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RE-TAKE again

Evangelion RE-TAKE

hitomi’s insert songs are surprisingly very fitting with the doujin. This part of the doujin fits in well with “Stories”, while “Innocent Days” and “paradiso” are perfect accompaniments to RE-TAKE AFTER.

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Evangelion RE-TAKE MAD

I found this awesome MAD of Studio Kimigabuchi’s RE-TAKE a.k.a The Best Evangelion Doujin Ever®. I have to say, the work on this MAD is astoundingly awesome and I especially love the good combination of song in the second half… Asuka T_T.

For those who don’t know, the first song is “Inner Universe” by Origa, the Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex OP, and the second song is “innocent days” by hitomi from Code Geass.

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StrikerS Nano 15 – 21

Episode 3 Nano’s! Best of the series so far and contains my personal favourite of them, No. 21 ^^.

StrikerS Nano

I would like to see the TSAB after Hayate takes over though…

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StrikerS Nano 10 – 14

The Nano’s using the second episode’s material. My favourite is probably No.14. Poor E(ro)lio.

StrikerS Nano

I don’t know whether to tsukkomi Fate-chan or Hayate here….

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StrikerS Nano 02 – 09

At first I decided to post them up one by one, but it’s going to be such a pain, so I’m going to post them by the episodes of which the contents spoof. This is the rest of the StrikerS Nano doujins that use episode one’s material.

StrikerS Nano

Hayate has trained Rein well.. yes.. very well indeed.

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StrikerS Nano 01 – F.T.H’s rival appears!

StrikerS Nano

It’s going to be a long, long, loooong road ahead for you though, Subaru.

Original doujin site here.

Credits to the people over at DGZ for the t/l’s. organizing the t/l’ed 4-koma’s nicely.

Credits to selkirk and humbug23 of the ASuki forums for the actual translations.

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RE-TAKE ~after~

RE-TAKE after

Yes, it’s finally done! Took me quite a while to find since it wasn’t on the usual places, but a well placed Google query after heads up from commenters set me on my way.

A really, really beautiful ending to the RE-TAKE series, wrapping it up completely with a truly satisfying ending, although not after quite some turmoil and hardships thrown at the characters. Kimigabuchi really developed Asuka’s character very well. I also must mention they made Rei a little more open and funnier too.

Sigh, I’m at a little loss for words here now, especially with Asuka’s awesome declaration of love at the end. I’ll end it here, sources are below.

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Source: Gainax Top Page

I noticed quite some people have been rerequesting sources to download back the Evangelion RE-TAKE doujin that I spotlighted a while back. After some mishaps, I’ve reuploaded it all to Rapidshare, here’s the links in chronological reading order. Enjoy :).

Evangelion RE-TAKE 01
Evangelion RE-TAKE 02
Evangelion RE-TAKE 03
Evangelion RE-TAKE 00
Evangelion RE-TAKE 04
Evangelion RE-TAKE AFTER

scottfrye has also created a torrent which can be found here Torrent’s long dead. For those who have downloaded the doujins, please help to seed them as well.

In request for the RE-TAKE OST as well, I’ve uploaded it on Rapidshare too.


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A cat is fine too…

Recently, I just discovered a fine cache of Type-Moon doujins and among them were the original “A cat is fine too..” doujin. I must say, it’s one of the funniest doujin I’ve read and I just wanted to share it with those who haven’t seen or read it before. Shiki is awesome!


Shiki decides he can’t take it anymore.

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End of RE-TAKE


Yes, the wait is finally over and RE-TAKE 04 has been released, wrapping up one of the best doujins I’ve ever seen. A million thanks goes out to Anonymous Spore, who translated all 5 volumes from RE-TAKE 00 to 04, enabling us mere mortals to enjoy such legendary works.(P.S. Will you be translating anymore Kimigabuchi works?)

I won’t spoil off the ending here, but it’s safe to say it’s on happy and awesome terms. Now, let’s all hope the EVA remake movies will be as awesome as RE-TAKE, or even better, animate RE-TAKE itself :).

Sources can be found here:

RE-TAKE 04 Torrent

RE-TAKE 04 Rapidshitshare

RE-TAKE Original Soundtrack

EDIT: Changed the links to v2.

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