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Negima! Anime Final

Negima Anime Final

Short version: It’s masturbatory, pisses all over the canon and horribly animated. Do not buy (unless it’s for the Pactio cards). Do not even download this.

Long version: (no seriously it’s long)

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Madoka Magica BD Vol. 6 GET!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The final volume ;_;.

Man, this was well worth the wait. The BD versions of 11 and 12 were deliciously upgraded, especially 12. Especially the floating in space scene between Madoka and Homura. Very nice, SHAFT. Very nice indeed.


The final OST also includes all the awesome tracks from 11 and 12, and dear god I don’t know how many times I’ve looped Surgem identidem and Sagitta luminis over the past 3 days. Just those two tracks… damn, it’s really sad now that’s it’s all finally out. Though I find it quite funny that the Walpurgisnacht theme plays right after Sagitta luminis in the OST. Weird arrangement. Intentional or… ?

For some reason, I had a really horrible delay on getting my package, no thanks to the shitty timing of the DHL couriers. Coming way too early, not calling me when they couldn’t get anyone at home, delivering at the wrong times even though I prearranged it. Then to top it off, the box was practically disintegrating when I finally collected it personally from them. Never had I been so thankful of Amazon.JP’s packaging before. Helps too that the blu-ray packaging itself is pretty damn robust :P.

Of course, while this finally ends the series proper, there is still more of the Madoka-verse in the form of Kazumi Magica and even Urobuchi himself has said he’s writing something more for this franchise. Not quite sure whether to welcome the news or not, but Puella Magi Madoka Magica has definitely sealed its place in the Anime Hall of Fame.

And dear god I wish I could set the BD 6 top menu as my wallpaper. I sooooo wish.

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Madoka BD Vol. 4

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

… and now, I have collectively spent almost RM 1,000 (~340USD) on an anime series. Tohohohoho.

Anyways, as a proud owner of a PS3, I can immediately watch it and oh wow, SHAFT really redrew quite a bit for both episodes 7 and 8. Some of the scenes were even quite okay in the TV series but SHAFT just redrew them from a proper angle. Some of the really noticeable ones included;

from episode 7: Homura talking to Madoka on the school rooftop, the fight with Elsa Maria also added more blood for extra brutality effect.
from episode 8: the fountain in the park scene where Kyubey almost got Madoka to contract with him, honeycomb-ed Kyubey turning black, the scene with Kyouko trying to comfort Sayaka but instead sees her Witch transformation.

Weirdly enough, some of the “meduka”-quality scenes were left untouched. I wonder why….

The OST isn’t as memorable as the first one for me though, seems like they put in all the grim and sad tracks in to this volume.

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Madoka Magica Blu-ray Vol. 3 GET!

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Another month, another Madoka, another 12k yen gone….

I really need to get myself a blu-ray player though. I haven’t opened a single one of my Madoka blu-rays yet ORZ.

The bonus CD that came along with this, in case you missed yesterday’s post, is a special CD drama of the cast done in slice-of-life style. Surprisingly well worth it.

Next month… OST Vol.2 FUCK YEAH!!

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Madoka BD Vol. 2 GET!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

Finally got it. A little disappointed DHL took 3 days to deliver it to me, but oh well.

The original soundtrack is only disappointing in how short it is but otherwise finally getting the clean versions of the BGM’s of the show really feels good.

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Madoka BD Vol. 1 GET!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

>dat feel when you don’t want to unwrap your merchandise because even the shrink wrap is part of the packaging.

Actually these arrived on Tuesday, but I didn’t really have time to take them out of the Amazon box until now. And then I realize even the shrink-wrap is part of the packaging and get lazy to open it :P.

But oh well, this is the “collector’s edition” anyways. Maybe I will be able to sell this off YJA for a crazy price in 5 years time. Probably will get myself the proper copy later when it’s actually released www

Can’t wait for Vol. 2 to come though, ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DISC FUCK YEAH.

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You know what, I am sick of moralfags looking down on people because they read scanlations online. More than 60% of scanlations probably don’t have even have an English market, and the English market wouldn’t even have existed if not for scanlations.

I am sick of moralfags preaching about buying original merchandise of a certain area when they themselves pirate almost everything else. Then they also look down on people for reading scanlations online.

I am sick of the whole “TEH INDUSTRY IS DYING BECUZ PEOPLE STEAL STUFF FROM THE INTERWEBS!” gospel. God knows the industry wouldn’t have actually come this far without the Internet acting as a catalyst to spread it further.

I am sick of outdated Intellectual Property laws that seem to protect the creators but are actually used to enrich the rights-holders (in many cases the recording/publishing/production company) without ACTUALLY fairly giving the REAL creators their share.

I am sick of the moralfags that just pretty much act like asses just because their buying power is greater than people in third world countries without any regard for how much inequalities exist in the world economy.

Fuck all these. I do and will continue to buy original merchandise that I deem worthy enough to justify the enormous expense. Otherwise I am quite comfortable with reading scanlations and watching fansubs/raws as they come off the Internet. If there’s anything really good, then I WILL SUPPORT THE FUCKING INDUSTRY EVEN IF IT’S GOING TO COST ME HALF A MONTH’S WORTH OF LUNCH MONEY. I’m not just gonna crawl under a fucking rock just because I don’t have enough money to BUY EVERY FUCKING CONTENT I CONSUME.

Otherwise, fuck off and get the fuck off your fucking high horse before you start preaching about SUPPORTING THE FUCKING INDUSTRY. Are you even sure you’re not consuming any illegal content at all? Think about it, moralfags.


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Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

Evangelion 2.22

Got to tip my hat off the sugoi-ness of and DHL International Express, my Blu-Ray arrived right on the morning of May 26th even though I am like a whole hemisphere away from Japan!

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Lilium Music Box Project

An interesting email came to me via reader rynstone, who informed me that there’s a dedicated group of Elfen Lied fans who are trying to a Lilium music box, a very important memento of Lucy in the Elfen Lied series.

The group has managed to persuade Sankyo, a Japanese company, to make the music box mechanism but it requires a one-time project fee of USD 670 + about USD 7 per mechanism to produce and they are looking for fellow fans or kind donators to contribute to the fee.

Personally, I think this isn’t a bad undertaking and it does result in very interesting piece of merchandise. Fellow Elfen Lied fans can visit their website/forums at to register and find out how to donate.

Interested fans can also directly email Mr. Jarrod Pierce at to get more clarification on the project.

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Negima Ala Alba OAD set GET!

Negima Ala Alba

Went to Kinokuniya to pick up my order for the THIRD time in 10 days to collect my order of Negima! Vol. 25 Limited Edition, after they trolled me last Saturday. To my most pleasant surprise, Kino actually gave me 20% off (RM 170 -> RM 136) my Negima Vol. 25 LE! Must’ve been a reward for my loyalty to them \o/.

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