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Megami 102

Megami Magazine

Wtf, it’s a Noto overload this month. Haruka, Kotomi, Enma Ai and Emi all in one mag. Plus there’s also Yoko, Mikoto, Mizuki and San-chan. Too bad Toradora’s anime art sucked :(. The manga art was so superior.

Man, that huge Kotomi poster would look really nice on my wall ^^.

On another note… real life is sure keeping me from writing my Geass finale post :(.

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Megami 100

Megami Magazine

I’m so getting this issue for the Nanoha movie announcement and the posters of Evangeline, Nogizaka Haruka, meganekko Tomoyo, and the B3’s of Lucky Star and Nanoha movie.

Plus, it’s the 100th issue, so I guess it has some commemorative value. I find it pretty lulz that for the past few years, all the 10(n)th’s issues have been Nanoha/Fate covers.

Well, let’s hope the Nanoha movie gives us back a reason to love the Nanoha series.

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Megami 98: The morning after…

Megami Magazine

Man, Megami sure is laying it thick on the Konata x Kagamin pairing.

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Megami 97: Konata and Kagamin in the moonlight

Because it was requested ;).

Megami 97

This month’s crop of poster is pretty good, if only just for this one :).

To be honest, I’m actually abstaining from Megami lately, to reduce and avoid the temptation of spending. Evangelion 1.01 LE DVD and Makoto Shinkai artbook is killing me. BTW, any local readers (read: Malaysia) wants to order the Makoto Shinkai artbook can contact me, so that we can share out the (crazy high) shipment fees :).

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Macross F’s Megami poster

Macross F

Picture sourced from Heisei Democracy.

Seeing this poster over at Heisei Democracy’s post, this really cements Alto’s androgyny. I remember the last time a male character (technically) was in Megami was OtoBoku’s Mizuho, and we all know what that did to us

I wonder if Alto-hime is going to tsun-tsun over it or dere-dere over it. Either way, he loves it, I guess.

On a side note, Diamond Crevasse’s single got leaked. Gabriela is such cocktease by putting up the samples. Already procured 「射手座☆午後九時 Don’t be late」, now looking for 「ダイアモンド クレバス」.

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Megami 93

Megami Magazine

First pics of the magazine is out. Awesome selection this month.


  • Konata and Kagamin marriage poster (OMGWTFLOL!!!)
  • Nanaka!!!
  • Haruka!!!

Can’t make out the rest though, the photo was too small this month. Still, I’m gonna get it just for the Konata x Kagamin poster. Scratch that, /hr/ provided as usual.

Additional highlights:

  • NIGHT WIZARD girls in bunny girl outfits. Holy shit Akari!!!
  • OMG Gothic Shana!!!
  • Natsumi and Miyuki in New Year kimonos.

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Megami 92

Megami Magazine

Finally! An issue that has not more than 3 Nanoha StrikerS posters! About damn time you cut down on them and start to focus on other shows as well, my dear Megami.

Highlights this month for me:

  • Nanaka!!!
  • Demon Belldandy is fucking hawt.
  • Lucky Star version of that infamous bunny girl Suzumiya Haruhi poster.
  • Prism Ark
  • Kanokon, whatever that is.

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Megami 90 & Comp H 06

Megami Magazine

Megami 90

Comp H

Comp H 06

(More nicer pics of the posters can be found on HD’s coverage of Megami 90 and Comp H 06 respectively)

Whee, more offerings for the otakus this month. Comp H is slowly growing in to another magazine that I must buy each month (bye bye money T_T). My picks this month:

  • Comp H’s Hanyuu and Rika
  • Comp H’s nekomimi Louise
  • Moar Kagamin goodness from both mags
  • Megami’s nekomimi San-sama
  • Megami’s Onegai Twins poster (who is that silver-haired girl, really!)

Well, till next month then. With the Fall shows in full swing, we should expect even more variety from both mags.

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Megami 89

Megami Magazine

Whee, it’s that time of the month again for all us otakus. New Megami is out and the poster selection this month is pretty good.

I’m pretty much buying it for the awesome sola poster done by Naru Nanao (<3), mikomiko Kagamin poster, nekomimi Louise, Siesta and Henrietta, “Boob Boob Revolution” Kotonoha.

Also, I kinda agree with this anon’s words;

Nanoha posters are meh. We’ve had for 2 years in every new issue Nanoha posters and lately they’ve been rather shit. I’m sick and tired of them, especially since other series get only 2-3 at most altogether while Nanoha takes up so much in every issue.

Especially when Strikers is more like SuckerS nowadays.. sigh. We could truly do with more Lucky Star, ZnT or even School Days posters.

BTW, for any fellow otakus in KL area, I feel like ordering from, but I would need to order at least 5 copies to break even on their International Shipping fees. Anyone who’s interested can email me directly for more details, please don’t ask via comments though.

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Megami 88: This month is win.

Megami Magazine

Oh god. Don’t you just love summer? Megami continues on with the bikini-theme onslaught this month, and Owen’s words about Megami being the otaku’s FHM rings so true, especially with this issue.

Sigh… one day, Megami will be my (wallet’s) downfall… till then, it’s fap fap fap.

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