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Ahhh~ speaking in terms as a Meia fan, this is probably the best episode of the whole series, if only for this one moment.

This one, beautiful moment as Meia gives us a smile that is directly from the bottom of her heart, and more.

Every time I watch this part, I can’t help but to smile along as well. :)

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“Blossoming Journey (花咲く旅路)”


Another favorite (and of many others as well it seems, from the comments in my previous post) of mine, this episode had Bart finally earning a lot of respect for himself. Sure he went bald, but he also turned GAR. Hell this episode was even listed as one of the 30 most touching moments in mecha anime (spoilers in the link, Nicovideo account required to watch) by this guy over at Nicovideo.

I wholeheartedly agree with Ezra, Nirvana’s lasers are really a convenient weapon. Not only it’s homing, it’s also friendly-fire-proof!

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“Be my Baby”


Ah, I have fond memories of this one. Vandread must be one of the handful of animes to actually show a real childbirth.

Even more awesome was that Ezra’s baby saved Nirvana by the virtue of her cries. That was truly a very powerful message that they wanted to send. A truly wonderful and powerful one.

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“What a Wonderful World”


Looking back at it, this episode of Vandread was truly one of my favourite ones and also a very well-done one. It gave the series its first proper character development episode, focusing on Meia, who certainly didn’t endear herself much in the earlier episodes.

This episode showed a very human side of Meia and I can’t deny she remains my favourite Vandread girl until now. Truth be told, it’s thanks to her and Naru Narusegawa that I really planted my roots of interest towards the seiyuu side of things, back then when I was still a fledging fan of the medium, hehe.

Also, this episode gave me my first exposure to the wonderful eponymous insert song of this episode. Donna Burke’s cover version still remains one of my favourites of this evergreen song.

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“Boy meets girl.”


Oh man, the first episode of Vandread always manages to make me laugh. The timing and quality of the jokes are really awesome.

Duero’s “I’m a doctor. *evilgrin*” is just god damn funny. Just realized he was one of Tomokazu Sugita’s earlier roles, heh. I must’ve been blind when I checked the cast list.

And B.C. Oh B.C. I really… oh well, can’t change the fact already.

Aii~ instead of Kiddy Grade II, Gonzo could’ve considered a sequel to Vandread. But then and again, they’ve really degraded a lot since their days doing Vandread. I still remember the time where Gonzo was given near KyoAni-levels respect as a studio, heh.

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