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Yes. So even if Luke is a FUCKING ASSHAT RETARD. I couldn’t help but actually feel a bit sorry for him when this happened. Hell, his whole world and reason of existence practically crumbled in very, VERY bad day.

Anyways, I hope he changes a new leaf after this episode. Cuz I don’t think I can stop myself to FALCON PUNCH him if he ever starts his whiny tantrums again. Either that or more Tear screentime.

Like seriously more screentime.

Like making her the main lead.

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Tales of the Abyss 02

Oh god, Tear so moe~ wwwwwwwwwwwwww

Anyways, it seems MBS did a special back-to-back screening of TotA so episode 2 is already aired. The story continues with Tear realizing the carriage is headed the wrong way, so Luke and her stop at a small village while they look for a different way to head home. They get involved in a spot of local trouble involving Shota Master and some cuddly little things called Cheagles. The sidequest ends with a miniboss defeated and Luke’s party gaining a new member in the form of the Cheagles Miu. Their troubles aren’t over as Luke and Tear are suddenly ambushed by soldiers led by fangirl-inducing Jade Curtiss.

More characters get introduced . Generally, this is mainly a “sidequest”-ish episode, while the main quest of getting back home is still in progress. It seems the rest of Luke’s future party is introduced here already, from bishie Jade, team mascot Miu, and the loli-shota combo of the Fon Master Ion and Anise.

Tear gets a significant moe boost in this episode with her oh-so-cute reactions when ever she sees something cute, like the whole tribe of Cheagles. I’m surprised that they didn’t animate her having a nosebleed wwww. Kinda reminds me of Sakaki from Azumanga. I can now imagine a MAD; UNLIMITED KAWAII WORKS, solely a compilation of all the times Tear goes “Kawaii!” in the anime, XD.

Luke gets to be a bit more annoying this time, such as the typical “I’m-a-rich-bastard-why-should-I-pay” antics that got him in to a spot of trouble, as well as his incessant complaining at times in the episode. Still, he balanced it up by doing things so he isn’t terribly annoying, though I hope he grows out of his brat phase soon enough. It was pretty funny when he asked Tear for paper and pen to write his “diary”, though he has quite a valid reason to do so.

Eh, so now to wait 2 more weeks(?) for the next episode, ROFL. Meanwhile, enjoy some Tear.

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Fall 08: 「Tales of the Abyss」 Impressions

Not having played the game, I don’t how this anime matches up to it’s counterpart, but it’s not a bad start for an adaptation.

Story is pretty much the standard JRPG-style, out protagonist being Luke, son of a noble and said to bring great prosperity bla bla bla. A series of events leads him to meet a girl, Tear, and our story begins from here. Not much else I can say that hasn’t been said by the wiki anyways.

Production values seem pretty high and I hope it maintains it that way. One thing I find pretty refreshing is how the characters interact with each other, and there is an air of maturity over most of the characters in the episode, except for Luke with his childishness, although it’s justifiable based on his upbringing and it’s not annoying.

Even when he gets blasted away along with Tear, they choose to cooperate with each other instead of doing all the usual bickering that accompanies the initial encounters of such kind, even actually fighting off monsters together. While Tear sure looks like a cool, icy type, she seems to have a reasonable head on her as well. It’s somehow, moe~, XD.

One thought I have though, is that Luke’s fiancee and Tear should’ve switched seiyuus. Somehow, Yukana fits the ojou-sama image more, while Michiko Neya would sound perfect as the cool Tear. Of course, both of them are actually doing a good job of their characters, just something I feel as a fan of both seiyuus.

OP and ED, didn’t make much impact on me, though the OP felt quite a bit long and in the tradition of Sunrise works, extremely spoilerish. Tons of foreshadowing is to be found in it.

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