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GAR = ??

Thanks to some heated discussions on my Onegai Twins post, which culminated in to sagematt’s suggestion to collect input on how such such “neologisms” should be defined.

For now, I’d like to have some input on what neologisms shall be included in the list and their meaning. I welcome input from all my visitors and please post constructive input and refrain from flame wars, mmkay?

Current list of neologisms:

* Trap
* reverse trap
* GARmoe
* moeblob

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Not actually much of a news or anything, just something interesting that popped up on ANS.

12-11-06 (9:50PM EST)—- Winter Anime TV Season Dialed In
Excluding one shot specials and movies, 27 new anime series are set to debut on Japanese television between January and March 2007. This period is unofficially known as the winter anime TV season. Oddly enough, the figure is lower than this year’s winter or summer manifests. A big push seems to be gearing up for the springtime however, with a possible 70+ (or more) new series in the works.


P.S. Remember to stock up them food supplies before the spring season starts, mmkay. I don’t want to read the news one day with the headline of “Otaku found dead of malnutrition while watching anime” nyoro~n :3..

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Doraemon Eternal

Oh fuck, this is fucking awesome beyond belief. Go watch it. Oh btw, I will not be responsible if you get brainfucked after watching this, mmkay.

Doraemon Eternal Episode 01
Doraemon Eternal Episode 02
Doraemon Eternal Episode 03A
Doraemon Eternal Episode 03B
Doraemon Eternal Episode 04
Doraemon Eternal Episode 05

Credits to MANA (I think :)

P.S. Just to add, Hahiru is WTF too. Currently downloading it just for the heck of it. Damn my brain is fucked.

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New Saber Figurine

Awesome. The latest Saber figurine is so awesome, I’ve already pre-ordered 10 of them babies. Wanna take a look? Sure, no problemo.

Continue ->

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Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~


My second Hole in One.

Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~. Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~.

Finally, at long last, Kooh-chan comes to PangyaSEA. Goddamned excited about it.

Man… she really is my goddess of luck. In just a few hours of playing her, I managed to get HIO for Silvia Cannon’s Hole 2, in my second ever Hole in One(yeah, yeah pathetic, i know) of all this time playing.

Kooh-chan, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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Penis Song

Bloody hell Penis song….

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Pirate Lolis 4TW!!

I confess, I have not been in the mood to update my blog recently and I have the perfect excuse for it…. Pangya. Whoever created this game must be a moé genius or something with the creation of the masterpiece that is Kooh. I mean, c’mon… pirate + loli + goth + _tsuinteru_ = nosebleed-inducing moé.



So anyways, since the sucky PangyaSEA Season 2 doesn’t have her yet ( we’d only got Quma and Medieval Set as the “Season 2” upgrade, bleh), I’m taking a stab at Albatross 18, thanks to kozu. If anyone’s interested to match up, PM “antivirus” on PangyaSEA or “Yurikago” on A18.

On a sidenote, my life is suffering thanks to this…

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Bikini Meido-style…

Interesting news here from Anime News Service:

8-9-06 (2:01PM EDT)—- Maid Bikini
Maybe a bit late in the warm season for the Northern Hemisphere, Mainichi has images of model Fukunaga China sporting a housemaid style bikini.

Meido Bikini

Not really as hawt as i think it would’ve been. It’s covering too much to be called a “bikini” and more like a meido styled wanpisu. Anyone got scans of that book she’s holding, I think there’s probably hawter pics in it _wink wink_.

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More brainf*ck, vampires and magicians, while girls drool over manga and supermaids in the Philippines

Some interesting news from Anime News Service, let’s start off with some good ones:

8-6-06 (5:52AM EDT)—- GAINAX Hiring For New Hideaki Anno Anime
Studio GAINAX is now actively seeking to fill several employment positions on a new animated film project called “Color” (Khara) to be directed by Hideaki Anno. Production Staff and Animatrors are sought. Those meeting their criteria can apply via email online.

New Hideaki Anno project?! That’s good to hear.

8-6-06 (1:48AM EDT)—- Kara No Kyoukai To Be Animated
According to information published in the September, 2006 issue of Tech Gian magazine, TYPE MOON’s first novel Kara No Kyoukai will be adapted to a 26 episode anime TV series. The Nasu Kinoko work preceded “Tsukihime”, which gave the Dojin circle super cult status in Japan, catapulting them into a full fledged business and leading to the commercialization of their many properties.

I am so praying that some studio other than DEEN or XEBEC will do this. If possible, KyoAni, but that’s hoping for too much :).
It’s a (horribly cruel) trap.

8-6-06 (12:33AM EDT)—- Negima Second Season And Manga
Negima’s second series is slated to begin on TV Tokyo Wednesday, October 4th at 17:30. A new negima manga by Takuya Fujima will begin serializing in Comic Bon Bon from November.

Announced screen date of the new Negima series. I’m still hoping for a total remake. As for the new manga, I’m not too sure on what to say about that. Takuya Fujima’s art looks nice though.

And… some weird and random news…

8-6-06 (3:55AM EDT)—- Girls Polled On Their Manga “Blush Rate”
Excite Bit looked at the frequency that Japanese girls blushed while reading their favorite manga. Sitting a control group down to read the same comics, 1182 (56.5%) of their 2091 female sample were observed to blush at some point during a reading session. 24.6% were seen to not completely blush, 15.4% were seen to sweat or be pale, 2.3% cried, 0.9% showed anger and 0.3% drooled.

I lol’ed at this piece. I wonder what the 0.3% were reading. I’m hoping for Yakitate over BL.

8-6-06 (3:06AM EDT)—- Philippine President Plans To Train Supermaids
“We will be sending supermaids,” Arroyo said of a new training program during a round-table discussion on efforts to evacuate 30,000 Filipinos in Lebanon, most of them maids, and help them find new jobs. Augusto Syjuco, head of the government’s Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, said the supermaid program includes instruction in first aid, evacuations from high-rises in case of a fire and other skills to help maids get higher pay. “They are not just maids. They are really very well trained now,” he said. “If there is someone injured among the family they work for … how to get out of a fire in a high-rise building, all these are part of our upgrading program.”
Source: The Associated Press

For some reason (actually, quite obviously)… I instantly thought of Black Lagoon’s Roberta. And speaking of which… I need to finish off the series already.

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Haruhi invading your local PC soon

From Anime News Service,

8-4-06 (6:03AM EDT)—- Suzumiya Haruhi Computer Viruses
Everyone pretty much knows the popularity of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has taken on viral proportions but this is just rediculous. First identified in Japan sometime in July, 2006, 2 new computer viruses have been on the spread, using omake images from the breakout hit anime. Also known as TSPY_HARADONG.A and TSPY_DENUTARO.J, the malicious programs are usually acquired through filesharing networks or websites. In the case of TSPY_HARADONG.A it then makes a screen shot of the infected computer and saves it as a file. It up-loads file to a FTP site by using a specific user account. When executed, the program displays several different image still from the Haruhi Suzumiya TV anime. At the same time a whole host of files with popular media and web-related extensions are deleted in whatever folder the program happens to reside. Trend Micro Japan has logged descriptions of the viruses and you can view them here and here.

Interesting… I wonder what to make out of this….

Hopefully it’s not Yuki who’s doing the coding on this… I have feeling it may be very very hard to disinfect.

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