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The Star does it again.

LOLWUT again

Click on the picture for the larger version.

Wow, I don’t know what to say. Either life is seriously imitating art or someone’s been watching too much anime and has nothing better to do in their free time. I love how they actually printed out both perspectives of the problem as well.

Sorry for the hasty cut and paste. Don’t know how to actually combine both the top and bottom properly.

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Zergling-ko, Hydralisk-chan

Zerglings moe-fied

See! Hydralisks *ARE* tsundere!

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Stardust rocks!

Today, I should’ve written entries for sixth episodes of Ninomiya-kun, CLANNAD and Shana II, but instead I went out the whole day, blew RM1000 (okay, half of it wasn’t mine) and watched the Stardust movie.

This post will primarily be about Stardust, since it was the most enjoyable thing today really. The movie is definitely the best of all the (oh say, 3 or 4) movies I’ve watched this year so far, and I was actually quite expecting it. It surely didn’t disappoint, thankfully. It had endearing characters and a well-done fantasy setting that’s not too cliched nor too complicated to understand in the short running time of the movie. It also had some really awesome dialogue and really well done humor all round, especially Captain Shakespeare, god he was a real riot. Best of all? Yvaine is a tsundere! XD.

Well, that out of my system, rest be assured, normal blogging will resume tomorrow or soon. Quite a backlog I’ve accumulated today :P.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I finished the book today. Gotta love the community. There will be spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

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Biggest news of the Day!

Starcraft II

Fuck yeah! It’s right about fucking time, Blizzard.

Blizzard better not screw this up like what EA did to the CNC series with CNC3. Also, here’s hoping for a ’08 release date, although multiple delays and a ’09 or ’10 release date seems most likely to me lolololol.

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The Secrets of Tripeman finally revealed!

I’m pretty sure that most people know of RIUVA’s mascot, the ever-GAR tri-penii mango, Tripeman. Following undercover investigations by Agent bj0rn, we finally get to know how useful Tripey is :D!

Put inside spoiler tags to avoid mental scarring.. ▼

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Nanohamobile spotted in Comiket 71…



Along with Haruhi’s trailer and the Navelcycle…. more pictures and original source here.

Really shows much the influence of anime and manga have spread in Japan. If I ever decide to get a car(in spite of the rising petrol costs…), I would love put some MILFate and Mizuho decals on them…. but I’ll probably get caught for flouting indecency laws ahaha~…

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The #animeblogger Mecha Showdown

(How the hell this happened?! =.=)

So anyways, after a normal day in #animeblogger, apparently Darkshaunz was inspired to create the AB.Net bloggers mecha showdown. Details on his post. Please vote for me, mmkay ;).

P.S. Impz is rigging the polls!

P.P.S. Please join #animeblogger. I We need more people there for me to abuse power to chat :)

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Haruhi in Gaza


…and she doesn’t like children getting killed. If I were those terrorists, I’d give up my guns and sign that long overdue peace treaty before she gets mad at the dead before she can costume-rape them lolis.

Remember, Haruhi supports peace!

Link to original news article.
Original Animesuki forum post.
Original pic.

Thanks to Skane for pointing it out.

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Hayate the Combat Butler anime tsui ni kitaa~~~~

I think the anime gods have been reading my blog lately, as moetron reports that Hayate the Combat Butler will be given the anime treatment.

No cast list has been given out…. but I will god damned pray and even sacrifice a cow or two to have my dream cast list given the roles, and please, for all and any god’s sake, PLEASE, don’t let Gonzo or XEBEC near it (/me prays for BONES, J.C. Staff or KyoAni).

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