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Ahh….. _|-|0””…. just finished spamming Evangelion Renewal in 2 days. Seriously, a word of warning, don’t do that unless you wanna turn antisocial and angsty. EVA really did that to me, making all my friends asking what happened to me. Maybe I’m just an attention-seeking whore… Ehem…. brainf**k at work…..

Other than that, I just watched Kong tonight. It was quite a good watch, albeit a little too long at 3 hours straight. It was roughly 1 hour to reach the island, 1 hour to catch Kong and 1 hour to kill him. I kinda feel sad for Kong though, he died of absolutely no fault on him own T_T.

On other stuff, I intend to do a 2005 in review for anime…. but just kinda feel like I’m not fit to do it, considering I missed half a year of anime…, well, maybe I might do it during Christmas. There’s not much anime coming out in December I’m interested in, except for Itsudatte! My Santa, which was actually kinda dumb that I don’t even feel like blogging it. Next month should prove interesting, with the advent of Fate/Stay Night, which is the series that ANY hardcore otaku should take a look at, and also Hellsing Ultimate, as long as they don’t delay it again >.< .There's also quite a few titles coming out in January that I'm interested in and I'll cover that later.... or maybe not. Sigh.... this semester is actually proving to be quite a b*tch, being a short semester and all, have to cover 3 subjects in 2 months. I have my finals in 2 weeks plus, and I still can't understand a single thing the lecturers are teaching (except for English) as the classes are all at stupid times... LIKE 8AM =.=.... I can hardly wake up for the class, let alone pay attention... Oh well, hopefully I won't fail it. Well to end this off, here's my current desktop.... which I haven't changed in quite a while.... Source: Evangelion Artbook Der Mond

Original Image : 1442×1075

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Dolls and broken speakers…..

I haven’t done my usual Karin entry or even remotely watched Shuffle!’s latest episode due to laziness……

Partially the reason is that I’ve lost my speakers on Monday, meaning no sound T_T. I managed to pass through the week, thanks to friends and my backup headphone, but it’s seriously getting annoying to me, because for some reason, my ears don’t take too kindly to my headphones for a prolonged period of time. Plus moving around with the wire dragging isn’t too fun. I’m probably getting a new one, either tonight or tomorrow… though my monthly budget is pretty much shot.

Another thing is that the weekend has been extremely busy, due to the fact I moved from a downstairs room to an upstairs one, which is tons better than the one I had. The downstairs room was sooo bloody hot and it was stuffy as hell. The internal temperature of that room was at least, on average, 5°C hotter than the outside temp and the humidity was damn high, due to the inexistance of airflow in the room. Really glad to have moved to my current one, with a big window and much more airy than the last one. Heck, I can now leave my PC on without any fans on, unlike in the previous one.

One little gripe I have with my current room now is that the network it’s connected to is on a 512K line, which means about half of my previous one. I’m planning to rewire it to my old 1MB network, maybe around tomorrow.Oh well, at least I don’t really have anything important to watch, except for Nanoha A’s today.

On other news, I’d just changed my desktop wall to a Rozen Maiden one, in celebration for the little impending twist of episode 06. Click on the pic to download the full version. All credits go to and the original maker of the wall.

Shinku and Suigintou

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Loli swordgirls with melon-pan fetishes are incredibly moé!!!!

In a the confusion of my move and the new season, somewhere I forgot my desktop posts ala moyism. Just kinda felt like doing it since I’ve found a pretty good wallpapers. In the course of this month, I’ve change my walls a lot. It’s kinda hard for me to find a wallpaper I’m really pleased with nowadays. I’ve also imported my old wallpaper posts, so if anyone’s interested, they’re filed under “Desktops” in the sidebar ^_^.

Found this wallpaper somewhere off the net, but forgot where :P. So if anyone wants credit, please email me or leave a comment :).

Showcase of my current wallpaper is my current favourite character, Shana from Shakugan no Shana. Incredibly simple yet elegant wall. I’d wanted it ever since I saw it :). The original pic is from the Noiji Itoh artbook, Guren.

(click on image to download the original)

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Sakura X Syaoran

Took this gorgeous wallpaper off AnimePaper. Beautifully reconstructed from a 2 page scan and made in to wallpaper thanks to the efforts of WhiteBlaze.Also discovered the usefullness of widgets.

Link to download : 1600

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Well, in an effort to make myself blog more, I’m taking a leaf out of moy’s book and posting up my recent wallpapers. Hope you don’t mind, eh. I guess a little bit of exhibitism has grown in me :).

Well, TBH, my monitor isn’t really a fancy LCD or anything. It’s a 2 year old trustworthy 17′ CRT by LG. Well, i would want a LCD but…. binbo desu..

Anyways, here’s my recent desktop, Ren-sama from Erementar Gerad!!! For those who’ve been reading me recently would know I’m having a Ren moe thing going on. Well, just snatched this nice wall off, so if you want to get it, go over there(registration requirted though) and support those guys :).

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Desktop 01

I just can’t seem to keep walls, hehe. But well, I had a good reason to change. Found this great wall off Minitokyo of Ren-sama, my current idol for worshipping ^_^ . Enjoy :)

Link to download original : 1024

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