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Ah! My Goddess 20th Anniversary Artbook

Ah! My Goddess 20th Anniversary Artbook

I went to Kinokuniya for the second (SECOND!!) time this week with some friends and fell in to temptation again, buying myself the 20th Anniversary artbook of Ah! My Goddess, with a 20% discount (saving me RM 32,which is quite a substantial amount).

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Kinokuniya blues… yet again.

Bah, Kinokuniya really has a spell on me. Went there and ordered Negima OAD 3 and bought The Record of a Fallen Vampire Vol.4 and The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (my guilty shoujo pleasure). Did I mention I also blew RM 100 on lunch earlier at Traders Hotel nearby? Well, the Hokkaido scallops were worth it…. :D

I have got to say though, Record of a Fallen Vampire is shaping up to be one of the best vampire manga I’ve read. Starting from vampire vs human vs dhampir, it sprung a huge twist involving foreign invaders, making it one of the best pageturners I’ve had in a while. I already can’t wait for the next volume even as soon as I’ve finished the one I just bought.

I’m also quite liking the complicated and mysterious backstory revolving around RotFV’s “hero”, Akabara Strauss and his relationships with his Queen, Adelheid, and Bridget, who used to look up to him as a father-figure. The story just keeps throwing surprising revelations around it making another important plot line to follow alongside the main one in the present. The presentation of both plotlines also intertwine very well, with neither affecting each other too much.

The next volume seems to finally focus on that backstory as well, as the main plot in the present takes a bit of a break from the action that was continuously going on since the beginning. I do really want to know what happened that lead to Akabara to betray his people and go on a 1000-year quest for revenge.

Right, I’ll end the promotional blurb for RotFV here (which was actually the point of this post anyways). I can hear my wallet lamenting now on how I am gonna explain this dire financial situation I’m facing right now…

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Makoto Shinkai artbook GET!

Makoto Shinkai

After 5 months of saving up, finally Sora no Kioku GET! Man, Makoto is sure is a genius at skyscapes. I spent like half an hour ogling at the pages with skyscapes.

I believe the book has been well reviewed by others (Pireze, Xcomp) so I’m not gonna do it again. It’s definitely dear for RM 110, but it’s still a good buy for collection.

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Ala Alba DVD 01 GET!

Oh darn. My love-hate relationship with Kinokuniya Books is reaching a crescendo of sorts. What was supposed to be a nice, routine trip to Kino for me to check some books out eventually ended up with me buying this:

Negima Ala Alba

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Konata Nome

Lucky Star x Macross Frontier

Hell yeah, I love KyoAni and Lucky Star. Konata Nome 4TW!

Would Kagamin be a nice Klan, though? I guess Tsukasa could do Ranka and Miyuki as Nanase, LOL.

EDIT: Well, even the innards are practically the same!

Lucky Star x Macross Frontier

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Kinokuniya blues


This picture is for decorative purposes and has nothing to do with the content of this post at all.

I went out to Kinokuniya today, mainly to post something and then go look for Superior Saturday, the latest book in the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix.

I’m happy to say I achieved both aims today, with little hassle, except for the fact that Kinokuniya is really, REALLY good at tugging on my purse-.. or shall I say, my wallet-strings. Not only did they have Superior Saturday, but they also had Honey & Clover Vol. 2 (on 20% discount too!), The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross Vol. 6, ARIA Vol.2, Trinity Blood:RatM Vol. 3, Missing Vol. 2, Shinigami no Ballad Vol. 1, a bunch of interesting looking new titles and finally, Full Metal Panic! Vol.3. Dear god, I nearly crapped when I saw the big pile I grabbed after browsing through the manga section.

I swear, every time I go to Kino, I get a really huge urge to buy books. I suspect they have subliminal messages embedded in their store-wide music (mostly classical pieces) compelling me to buy, buy and buy.

In the end, managed to cut the purchases down to Superior Saturday, FMP! Vol.3, Trinity Blood:RatM Vol.3 and Hachikuro Vol.2, which came up to about RM 115. Sigh, if it wasn’t for the crap exchange rate making the prices of the books 3x higher, I’d have bought the whole stack I took, plus a bit more. Would’ve been funny if I descended to credit hell from buying all the volumes of Negima! or something, haha.

Anyways, blazing through Superior Saturday now. Garth Nix doesn’t disappoint. The Keys to the Kingdom series must have one of the most original fantasy-sci-fi combo settings of recent young adult fiction titles. Gotta love Suz- sorry, General Turquoise Blue now :).

P.S.: Goddammit, I can’t seem to stop looping the Rinbu Revolution duet by Masami Okui and Nana Mizuki in Animelo 2007. I swear, the song is well meant to be a duet song, and this rendition by Nana-chan and Masami is just fits soooo well.

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There’s a Makoto Shinkai artbook?!!!

Right. I just found out about it. And it was released around the same time as the Eva 1.01 LE DVD. Goddamnit, if I knew about it, I would’ve ordered them together! ORZ ORZ ORZ.

Anyways, now on the way to secure a copy, even though I’m really, REALLY out of money already. seems to still stock it, but the shipping estimate says “…in 3-5 weeks.” Still awaiting a reply from the local Kino. I do hope they *might* carry it.

(Psst… anyone knows any good loan sharks willing to lend me 100-200 ringgit for a month or so?)

Addendum: Anyone local (read: KL and it’s surroundings) want to order this artbook as well? Need to share the shipping to make it worthwhile.

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The Unboxing of Evangelion 1.01 LE DVD

Finally got my hands on my order of Evangelion 1.01. is impressive. Ordered placed on Saturday, processed on Sunday, delivered on Monday morning, arrived at Tuesday evening. That’s what you call service, eh. But I must say, for the 1,700 yen I paid for the shipping, they could’ve used a much more better packaging. I was surprised at looking at thin boxpack(or whatever it’s called) used for the DVD. I was expecting a box, heh.

Evangelion 1.01

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“Do you believe in equivalent luck?”

It seems to apply to me. A lot.

I just went through what possibly could be one of the most interesting days of my life. Ever.

First, the good news. I have finally achieved one of my otaku objectives, which is owning Kotobukiya’s Gothloli Asuka, thanks to Stripey-dono. I owe you an eternal debt of gratitude, my fellow brother-in-interests :).

Then, at night, I’m trying to install another HDD in to my PC, to fit in my ever-burgeoning collection of data, when somehow, I manage to fry my music HDD. OTL. 200GB of anison, gone. Just like that. Also fried another HDD, empty this time, to replace it. OTL, again. Not to mention, my newly bought VGA cooler wouldn’t fit on my video card thanks to two stupidly placed capacitors.

I’m surprised I’m still keeping my sanity. Wonderful day it has been, no?

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Megami 90 & Comp H 06

Megami Magazine

Megami 90

Comp H

Comp H 06

(More nicer pics of the posters can be found on HD’s coverage of Megami 90 and Comp H 06 respectively)

Whee, more offerings for the otakus this month. Comp H is slowly growing in to another magazine that I must buy each month (bye bye money T_T). My picks this month:

  • Comp H’s Hanyuu and Rika
  • Comp H’s nekomimi Louise
  • Moar Kagamin goodness from both mags
  • Megami’s nekomimi San-sama
  • Megami’s Onegai Twins poster (who is that silver-haired girl, really!)

Well, till next month then. With the Fall shows in full swing, we should expect even more variety from both mags.

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