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sola DVD Special 2


A happy Matsuri always makes my day.

Yay! It’s finally done!

The final DVD special for sola is basically an episode detailing on what happens to everyone right before the series begins, set roughly around the 2 days before the main series starts.

Nothing much really happens, apart from seeing more of everyone going on with their daily lives, so I don’t feel like summarizing it. Just wait for Lunar to finally sub this episode and complete my sola collection.

Well, to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed it wasn’t as interesting as the first DVD omake and it neither really offered much of development to any of the characters other than to expand on their original characteristics, although Yorito’s sora-con is painfully evident in this episode. I’ll not be surprised if he jerks off to his ceiling…

Also, we find out how Matsuri gets her money… apparently she, uh, “recycles” old books she finds in the church. I’m pretty sure that’s not actually allowed… but maa~~~

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sola OVA 1


Mmmm.. molesting cute lolis… mmm…

Onsen resort episode, featuring the “neglected” side characters of sola, the Ishizuki sisters and classmates along with Mayuko and Takeshi, who all meet together at a hot springs resort. Timeline-wise, this episode seems to be set after Matsuri’s saved by Yorito and before Yorito discovers that she’s a Yaka. Of course, I could be a bit wrong…

Highlights of the episode:

  • Koyori emitting tons of loli moe.
  • Sakura Sae, Mana’s classmate and her delusions are extremely funny, especially when she meets her beloved “hige dandy” at the resort.
  • Koyori getting molested by Chisato (see above), a total cuteophile. Of course, Mayuko isn’t safe from her touching as well….
  • Matsuri in mizugi!!!!
  • Aono, still in the hospital, trying out a sukumizu, only to be walked in by… Yorito (see below). Oh god that was totally lulz, especially when they used such a serious BGM track on it.


Always remember to lock the door when engaging in embarrassing activity of any sorts.

Can’t wait for the last OVA… then I can finally complete my sola folder :P.

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Megami 87 – Matsuri and Aono

Megami 87

In memory of one of last season’s best shows. Matsuri, you will be dearly missed.

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sola 13: sora


Sayonara… Matsuri.

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sola 12: Showdown


It’s official. sola is the best show this season.

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sola 11: Parting of ways.


How should I put this episode..? The calm before the storm I guess.

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sola 10: Confrontation and revelations


Yorito confronts Aono and Matsuri reveals a terrible truth about Yorito.

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sola 09


Mayuko and Takeshi episode this time. Poor Matsuri T_T.

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sola 07


Yandere-mode kowai yo…

Oh wow. Shit truly hits the fan this episode. First we had Matsuri disappearing for the entire episode, then a lot of Aono-san fanservice ( loved how she fussed over her clothing and hairdo ) and then Matsuri’s unexpected reappearance capped off with Aono going yandere-mode causing Yorito to stab Matsuri.

A lot seems to have happened in the one month that passed within this episode as Matsuri seems to have hooked up with Mayuko, whose origins and motives are still not explained yet. Also, looks like Matsuri, Yorito and Aono has had quite a past together as seen in the flashbacks, most likely a love triangle between them with Matsuri somehow making Aono in to a Yakabito, while Yorito is well… still human it seems, but as how it happened, we still have no idea.

Mai Nakahara, to me, is doing a good job at voicing Aono, and it’s really funny and awesome to see that her and Noto Mamiko are voicing exact opposites of their stereotype characters. Meanwhile… Ami Koshimizu’s character does scare me a bit… especially when she does the episode preview this time round.

Speaking of which…I’ve got a love/hate the episode previews for sola now… they offer naught a hint on what’s coming, which is good in a way, and bad in another too… sigh.

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Hi~ Mi~ Tsu~♪!


Matsuri-chan kawaii yo Matsuri-chan!

Noto-sama again proves her talents. The power of Noto-timespace is a dangerous one for certain people.

That aside, Matsuri is probably one of Noto’s most perfect characters yet, in terms of moé-ness. She’s cheerful, playful, mischievous, cute but yet she possesses a dark secret and probably a troubled past. I know it does sound clichéd, but this is really what I call moé.

Noto-sama banzai! Noto-sama banzai!

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