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Cute Lucia is cute.


Her par animation kills me every time. Whenever she does that pose, the first thing I think of is “zukyun~”. Don’t ask me why.

So for those wondering where have I been, I managed to make an account on KR Pangya, and fully play-testing Season 4 on it now. Lost Seaway is Overdrive pimpage, imagine 4k rounds average WITHOUT chipins. Coupled with the fact that the kind KR GM’s gave it 2x pang for the next two weeks…. OVER9000 pangs. I think I managed to earn about 250k pang already in the past 40-something hours, just from that course.

Still, the client’s a bit buggy here and there, and Lucia desperately needs more pang clothes. I’d actually buy some cookies for the heck of it, but I don’t know how orz. If anyone wants to play there with me, add “Yurikago” as a buddy. I could do with some English-speaking people there heh.

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Horo Skin for Pangya

nekosasu found this over at Nicovideo, and god, couldn’t resist posting about it.

Man…. Pangya would be even more popular if they let us do this officially… *hinthint*.

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Pangya S4 announced!


A bit out of topic, but fuck yeah! Korea announced Season 4! If according to earlier info, it’ll be released out by summer. Watching the promo vid, looks like we can expect a new course and a new character, purportedly an idol singer. Mmmm, damn you Ntreev. I’m soooo going to spend more money buying virtual clothes for a virtual character.

One thing I really can’t get out of my mind is Arin dancing in that promo vid… mesmerizing… (love).


More info available from Sweatdrop (bless that guy).

P.S: Sweatdrop says the new character reminds him of Hinagiku. He is kinda right.
P.P.S: On another few more repeats of the video. I have to say she gives off a “Lacus Clyne” feeling as well.

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Golf > Blogging

Just a short post to boost my e-p0n0s and to tell my loyal readers what I have been up to…

So I just got my third trophy of the game…


Yay Ama 2 Gold!

I swear… it’s just luck. This was like the most perfect game of Wiz Wiz I’ve played. Twin Feathers with 250 drive 4TW!

On a side note… it seems TF hates relaxers. ALL of them failed after I bought TF. Now resorting to Starry’s…orz.

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Meido-fuku Arin-chan <3~~ <3~~


So today I spent USD20(RM70) to get myself Arin-chan’s meido-fuku in A18. :D~~

Now to level to Junior E to buy Twin Feathers as well.

Back in PYSEA, a random 3 hole game yielded this…


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Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~


My second Hole in One.

Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~. Kooh-chama rabu<3~ rabu<3~.

Finally, at long last, Kooh-chan comes to PangyaSEA. Goddamned excited about it.

Man… she really is my goddess of luck. In just a few hours of playing her, I managed to get HIO for Silvia Cannon’s Hole 2, in my second ever Hole in One(yeah, yeah pathetic, i know) of all this time playing.

Kooh-chan, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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Pirate Lolis 4TW!!

I confess, I have not been in the mood to update my blog recently and I have the perfect excuse for it…. Pangya. Whoever created this game must be a moé genius or something with the creation of the masterpiece that is Kooh. I mean, c’mon… pirate + loli + goth + _tsuinteru_ = nosebleed-inducing moé.



So anyways, since the sucky PangyaSEA Season 2 doesn’t have her yet ( we’d only got Quma and Medieval Set as the “Season 2” upgrade, bleh), I’m taking a stab at Albatross 18, thanks to kozu. If anyone’s interested to match up, PM “antivirus” on PangyaSEA or “Yurikago” on A18.

On a sidenote, my life is suffering thanks to this…

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