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The Eorzean Hijack… 4 months later


Hell yeah!

Yeah, I know it’s slow and all, but finally getting here after so much ups-and-downs feels really good. Oh, and I did it with a single tank composition too lol. Now I only just gotta clear the extreme primals…

Anime related stuff:

  • Galileidonna turned out pretty disappointing :(
  • Hocchan’s performance is Golden Time is pretty awesome :D
  • Valvrave this season is just so….. DORAMA. C’mon Sunrise, where’s your execution?
  • Log Horizon is fucking awesome! Akatsuki and Minori are so cute!
  • Outbreak Company had the best soccer-related anime episode ever. Also Myusel is so HNNNNGGGGH

That’s all in the meantime. Preemptive Merry Christmas to all my (still faithful) readers!

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State of the Blog: The Eorzean Hijack



Don’t worry guys, I’m not dead yet. It’s just that I’ve been waaaaaaaaaaay too addicted to FFXIV:ARR and combined with the fact I just don’t feel that much passion for anime anymore, it created a sort of perfect storm where I’ve practically almost stopped watching things.

So yeah, I don’t think I’ll be blogging stuff on the rate I was at these past 2-3 years. I’m not sure how much longer FFXIV:ARR will have its hold on me, but once I get sick of it, regular postings will probably be back up. Once it does, I’ll probably catch up with the stuff hanging so far, then move to the new season…. but I can’t guarantee when it’ll be.

Well, it’s a phase I guess. I haven’t quit blogging yet, but I just don’t feel like doing anything else in my free time other than adventuring in Eorzea in the time being. Heck, I just only realized it’s been almost 2 weeks since I made post so yeah, here’s why.

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I rarely blog about games here, but sometimes, there some games that just deserve a permanent place here for me.

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Atelier Rorona 1/3

Atelier Rorona

Earlier this month, I finally splurged and bought myself a PS3. While I mainly wanted it to watch my Blu-Ray orders *coughmadokacough*, I’ll admit it’s also almost 40% because I have been dying to play the Alchemist of Arland games and since then I’ve been spending any time not working, watching anime or reading the news playing Rorona.

While there’s so much one can read from reviews, nothing really beats actually sitting down and playing the game itself. To be honest, Rorona really plays like Recettear, mainly due to the time limit system that kinda does force one to plan ahead properly on time… or use a walkthrough. Yes, guilty as accused here. :P

But, the cool thing about games like these are that walkthroughs can’t essentially destroy the experience of actually watching the character interaction events and conveying Rorona’s cuteness. I’m so happy that Rorona isn’t as big a ditz as some friends describe her, and she’s just all around a really good girl who’s earnest at her work although a little oblivious towards things. Kadowaki Mai’s voice really suits her quite well in that aspect. I definitely enjoyed the events where her friends and the characters made fun of her airheadedness, most notably when Astrid goes “Oh you’ll never find such a talented idiot like Rorona in a hundred years!” … while she is just a few paces away doing her work saving Astrid’s Atelier. And everytime Rorona has an event with Hagel… it never fails to be funny. Drunk Tiffani was unforgettable too XD.

Even the gameplay starts to get quite engrossing after a while, since the alchemy system is, while quite simple, starts becoming pretty addictive as I tried to mix the right ingredients with the right traits and quality to get the final item I wanted. Thankfully, it’s not super hard to get good items… although hitting the basket limit during gathering sessions started to get a bit annoying lol. Overall though, it’s a fun system to play about with, just to get the right outputs from it.

Anyways, I just finished the first year of the game, which means I’ve still got about 2/3rds of the game to go through. Hopefully the second year will go as smooth as my first year, and there’s still a few more characters to meet yet!

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Capitalism is addictive

No, I’m not dead yet.

I’m just busy helping a little girl from having to live with only two internal organs by selling overpriced wooden bows to pensioners (it’s the “in” thing right now!), candies to little girls, swords and armor to budding adventurers and recipe ingredients to housewives.


No, I’m pretty sure you’ll be dead with only two organs, Recette.

It’s seriously addictive and Recettear is worth all the 20 USD I paid for it from Steam. Capitalism, ho!

Of course, if you’re in to socialism, it’s okay to do so, but if you really like this game, and maybe hope to see more like this, SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! Or wait till the Steam weekend promotions, which I’ll certainly highlight here.

Regular blogging will probably resume in another week or so. Hopefully.

P.S. Euria needs to fucking die. That Combo-breaking bitch.

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L4D2 First Impressions

This game is seriously hard. Really seriously hard. The zombies are powered up. The Special Infected are powered up. The maps are powered up. And the events are powered up. Don’t forget too, the AI stupidity uselessness index is powered up too. (I miss Francis. And Zoey. And Louis.)

>>The zombies are powered up.

Yes, they aren’t one-hit-kills anymore, unless you go RE-style and SHOOT FOR THE HEADS. Shotguns are so nerfed it’s not fun anymore. Back in L4D, shotguns were the way to go (yes, they were overpowered admittedly), but nerfing shotguns to take 2-3 shots for one NORMAL zombie to die, with 30% less ammo capacity sure sucks. Even the rifles are pretty hard to headshot with, with the recoil and shit. L4D2 is now more “accuracy” than “raw power”. Not necessarily bad, but it takes the fun out of it a bit.

>>The Special Infected are powered up.

Jockeys are annoying as fuck and pretty much the second most powerful Special in the game after the Hunter due to their small size (which makes them hard to spot as fuck) and annoying ability (dragging you AWAY from the team). They should consider nerfing the damage Jockey does a lil’ bit…
Chargers and Spitters are rather more easier to deal with.

>>The maps are powered up.

They are pretty big. And full of nooks and crannies. I’ll have to give praise to the level designers. I kept having more fun exploring around the map than actually finding for the safe room.

>>And the events are powered up.

They provide a fresh change after the formulaic events in L4D. Admittedly though, Scavenger mode is annoying.

>>the AI stupidity uselessness index is powered up

God damn it. The AI fucking retarded. Even a Twinkie (to present to Tallahasse) would be ten orders of magnitude more useful than them. They don’t really know how to deal with getting horded or saving human players properly. I really feel like punching the AI guys. My friend even exploded to the point he just shot the down in the safe room and went ahead. I chose not to revive them.

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My TF2 Fragging.

“My TF2 Fragging”

So much for my TF2 fragging…
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh…

Let’s do this over
It’s not like we’re reformatting
Was it something I pressed?
Was it something Steam screwed up?
Don’t leave me hanging
In a internet so boring
Held up so high
On such a breakable cable

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all of the games, so close to me, just can’t be played
All this time you were updating
So much for my TF2 fragging.
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh…

You’ve got your dumb updates
I know what they say
They tell me it’s needed
But are they really?
But they don’t know me
Do they think I care about new features?
All the things you keep updating for
All the patches that you download

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be


It’s nice to know that you keep updating
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like it was necessary.
It’s nice to know we had fun times
Thanks for watching as I rage.
And letting me know you were not quite done

[Chorus x2]

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh…
So much for my TF2 fragging.

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh…

Yes I know it’s not rhyming (hell don’t fucking sing this out please). Yes I know the second half of the song is rather unoriginal. Yes I know Steam sucks. Yes I know their ‘update’ system needs to be fucking fixed. Yes I know America’s Army 3 is kinda repetitive. Yes I know that Agentcy is kinda empty lately.

…. but for god’s sake, I FUCKING MISS MY TF2 FRAGGING MOMENTS.

Here’s to a big ‘Fuck You’ to Steam for their crappy SEA servers. Thank you for your time. Do not waste it any more further.

UPDATE: So I finally got my Steam to update its client properly after 3 days. Guess what’s the first thing I see when I get in? “Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 & 2, and Portal Update Released”.



Welcome to patch hell.

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The Scout Tower

Team Fortress 2

God… that must count as one of the most LOL’est things I’ve done in TF2 so far.

We actually got the tower to 7 people later but didn’t got a SS of it. 5 scouts, and 2 soldiers on top of each other was pretty hillarious LOL.

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Cyberfusion After

Ah… totally crashed out for 12 hours on my bed. Surprised it wasn’t longer considering I was awake for nearly 70 hours discounting a maybe 2 or so hours of napping over the past 3 days. Still feeling alright, thank god. I was expecting to wake up with a bad cough/cold or perhaps maybe even a fever after pushing myself that hard.

Well, first of all, I’m happy to be in a Guinness World Record, at least until it’s broken. The official record is 274 gamers playing for 40 hours, btw. I’m pretty sure Nvidia might try to top it off, considering Cyberfusion was a AMD-ATI event. I managed to get myself a Phenom X4 9150e and an Orange Box (thanks a lot FatCatLim) from the event so I’m even more happier. Disappointed about the certificate we got though. It’s a copy-pasta, fill-up-yer-own-name kinda cert. I really wished we got a proper and named ones instead.


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Cyberfusion 2009

Now…. for the packing up orz…

UPDATE 8: These guys are mad. So yeah, we’re adding in another two hours to the record to make it 40 hours even. Another two hours…. problem now would be finding good enough servers on TF2….

UPDATE 7: Just past 36 hours and we’ve officially kicked the ass of the NVISION LAN party back in August. Another 2 hours or so till we reach our target of 38 hours with over 250 participants.

UPDATE 6: 3 hours and 50 mins to 38 hours. Let’s do this people!

UPDATE 5: Took a short 30 min nap around 30th hour. Feeling much better now. I shall continue my war against Russia by fielding my newly built Tanks against their Crossbowmen. Another 6 hours and 20 mins to go.

UPDATE 4: Oh god, nearly 9 hours left, but I am feeling so sleepy. I have nearly 2 hours worth of rest time stored up but I dare not use them as I’m scared I won’t come back after that. Maybe I’ll just steal a few winks in between turns/loading screens. God I so hope that the promise of free Orange Box for all the record-breakers is true as well.

UPDATE 3: Even Civ IV got boring. Currently completing my game of The Last Remnant. Glad to know that there is so many time sinks that I have. Nearly 40 hours w/o sleep… well discounting some nod-offs I had while playing Civ IV. Another 12 hours to go.

UPDATE 2: 20 hours now. Another 18 left. Oh god, I am so collapsing after this. Even L4D and TF2 get boring after nearly 18 hours of it, so the past two hours has been me playing Civ IV, the ultimate time sink game. I expect it to get me through at least another 6 hours. God bless Sid Meier and Firaxis Games.

UPDATE 1: 14 hours in. It’s lunch time now. L4D and TF2 are the only things keeping my consciousness awake. Whoever wants to try and do a L4D game with me can add me, ‘Kurogane-Cyberfusion’ on Steam. Hopefully the internet holds.

Blogging live from Cyberfusion 2009, the largest (and probably the first of its kind) LAN party in Malaysia with the aim of breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest LAN party recorded.

Lots of teething issues to start with, heck we all couldn’t even get decent Internet connection until now. Four hours in to the party now with another 34 hours to hang on, and I bloody hope they’re giving us Phenom II X4’s at the end of this.

Anyways, no anime probably for the weekend, but I’ll be updating myself throughout the event.

Currently finished a crazy bout of L4D with townberry and FatCatLim, probably gonna do some Steam gaming later on. Man I sure hope I can survive.

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