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Bad art mars good drama…



…. which idiot in the Yoakena production team decided to give this episode to the same team that did the third episode… =.=;;;

Feena takes an extended leave from school and the Tatsuya household to deal with some administration work. Before leaving, the tense atmosphere between her and Tatsuya is quite noticable, and while she’s away, Tatsuya starts to act weirdly, screwing up in his school and part-time job, leaving some friends to speculate on what has happened to him.

After a week, Feena finally returns home for a while to get a change of clothes and bumps in to Tatsuya and Natsuki returning from school outside the house. Natsuki leaves the two lovesick birds alone. Entering home, however, there’s an extra pair of boots that belong only to the Lunar royalty and it turns out that Feena’s fiance has come to pay her a visit. Mai accidentally spills some tea on his clothes and she expects the worst, but he responds with a smile. However, only Tatsuya notices the disgusted face he makes when Mai tries to wipe off the tea from his clothes. Feena asks why he’s here and he responds that he’s here to check on how his future wife is living on Earth. After giving his greetings to Tatsuya, he takes his leave.

Later, in the Lunar embassy, Feena is practicing her kendo when Mr. Obnoxious (didn’t get his name) comes in and spars with her, defeating her easily. He tells her to stop her foolish plans for peaceful coexistance with the Earth and let him protect her. He then walks out, leaving Feena depressed. Back home, Tatsuya is also feeling extremely irritated and Natsuki tells him that he’s feeling that because he loves Feena. Realising his true feelings, he runs to the Lunar Embassy and meets Karen at the door, who warns him that Feena’s fiance is a major anti-Earth figure.

Tatsuya shows his determination to share Feena’s path and her dreams to Karen, who tells him to look for Feena at the park bench where they first met as kids. Upon reaching there, Feena is suprised to see him there. Feena tries to avoid Tatsuya but he tells Feena not to run away and he’s decided to share her burden and fight alongside her, confessing his love for Feena.

Things are moving fast now, and Tatsuya has confessed to Feena. I’m impressed with him, really, he does show backbone when needed to. This episode however was marked by really bad art for the second half, which really annoyed me. Somehow, all the facial proportions were screwed up badly, which is quite visible in the shot above… even more when I was watching the HD raw from moyism for this :X. Hopefully the better team will be in for the next episode, as apart from the bad art, Yoakena doesn’t disappoint much.

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Feena Drama


While some people have seemed to have given up on Yoakena, I somehow find myself liking the show as it keeps on progressing, even if the main plot point of the story is the cliched “royalty falls in love with commoner from opposing kingdom” type. Perhaps it’s just my nostalgic self longing for this old and well-used genre as I can lie down and enjoy the ensuing drama.

Make no doubts, Yoakena is solidly going along the Feena path, which of course is the main point of the show and it’s doing it well. Tatsuya as the male lead one of the better harem masters I’ve seen (though calling him a harem master is kinda wrong since he’s only interested in Feena actually). Male harem leads should be kinda like him, not too wimpy yet not too gar (like Kyon’ichi). I really find the chemistry that’s blossoming between him and Feena fun to watch. ‘sides, he’s a guy I wouldn’t mind respecting as a King :).

The rest of the cast have their own things going on too, though not much focus is being given to them. Mai and Mia definitely are sisters separated at birth, along with Natsuki too. I /r/ more of Sayaka and Karen too. I just love the Setsuna-ish vibes that are coming from Karen ;). Also, I have to say Jun is really playing out his “pierrot” role very well. Keep up with the chibiness too :)!

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Deserted Island Fun


Sayaka x Karen 4TW

The customary beach episode and the group gets stranded on a “deserted” island for 3 days. In the meantime, Tatsuya teaches Feena-sama how to swim (which she masters in 3 days) and he learns that he met Feena-sama before as a child for one night, which is the basis of his interest towards the Moon as he promised to go find her there (BTW, why does _shouta_ Tatsuya sound more mature?). As for the rest, poor Jin gets his pay docked even more, the _san-shimai_ of Natsuki, Mai and Mia didn’t get much air time, while Sayaka getting drunk and all lovey-dovey over Karen was the show-stealer of the episode. Not a bad episode.

Only thing I can gripe about is the patchy quality of the art. Not as bad as episode 3 but quite inconsistent, really. Doumo really needs to beef up their QC’ing.

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Nande… MISAIRU?!!


Watching your house on fire due to cockroach “extermination” attempts…. priceless.

Holy shit… that was one hell of a overreaction. If I’m ever to host a homestay with a Lunar Princess, I’m bloody making sure my house is rid of cockroaches before they arrive…. paying for the exterminator beats paying for the repair and renovation costs.

Thank god the abysmal art of the previous episode is gone, though I still spotted some patchy moments in this one. Seriously, the chibi parts saved the show, I guess the production team are more proficient at SD mode than normal mode. I’m not complaining about that, but they should make sure the normal parts are drawn better.

But really, this episode was funny _desu_ , mostly thanks to the chibiness and Feena-sama. It was so cute of her to jump in to save the puppy even though she can’t swim herself. But I must ask…. *WHY THE BLOODY HELL THERE IS A WATERFALL THERE?!!* Illogical _desu ne~~_. And the overreaction over the cockroaches…. that was just bloody *ROTFLMAOLOL*. Seriously… I really mean seriously…. going Rambo over them…. and… and… MISSILES?!! That, my friend, is just one heck of an overreaction.

Oh, and I must add… Mai-chan’s dazes are just so goddamned cute and funny _desu_. Chou chou~~ chou chou~~…. kawaii _desu_~~~. Also… is it only my perverted mind, but her “Onii-chan ECCHI~~!!!” spanking of Tatsuya kinda perverted?

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Fap Fap Feena e Youkoso!


Fall Fall Feena

Yes, I have succumbed to the temptations and now become a member of the Fap Fap Feena club, literally falling in love on her, and how more appropriate than to watch this show on the Mid-Autumn Festival as well. I was suprised with the first 5 minutes though, the Oedipus War recap thingy kinda felt like one of Gundam SEED Destiny’s flashback episodes, LOL.

Let’s see what’s so awesome about Yoakena. Character thoughts time!

Hmm.., first off, harem leader Tatsuya isn’t a wimp, and he’s quite interesting, with his “nose-pinching” habit as well. But remember, nose-pinching the wrong people might result in death! Next, his onee-san, Sayaka is the stereotypical, gentle but “dangerous” onee-sama type, while his imouto, Mai-chan is quite the mature type. Natsuki is your typical tsunderekko osananajimi and her brother Jin, is the weird and lecherous type that always gets the bashing.

Feena ojou-sama is awesome, with the ojou-sama air around her, but we still get glimpses of her cute side in this episode. Man… she was desiring that nose-pinch, baybeh! Hitomi Nabatame does a fine job of voicing her(note that she voiced another lunar princess, Arcueid in Tsukihime), although with Feena’s ojou-sama air around her, I can’t stop imagining Ayako-sama’s voice suddenly coming from her. Really a bad thing for me to think like that of her.

So far, I’m finding Yoakena pretty likable, and not just for Feena ojou-sama, but the other characters have their awesome moments as well. This will truly be an enjoyable season, I hope.

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