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Go Go Mikuru!

Mikuru vs Yuki


Today marks another landmark battle in this year’s Saimoe tournament, already in full swing with a multiple number of high profile shocks and surprises marked with a dash of fake votes and multi-voting, as Asahina “Moé” Mikuru fights head on with Nagato “Godslayer” Yuki.

There is… no doubt on who I must support for this round, which is of course, our beloved Mikuru-rin! Go Go Mikuru-rin! Ganbatte Mikuru-rin! Yuki ni makenaide!


Mikuru-rin 4TW!

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Saimoe 2nd Stage Round 01

Yeah, Saimoe is now in full swing after a very long First stage, with over 200 characters in the race, and the 2nd stage starts today with Group A1 and B1. Group A1 sees Souseiseki up against Mion of Higurashi, while B1 has Ryuuguu “~kana, ~kana?” Rena up against Fate “FEITO-CHAN” Testarossa. Results are….

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