku takes the win from poor Kirino. I’m still impressed she got as far as the quarterfinals.

So now, the semis are all set up and we’re set for either a KyoAni or tsundere final.

Next up, Kagami takes on Nagisa. Go! Go! Kagami!

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Quarterfinals 3

1位 1049票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star]
2位 894票 伊吹風子@CLANNAD [Ibuki Fuko @ CLANNAD]

I guess it’s a bit old, but it’s customary. C’mon everyone, let’s do it together!


And so, the Hiiragi family proceeds with their CLANNAD-nocide with Tsukasa comfortably winning against Fuko to proceed to the semis. She will probably face a big hurdle there though, since it’s either Hinagiku (more likely) or perhaps an easier challenge if Kirino passes tomorrow (less likely).

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Quarterfinals 2

The results:-

1位 953票 古河渚@CLANNAD [Furukawa Nagisa @ CLANNAD]
2位 891票 川添珠姫@バンブーブレード [Kawazoe Tamaki @ BAMBOO BLADE]

And Nagisa proceeds! So this means another LS x CLANNAD confrontation in the semifinals.

Next up: Tsukasa vs Fuko!

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Quarterfinals 1

The results:-

1位 1138票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Kagami @ Lucky Star]
2位 790票 坂上智代@CLANNAD[Sakagami Tomoyo @ CLANNAD]

YESSSSSSSS! Kagamin wins! Surprisingly enough there was more fakes for Tomoyo than Kagami. According to the unofficial vote counter, it was 1.3k Kagami votes to 1.1k Tomoyo votes before it ended, so there was like… 400 fakes for her? Wow, unexpected. I was expecting it the other way round, lol.

Anyways, next match is Furukawa-pan vs BLADE BRAVER. Quite an important match too, since it determines who will be facing Kagami on the 30th.

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Saimoe Final Tournament Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals 1 @ 10/25

柊かがみ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Kagami@Lucky Star]
坂上智代@CLANNAD [Sakagami Tomoyo@CLANNAD]

Quarterfinals 2 @ 10/26

川添珠姫@バンブーブレード(Kawazoe Tamaki@Bamboo Blade]
古河渚@CLANNAD [Furukawa Nagisa @ CLANNAD]

Quarterfinals 3 @ 10/27

柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa@Lucky Star]
伊吹風子@CLANNAD [Ibuki Fuuko@CLANNAD]

Quarterfinals 4 @ 10/28

千葉紀梨乃@バンブーブレード [Chiba Kirino @ BAMBOO BLADE]
桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]

Matchups are announced and it looks like it’s set to be a KyoAni fest this year. Thankfully, my most dreaded draw of Kagami vs Hinagiku was avoided, but Tomoyo isn’t a pushover either ._.

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Group Stage Finals Day 4

Block F Finals

1位 1198票 古河渚@CLANNAD [Furukawa Nagisa @ CLANNAD]
2位 1047票 八神はやて@魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS [Yagami Hayate @ Nanoha StrikerS]

Block H Finals

1位 1312票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]
2位 926票 石動乃絵@true tears [Isurugi Noe @ true tears]

And we come to an end to the group stage of Saimoe 2008 and our eight finalists are Ibuki Fuko, Chiba Kirino, Hiiragi Kagami, Sakagami Tomoyo, Kawazoe Tamaki, Furukawa Nagisa, Hiiragi Tsukasa and Katsura Hinagiku.

The drawings for the final tournament will be held soon and the matchups announced. I just bloody hope I don’t see Kagami vs Hinagiku right off the bat… ORZ.

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Group Stage Finals Day 3

Block E Finals

1位 1058票 川添珠姫@バンブーブレード [Kawazoe Tamaki @ BAMBOO BLADE]
2位 898票 シャナ@灼眼のシャナII [Shana @ Shakugan no Shana]

Block G Finals

1位 1131票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star]
2位 861票 水無灯里@ARIA シリーズ [Mizunashi Akari @ ARIA]

Ugh, somehow a 1 hour nap at 5 pm turned in to a 7 hour snooze till 1am. My sleeping patterns are so screwed.

Anyways, Tamaki beats Shana quite convincingly, while Tsukasa does the same to Akari.

Next round 10/22:-

Block F Finals

古河渚(CLANNAD) [Furukawa Nagisa @ CLANNAD]
八神はやて(なのはStS) [Yagami Hayate @ Nanoha StrikerS]

Block H Finals

石動乃絵(true tears) [Isurugi Noe @ true tears]
桂ヒナギク(ハヤテ) [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]

And we now move to the final day of the Group finals for the last two remaining spots in the tournament finals. Hinagiku is a given conclusion I guess,

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