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Spice and Wolf 03

Spicy Wolf

Even wolf gods get embarrassed when getting hit on, XD.

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Spice and Wolf 02

Spicy Wolf

Horo and Lawrence take shelter from the rain at a church, where they are approached by a fellow merchant with a business proposition of collecting a certain silver coin which is going to exchanged 1-to-1 for a new one, with a higher value. He intends to profit from the difference in value and tries to rope Lawrence in.

Lawrence asks Horo for her opinion, as she has “ears that can spot lies”, and Horo affirms it is indeed a lie, but Lawrence is perplexed as he doesn’t understand the reason behind the lie. Still, he decides to take on the offer, intending to pull out after he discovers what’s really behind him.

Going separately and promising to make a contract at a certain town ahead, Lawrence and Horo split ways with the guy. Along the way, Horo asks if Lawrence had been attacked in the forest before. This sparks some painful memories, and Lawrence gives Horo the silent treatment for a while.

Oh Horo~~ She’s just so damn awesome, although the later part of the episode was rather disturbing. Couldn’t get it properly, so wait for subs.

Spicy Wolf

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Spice and Wolf 01

Spicy Wolf

Awesome start for Spice and Wolf, I’ll say.

Short summary for those who have no idea what it’s about. Spice and Wolf is set in a fictional medieval world, focusing on one merchant, Craft Lawrence, who makes his living trading around villages. At one of his stops, the village of Pasroe, he inadvertently picks up the local harvest god, a 250-year old wolf named Horo.

Horo has decided to leave the village as the residents slowly forsake her contributions and chose instead to use more modern methods. Her chance comes by following Lawrence, and asks him to bring her back to the North, where she was born. Thus, begins the travels of the two.

Nicely done first episode, with the main characters slowly introduced and the story fleshed out. Ami Koshimizu (Amisuke) is doing a fine job as Horo. While I initially had a some reservations on having her do it, but seeing her in action, really just blows it all away. Not only she’s doing a fine job with Horo’s unique accent, she also manages to bring out Horo’s playful and arrogant side.

Jun Fukuyama’s Lawrence is also nicely done, although I feel that he’s using a lot of different voices for him, so it’s as if he’s still uncertain on Lawrence’s character. Maa~~ Jun Fukuyama’s voice has been in use by different male leads before, so I guess it might be a bias on my own part.

The animation and art are of good quality and most importantly, consistent, so I hope they’ll manage to keep the quality consistent throughout the show’s run.

The OP sounds rather serious and probably foretells a lot of obstacles and trials ahead for the duo, fitting nicely in to the series. The ED, in contrast, ends the show in a rather light hearted manner, with an upbeat tone, Engrish-ly vocals by ROCKY CHACK and SD shots of Lawrence and Horo.

Spicy Wolf

Horo kawaii yo Horo!

Overall, a good start to the series I have been anticipating the most this season. Hope it has a good run :).

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