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Nono is <3

Top wo Nerae! 2

Source: Ningen’s Wallpapers.

Just finished another rewatch of Top wo Nerae! 2. This show can never get boring at all. The awesome combo of moe-ness and mecha goodness of TwN! 2 is probably something to remain unreachable for a long while, a long long while. Gainax needs to make more anime as epic as TwN! 2, with no offense to all Gurren-Lagaan fans. G-L’s good, but, it’s still way out of TwN’s league yet.

Hmm.. I should really buy the Nono BOME figurine for collection’s sake. Nono is definitely one of my himegimis ;).

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Top wo Nerae! 2 Discussion

Top wo Nerae! 2

For those not in the know, Lunar has just released the final episode to TwN! 2. I’ve already blogged it , so check it out, but it’s based on the raw though.

Following that, I had an interesting discussion on IRC about how some of the stuff in TwN! 2 works which proved interesting enough that I decided to blog it out.

First off,

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Top wo Nerae! Movie Premiere Date Announced

Just checking up on news right after the post…

8-13-06 (8:32PM EDT)—- Gunbuster Movie Premiere
The Tokyo Anime Center will host the world premiere of Gainax’s Top O Nare Movie on October 1. The screening will occur in the facility’s Akiba 3D Theater. Nationwide distribution will follow. The official title is “Top Wo Narae 2! & Top Wo Narae! Gattai Gekijouban” (united theater version).

Darn, want to watch it :P. Although I already know it’s a recap of the both the series’ events, I’m just hoping for maybe new footage or stuff.

Also, somehow, I feel a little lacking in me right now after watching the ending…

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Top wo Nerae! 2 Ending.

Top wo Nerae! 2

Truly Gainax ending… truly Gainax ending….you have been warned.

So, TwN! 2 ends with less of a bang I had expected. Following on are my summary of the events in the show, but I didn’t get half the terms, so it’s not going to be correct. Btw, the pictures are a bit shitty so blame the raw as well… Lunar better hurry up with it’s release. Need to rewatch again :P.

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Mecha and Vampire Day – 25th August

Top wo Nerae II’s final episode release date and Hellsing Ultimate OVA II’s release date has been announced to be on the 25th of August. Double celebration for me on that day, and so will the otaku-dom as well.

Trailer for Hellsing Ultimate II, Make A Raid available on streaming video here, while preview for Top wo Nerae II 06 can be downloaded here.


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Gainax read my mind!!!

Gainax can be sometimes very scary.

Not more than a few days back when the subbed Top wo Nerae! 2 05 was released, I was checking out for their site for the release date for 06, only to be disappointed for the utter lack of news.

But only today, they have just announced the release date for the last episode, on the 25th of August. Oh… how I await with joy. Still a full 3 months away, but at least now I have a date to expect :). Wonder how will Gainax end this and judging from the teasers on the site, looks like there will be a lot of unexpected events in store for us.

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Planet throwing as a sport.

Lunar has just released the 5th episode of Top wo Nerae! 2. Go get it **NOW**! Gainax really has the genius touch. I felt like I was watching this the first time all over again. They need to announce episode 6 soon, real soon.

Remember kids, do not attempt to throw planets around, unless you have a Buster Machine along with you to clean up your mess.

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Diebuster 5

Source: Gainax Top Images

Holy shit, I say…. pure holy shit…..

I have to admire the way that Gainax can sooo stretch logic, yet make it so dramatically believable. Suspension of belief is really required on this episode.


– Explanation on the “Uchuu Kaijuu” being really the defenders of the solar system and confirming a lot of speculation
– Nono almost getting… err…. raped(?) by that guy(forgot his name).
– The procession of about a billion or so “Uchuu Kaijuu” following Nono’s commands.
– The idioticness of the captain to go disturb Nono thus causing the Space Monster to appear.
– Nono saving Lark, telling her of the story of someone she admired(speculated to be Noriko) and then inviting her to fly.
– Lark, using her Exotic Manuever to grab a *planet* and then *throwing* it to the Space Monster.
– The final scene, where Nono, supposedly lets the Space Monster warp away, and prisons Lark with the space fleet that followed her, using the “Uchuu Kaijuu”.

I’d better not wait too long for the 6th episode……. the excitement is killing me…. Hey! I regained some of my fanboyism :).

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Top wo Nerae! 2 Vol. 05 Release Date


From Gainax’s Top wo Nerae! 2 site, the release date of Top wo Nerae! 2 Vol.5 has been announced to be on the 24th of March. New character descriptions and mecha designs are on the site too.

New characters seem to include a guy who’s a homage to the first Top wo Nerae Excelion’s Captain, a slippery looking Topless and Raraku seems to be restrained. New mecha’s include Buster Machines 35 and 62 \0/. I need more Nono~~~.

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