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Byousoku 5cm LE DVD arrived!!!

キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ !!!!!

Arrived earlier this week, but wasn’t around to get it. Now I can finally make a “merchandise show-off” post, hahahaha!

The version I ordered is the Limited Edition one, and all in all it cost me almost 7000 yen, which equates to around RM200 locally. My father was definitely not very pleased about it… but oh well, I’ve done my part to support the industry!

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Megami 87 – Louise

Megami 87

While the rest of the blogosphere goes “LOL ELITISM”, I’d rather enjoy this month’s Megami.

More Louise is always a good thing, isn’t it? I think she looks pretty okay in this swimsuit on the contrary of the opinions of my readers. Well, DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST YUM YUM YUM!

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Megami 87 – Matsuri and Aono

Megami 87

In memory of one of last season’s best shows. Matsuri, you will be dearly missed.

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Megami 87 – Konata x Kagamin in swimsuits

Megami 87

Superior. Megami is starting to get my love back already. Next month they better feature Kagamin in her miko-fuku, preferably with Konata in some sort of matching outfit or cosplay snuggling up to her again.

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Megami 87

Megami Magazine

Fuck I died at the Rein and Kagami x Konata huge spreads. Rest of the posters look pretty awesome as well. Excuse me while I go order my 2 copies.

I wonder how much would it cost to laminate the Konata x Kagamin poster…

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Megami 86

Megami Magazine

The first pictures of this month’s Megami are slowly streaming out. After a less satisfying issue last month, it seems the Megami team has picked the pace back up and this month’s issue looks quite nice, with ample fanservice from risque poses to calming ones. Yoko sure looks hawt, the Lucky Star gang are in meido-fuku and there’s even an Onegai Sensei pinup as well. Wonder if that means a new Onegai series is in the works…

Funnily, what happened to sola? Hopefully there’ll be a Matsuri/Aono spread.

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A hot onee-san appears!

Megami Magazine

Almost everyone seems to have mistook her for Ayaka. Nekane must be crying now hearing that. She needs more appearances along with Anya seriously, especially in the manga.

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Swimsuit Evangeline

Megami 85

Pwned. ’nuff said. No matter how much I don’t like SHAFT’s version of Negima, I can’t deny they draw good shit.

Hi-Res, 20MB(yes, 20MB, epic isn’t it?) version available at Use wisely.

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Megami 85

Yep, it’s another Megami. This time it’s Hayate no Gotoku cover, along with an awesome Evangeline poster. Sadly, the rest don’t seem to excite my internal otaku… makes me wonder if I should order it or not when HLJ stocks it.

Megami 85

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sola 01


Matsuri-chan kawaii yo Matsuri-chan!

sola has totally become one of my “must watch” shows this season. Noto-sama in a non-stereotypical role for the win! Matsuri-chan kawaii yo Matsuri-chan!

Also, it features two other good seiyuus in non-stereotypical roles, namely Mai Nakahara’s character as Aono, first time seeing Mai Nakahara doing the stoic girl role here, and Tomoko Kaneda as danbooru loli, which kinda reminds me of Suisuiseki because of her green dress.

For now, I’m really wondering how will the story for sola go on, but so far it’s been heavily hinted that Matsuri-chan is either a vampire or suffers from a form of sensitivity towards bright lights. Aono seems to be suffering from a similar condition too, but knowing that the screenwriter is a one of those working on Kanon before hand, I’m taking the illness part.

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