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Just read finished the translated versions of STUDIO KIMIGABUCHI’s RE-TAKE series, which is a retelling of the story of Evangelion, a what-if that Shinji was revealed to the events of the End of Evangelion before it happened and tried to change the outcome of the series.

It’s quite possibly one of the best doujins that I’ve read in recent times, with a totally heavy focus on storyline, executed masterfully and elegantly, that even Anno Hideaki would find it a good one, retaining the infamous “brainfuck” property of the original EVA series.

Art is pretty good and the doujin artists made a pretty good effort to emulate Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s style, causing less of an “art shock” that’s typical of most series doujin’s. This doujin is undeniably for mature audiences, with some sex scenes that are actually contributing to the storyline though, and more importantly going down the Shinji x Asuka road. I personally prefer Asuka over Rei, most probably for my bias now on *tsunderekko*’s.

I highly recommend this series to any EVA fan, hardcore enough to explore other possibilities. But for those underaged, be warned :). I’d like to thank the translator of this doujin for his/her effort in bringing this doujin to the non-Japanese enlightened, like me ^_^.

RE-TAKE 01 Torrent
RE-TAKE 02 Torrent
RE-TAKE 03 Torrent

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