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Winter Garden

Sad girls in snow nyoro~n :3?

Quite an awesome OVA. Really loved the dreamy atmosphere of the settings, not to mention the nice OST accompaniment, been listening to them since Christmas llorz.

Puchiko was easily the best character of the series, gotta love her mousou 4-koma’s and Frish insert song, especially when sung with a band of “:-)” people named “Four Frame Comics”. Miyuki Sawashiro rocks with her deadpan sarcastic voice.

Dejiko is really cute too and I must say, I’ve been turning in to an Asami Sanada fan lately. Man… wish we can see more of them. Both of them in a “Binbou Shimai Monogatari”-style setting show would be so awesome :D.

Awesomely cute ending to the OVA’s btw, ^^.

Also, LOL at McDonalds product placement in the show. But it seems that Pizza Hut is still winning at it though…

P.S. I just noticed the duo of Asami Sanada and Miyuki Sawashiro were in both Christmas OVA’s….

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