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Otaku 101: 10 male seiyuus every aspiring otaku should know.

As promised the male version of my earlier article. While the female version was hard to write only because there are so many choices, the male version suffered from the problem of the lack of names. Male seiyuus seem to be much lesser in number than the female ones and only a few seem to have gained much fame in the industry.

But still, they are no less important than their female counterparts in breathing life in to anime and many of them have been crucial in to making anime such a high quality medium of story telling now. This list, while limited, combines some of my most respected and most talented male seiyuus of out time, in my humble opinion.

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Otaku 101: 10 female seiyuus every aspiring otaku should know.

Bonus points if you understand the joke.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a “Top 10” list and I don’t intend it to be such.

Seiyuus… they are the life of anime. Seiyuus are the link between 2D and 3D, and without them, anime, well, wouldn’t even exist. Somehow though, as important as they are, seiyuus aren’t exactly popular amongst a majority of fans who can remember the characters but not the people who bring it to life, as if Tobey Maguire was only known as Peter Parker, so this article is meant for me to bring up and expose the people behind the characters, the voices that bring them to life who manage to give them a place in our hearts as otakus and fans alike.

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