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The Scout Tower

Team Fortress 2

God… that must count as one of the most LOL’est things I’ve done in TF2 so far.

We actually got the tower to 7 people later but didn’t got a SS of it. 5 scouts, and 2 soldiers on top of each other was pretty hillarious LOL.

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I can’t live without foo_uie_queuemanager!

This post is essentially a big “FUCK YOU” to all the foobar2000 devs for their decision to kill off support plugins written before June 2007 in foobar 0.9.6.x. Moving from 0.9.5.x to 0.9.6.x is actually worse than moving from Windows XP to Vista for me. At least I only had to relearn where stuff was in Vista, but for foobar? Those features aren’t available anymore!

So yes, if anyone related to foobar dev is reading this, please include “Stop after playback queue” and “Stop in… xxx minutes” for the next version of foobar. In the mean time, I’ll stick to the “supposedly” less stable with it’s equally “unstable” plugins. If someone wants to recompile foo_uie_queuemanager or foo_timebomb to 0.9.6.x-compatible versions for me, I will be eternally grateful too (can’t offer you my first born though, already promised it to someone else).

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Windows 7 RC

Because my Mondays until Thursdays are so god damn boring lately thanks to the lack of good blogging topics (in other words, shows), I went ahead and installed Windows 7 RC 64-bit, which was just released by Microsoft.

First things first, this time it was even more painless than the two betas I tried out before this, 6801 and 6956. Install took less time (comparatively speaking) than the two betas and Win 7 automatically installed all the appropriate drivers for all my hardware. I literally could run my PC out-of-the-box. I’m really impressed with Microsoft’s improvements on Windows Update for Windows 7, particularly in providing a reliable and trusted repository of drivers for just about any kind of common hardware.

Feature-wise, I’m liking the new taskbar even more now that it’s nearly feature-complete and refined over months of feedback from beta testers. Hell, Win 7’s development is probably the most “open” ever so far and I’m glad that Microsoft has really learned from the PR disasters of Vista. I’m still fiddling with the look of my task bar, but I’m definitely not giving up my Quick Launch despite the “pin” system. But I do wish MS would recode Windows Live Messenger to have an option to reside in the notification panel rather than taking up a slot at the taskbar permanently.

Stability-wise, it’s pretty rock solid and so far I haven’t been experiencing any trouble yet. It’s good that MS has made WoW64 a real painless process and I had no problems with my old 32-bit apps at all. Also glad that I’m finally able to utilize all 4GB of my RAM now… though strictly speaking it never gets used over 2.5GB so far, ahahaha.

Still having a little bit of problems with foobar reading SJIS tags though, have to reencode them all to UTF-8. Japanese input works like a charm fortunately. ありがとう MS!.

Gotta say, Windows 7 is working up to be quite a decent release from Microsoft. I love all the little user-friendly tweaks all round (you notice them, really) like the Troubleshooter and better help files too. In fact, I think I might be getting a copy too if nothing major pops up further down the road.

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Cyberfusion After

Ah… totally crashed out for 12 hours on my bed. Surprised it wasn’t longer considering I was awake for nearly 70 hours discounting a maybe 2 or so hours of napping over the past 3 days. Still feeling alright, thank god. I was expecting to wake up with a bad cough/cold or perhaps maybe even a fever after pushing myself that hard.

Well, first of all, I’m happy to be in a Guinness World Record, at least until it’s broken. The official record is 274 gamers playing for 40 hours, btw. I’m pretty sure Nvidia might try to top it off, considering Cyberfusion was a AMD-ATI event. I managed to get myself a Phenom X4 9150e and an Orange Box (thanks a lot FatCatLim) from the event so I’m even more happier. Disappointed about the certificate we got though. It’s a copy-pasta, fill-up-yer-own-name kinda cert. I really wished we got a proper and named ones instead.


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Cyberfusion 2009

Now…. for the packing up orz…

UPDATE 8: These guys are mad. So yeah, we’re adding in another two hours to the record to make it 40 hours even. Another two hours…. problem now would be finding good enough servers on TF2….

UPDATE 7: Just past 36 hours and we’ve officially kicked the ass of the NVISION LAN party back in August. Another 2 hours or so till we reach our target of 38 hours with over 250 participants.

UPDATE 6: 3 hours and 50 mins to 38 hours. Let’s do this people!

UPDATE 5: Took a short 30 min nap around 30th hour. Feeling much better now. I shall continue my war against Russia by fielding my newly built Tanks against their Crossbowmen. Another 6 hours and 20 mins to go.

UPDATE 4: Oh god, nearly 9 hours left, but I am feeling so sleepy. I have nearly 2 hours worth of rest time stored up but I dare not use them as I’m scared I won’t come back after that. Maybe I’ll just steal a few winks in between turns/loading screens. God I so hope that the promise of free Orange Box for all the record-breakers is true as well.

UPDATE 3: Even Civ IV got boring. Currently completing my game of The Last Remnant. Glad to know that there is so many time sinks that I have. Nearly 40 hours w/o sleep… well discounting some nod-offs I had while playing Civ IV. Another 12 hours to go.

UPDATE 2: 20 hours now. Another 18 left. Oh god, I am so collapsing after this. Even L4D and TF2 get boring after nearly 18 hours of it, so the past two hours has been me playing Civ IV, the ultimate time sink game. I expect it to get me through at least another 6 hours. God bless Sid Meier and Firaxis Games.

UPDATE 1: 14 hours in. It’s lunch time now. L4D and TF2 are the only things keeping my consciousness awake. Whoever wants to try and do a L4D game with me can add me, ‘Kurogane-Cyberfusion’ on Steam. Hopefully the internet holds.

Blogging live from Cyberfusion 2009, the largest (and probably the first of its kind) LAN party in Malaysia with the aim of breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest LAN party recorded.

Lots of teething issues to start with, heck we all couldn’t even get decent Internet connection until now. Four hours in to the party now with another 34 hours to hang on, and I bloody hope they’re giving us Phenom II X4’s at the end of this.

Anyways, no anime probably for the weekend, but I’ll be updating myself throughout the event.

Currently finished a crazy bout of L4D with townberry and FatCatLim, probably gonna do some Steam gaming later on. Man I sure hope I can survive.

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Diablo III @ Blizzcon 08

They’ve revealed a new class, the Wizard, which is a logical advancement of the original Mage and DII’s Sorceress. I personally don’t care for much of the spellcasters, but Wizards do look like they have interesting skills.

Of particular, Disintegrate sounds fun to use. PEW PEW Divine Busters anyone? There’s also Arcane Orb, Temporal skills and the whole Conjuring skill tree that may make playing a Wizard a lot more hands-on than the Sorceress and Mage. One minor thing I notice is how much the skills sound like they come from DotA in terms of the effects and descriptions.

In any case, I wish for a solid release date for DIII, like every other fan. I’m currently hedging my bets for a 2010 release date.

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Initial impressions on Spore

I’ve been playing Spore and isn’t… that fun as I hoped it would be. Maybe because I really, REALLY suck at designing things from scratch. I died like mad when I played Cell stage for the first time as a herbivore until I learned that eating others was the way to go. Of course, then I HAD to add legs and horns and ears and mouths and learn how to dance to impress other animals. Had to replay again when I got pwned by some big monster creature that. Now at my third replay and I’m still stuck at tribal stage. The controls are really quite finicky and the lack of in-game instructions DOES NOT help, especially on how to establish relations or whatsoever.

Anyways, it’s not a bad game… but it could’ve been more fun to play. I haven’t really gone through it all, but Spore isn’t as fun as the Civ series for me.

Here’s how my current “creations” look like.


Well… at least they’re not totally phallic.

I think the Ars Technica review puts it best,

“Perhaps the whole concept of Spore is just too high, when all is said and done. I honestly had more fun with the rather middlebrow The Sims series. But one also gets the uncomfortable feeling that each phase is now just a shell to be filled in with upcoming expansions and for-pay content packs. Imagine an expansion pack release for each phase, adding in the depth that’s sorely missing. It’s not a fun thought.”

“The Ugly: The possibility of waiting two years and spending $200 on expansions to play what Spore should have been at launch.”

Well, I better get past Tribal and see what the last two stages offer me.

P.S. Fuck. I reached the Space stage. It’s 9am here now and I woke up at 12pm… YESTERDAY. Space stage is… pretty fun, orz.

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Google Chrome released!

If you haven’t heard, Google’s finally decided to release their in-development browser, the Google Chrome earlier today, and I’ve been trying it out for a while now.

I am pretty impressed with the results. Chrome didn’t even crash or waver even one bit while I opened up ALL my imported bookmarks from Firefox (roughly 70+) while another window of Chrome was loading the Miku Medley on Nicovideo and another window was loading Youtube while my Firefox was loading another 3 videos + FLOW online. The Miku video even continued playing without skipping. That is some seriously good memory management.

Of course, this doesn’t come cheap, as you can see from the screen I posted below. Nearly 660MB taken up there by Chrome alone, heh. Well, granted it actually was stable since my other programs also still ran (foobar, uTorrent, IRC, etc) so I guess some credit has to go to Vista’s new memory management too.

Google Chrome

My Task Manager didn’t go mad with Chrome.exe though.

Also, Chrome still needs some good plugins for it. I wish someone will port Tabmixplus, NoScript, Flashgot and Autocopy for Chrome. Those are my four most used Firefox extensions there. Man I really need mouse-hover tab selection for the sheer ergonomy of the feature.

Chrome also doesn’t scroll as smooth as Firefox does in terms of using the mouse scroll, since it kinda… jumps up and down so it gets a bit annoying. I would prefer it to smooth-scroll line by line down the page instead of scrolling by sections. That’s one little thing I hope the programmers will look in to and fix for the next release.

On the bright side, aside from the sheer rock-solid stability of it, there’s a ton of neat features in Chrome such as:

  • Download bar only shows up in the same window you started the download with.
  • History searching is VERY VERY powerful, since is also searches through the page contents as well.
  • The Chrome Task Manager works as advertised, and heck, Chrome even comes with an “about:memory” page for detailed stats too. Very nice touch.
  • You can even drag tabs from Firefox windows in to Chrome, but the other way round doesn’t seem to quite work.
  • Porn Incognito mode is pretty awesome too.
  • That new V8 JS engine sure is fast. Gmail loaded about a second faster on Chrome than on Firefox. Mixed results with Y! Mail though.
  • The search page feature is awesome. It even has counter for the number of instances the search term occurs in the page!

Overall, quite a polished release from Google, although I will admit that Chrome still needs some touch-ups especially for the memory-conscious group of users, as well as a fix for the scroll behavior too. Definitely worth trying out otherwise though, since it’s pretty fast, stable and fully functional as a browser.

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R.I.P my old PC…

In short, my faithful Prescott system suffered from a motherboard failure and is now spare parts T_T. It has served me faithfully for the past 3 years or so since I bought it, and stood up to my near 24/7 abuse of it, even miraculously surviving at least 2 lightning strikes on the LAN card. Hell, I’m surprised it didn’t die on the 2nd strike when it got hit and couldn’t boot up at all, magically reviving itself the next day. Really sad to see it getting felled by capacitor failure :(.

Anyways, thank you dear Intel D865GBF for giving me splendid and faithful service over the years I’ve had you, and all the awesome times you’ve given me. It’s really sad to see you go in this way, but what’s been fated can’t be changed. Posthumously, I offer you my respects and appreciation, may you rest in peace in the Big Motherboard Junkyard up there.

(And yes, I’ve just written an eulogy for an electronic component. I am not only hopelessly otaku, I am also a big geek as well orz)

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I killed my mobo… orz

The story goes like this…

The other day, I bought 2 x 1GB sticks of Crucial Ballistix RAM from Shawty (popular seller in LYN forums). Got the RAM yesterday, then took it to test on my new rig today. Booted up fine with all 4 sticks. Then decided to test with only the Ballistix. Guess what? The POST BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP of Doom struck. orz.

“Fine,” I thought, “Might have seated the RAM’s wrongly.”, so I reseated the RAM’s. POST BEEP of Doom again.

“Right, calm down…. let me try with the other slots.”, so I changed the slots pairing from 1-3 to 2-4. POST BEEP of Doom again.

“Shit, this looks bad.”, so I changed to the original sticks of Corsair Twin2x XMS RAM. Tried with 1-3 and 2-4. POST BEEP’s of Doom again.

“Oh f-ck, not good.”, so I reset the CMOS twice and tested with different set each CMOS clear. POST BEEP’s of Doom again.

“Great.”, so I tested the sticks INDIVIDUALLY, on each INDIVIDUAL slots.

16 POST BEEP’s of Doom (4 sticks x 4 slots) later, “F*ck, this is bad. real bad.”, so I asked for riku2replica’s(LYN forumer and friend) help to eliminate the RAM as the cause. All the RAM’s worked fine on his PC.

“Sigh… looks like my mobo is f***ed.” Called jy14(the original seller) to RMA the board and he said it takes 2 weeks.

So, there is how I killed my mobo in just one month of setting it up, har har har. Thank god the mobo is still in RMA period.

Moral of the story: Shit happens.

Oh, i’m taking the chance to sell my current casing as well, the LYN thread is here. You can also contact me directly via email if you want to buy it (no outstation buyers, thanks).

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