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oh god Primula-hime is hot


It’s undeniable. Primula-hime is teh s3x. I’ve got to say, this poster is damn good, especially with the loli Sia, Kaede and As(s)a having fun in the background.

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Primula (Itou Noizi ver.)

Really? Really!

From the Really? Really! Original Illustration Collection.


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Source: Shuffle! Visual Fanbook

**Shuffle!** ends with this episode and (hopefully) so are all the fan wars between KKK,AAA,SSS and etc. Well, until someone makes a sequel or animates **Tick! Tack!**.

The ending really felt quite anticlimatic in a sense. Rin’s self suicide was quite predicted and I’d already spotted it two weeks ago. More to say, it felt…. kinda rushed in a sense.

But well, they used the 2nd half as a chance for normal harem comedy, and suprisingly the focus is on Primula. She has really changed from her beginnings as a emotionless doll to a really funny, cute and sarcastic personality. She’s truly became much more funnier and I’d really like to see more of her :P.I especially love the part where she snuggles up to Rin after he faints from tasting her cooking and also her sarcastic comment, *”Baka oya”* to Maoh and Shin-chan.

The others are not forgotten, especially Itsuki and Mayumi, the *tsukkomi* pair of the series, who never fails to deliver the laughs.The others are just as usual, only still harbouring each other’s feelings for Rin. Ama-san also gets some resolution, with the short part of her bumping into Shin-chan and Maoh, with both of them saying they’d like to apologize to her. Personally, to me, the only serious part of the show.

The ending also had some funny scenes, and some hints too. Primula seems to have lost her poker-face ability, but instead gains some serious firepower. Asa gets her ass-ugly long hair cut by Ama-san, which reminds me of AIR somewhat. And the most unexpected, hints of a blossoming “lily” between Sia and Kaede, with both of them symmetrically docking and sharing some “CPR”.

However, my main gripe for this episode is the art, which IMHO, looks horrible compared to the rest of the series. There were some good points about it though, mainly for the SD parts, but other than that, it really looks all wrong. The eyes, especially, were quite creepy and you can see it in the screenshots below.

In conclusion, a normal ending but not all satisfactory. Much can still be improved in it. Continue on for screencaps.

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Well, as promised, Ama-san’s secret is out and Asa is revealed to be having magical powers. Asa’s physical fragility is attributed to the fact that she has magical powers but her body is human, therefore her body is unable to withstand the power in her. The only way to cure it is to use up the magic, but Asa stubbornly refuses to use any magic, even with Rin begging her to do it.

I just feel that Asa is acting quite stupidly by not using her magic. It’s not as if people are forcing her to use her powers to destroy or anything, she could just easily use it to help people or other random “good” uses, like maybe making a field of flowers bloom or something stereotypical. Her stubborness is really annoying to watch :(.

Once again, I have to give my respects towards Rin for being such a great guy. His concern is frankly genuine and he is seriously worried about Asa-sempai. According to the game story, he does quite a selfless act to force Asa to use her magic and I wonder if they’ll repeat this in the show. There seems to be some hints considering he has a boxcutter with him ^_^.

On other notes, the production quality of this episode was quite high and there was even some deformed Asa to look at. Ama-san’s past sequence was quite short though, kinda disappointed really, I wanted to see more :P. Well, next week is the ending of Shuffle, just right before the new year there’s no Shuffle! next week, it’s going to air on the 5th so I really hope that they can end this show nicely.

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Source : Unknown

As expected, this episode turns out to be a humorous episode after the resolutions of SHUFFLE! 21.

Everything seems to be back to normal and in the mood of the first few episode of Shuffle!, with Asa doing her usual “greeting” to Rin :) not to mention half the school as well too ^_-. Rin should really find a nice chiropracter, at the rate he’s going, he’s not going to need osteoporosis to cause backbone bend :P.

As for Sia, it seems that she’s not giving up yet on Rin, and with the help of Kikyou(-sama!!!) tries to seduce Rin back to the Dark… err… her side :). I’m glad to see that her chair-throwing jutsu’s haven’t gone rusty yet, lol. Oh, and really, Shin-chan shouldn’t be messing around with her, HAHA.

Nerine, on the other hand, seems to have given up on Rin, and now decides to pursue other activities, like joining the singing club and dressing up as her mom. It’s really funny to see her in the *meido* uniform, which undoubtably are hand-me-downs from her mom. I almost had a nosebleed on seeing her in that :P. But she really has a nice potential to become a meido.

Primula too, stole the spotlights this episode, with her nekomimi meido outfit which would undoubtably induce nosebleeds in a certain someone. I’d almost had one too, with those twitching ears and swinging tail. She’s also developing a nice relationship with Kaede too hinthint. But really, her most spotlight stealing part was during the party, where she nicely gave levitation lessons to Kikyou and froze poor Shin-chan…. kakkoiii~~!!!

Kaede seems to have somewhat recovered from the emotional shock of the last episodes, but her love towards Rin is still evident, when she breaks down when saying goodbye to Rin. Other than that, she seems to be back to normal and (unfortunately) back to her “wallflower” status :(. Well, at least she’s now got a kawaii imouto :).

Itsuki and Mayumi prove to be the best comedy relief as usual, with Itsuki’s ambition of a harem possible now (according to him) , however he pisses off Mayumi and gets a nice taste of Mayumi’s Spinning Punch attack.

However, the episode ends on a more darker tone, when Rin, on the verge of kissing Asa, suddenly finds her collapsing. It seems that Asa’s story is going to be in, and the next episode focuses on Ama’s past.

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Very much awaited episode after the shocker at the end of episode 20 and also the fact that no previews were given for this episode, adding to the suspense. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join in the pre-release hype but I’ve heard of rumours that people were expecting poor Kaede to go batshit insane and kill Asa or something crazy, leading to a climatic end……

But….. fortunately, that doesn’t happen, instead, we get one of the best dramatic episodes to date of Shuffle!, with the resolving of Kaede’s arc. It seems now that Asa is the winner, to the collected disappointments of KKK members (including me). I’m still glad though, of the way they handled the whole episode, with Kaede and Asa confronting each other and revealing their feelings for Rin.

Rin also was quite admirable, with his decision to move out from Kaede’s home, in order to start off a new life, unbound by the chains of past sins. It would be horribly uncomfortable for him to still stay in Kaede’s home, after all the events that have happened, especially now that he’s chosen Asa for sure.

As for Kaede, I’m glad that finally she confesses her true feelings towards Rin, only that unfotunately Rin’s love for her is in a different way and not in the shape of lovers, as Rin puts it. I feel sad for her, but at the same time feel relieved as well as she’s relieved from a big burden as well, literally and figuratively speaking :). In the end, she still has a family in the shape of Primula.

I also have to salute the production crew for handling Rin’s confession to Asa. Officially, he still hasn’t said her likes her and so, this is definately a must for any romance, a confession of love that is. From Rin’s “Asa-sempai, suki desu” to the RinxAsa kiss, it was done perfectly that in fact, I’d thought I was watching the last episode of Shuffle!.

Well, there is still 3 episodes remaining for Shuffle! and from the previews, it seems to be the start of Rin-kun’s new life, outside from Kaede’s home. It also seems a bit fanservicey, but I wouldn’t really mind, as the last few episodes have been quite serious in tone. However, some people are expecting a twist right before the end, and I would agree with their sentiments, as all in all, Asa’s “condition” is still not resolved yet ;).

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From the SHUFFLE! Visual Fan Book

Top of my watching list this week, as we head closer and closer to the ending. The ongoing battle for Rin’s heart between Asa and Kaede escalates to a higher level.

I’m pretty sad to see that SHUFFLE! is probably heading over for an Asa ending given the developments in this episode, with Rin showing much more obvious signs that he’s going to spend his future together, with all that talk about heading into the same university with a fun-filled campus life. His concern over Asa is also pretty much obvious, as he skips school and spends the night looking after Asa.

However, on both sides of the battle, both Kaede’s and Asa’s conditions are pretty much worsening. Kaede is visibly struggling to keep a hold of herself, but her true emotions are still escaping. Given that looking after Rin was Kaede’s main purpose in her life, Rin’s increasing neglect of her is causing her self-control to break down. She’s also hampered by the fact that she’s unwilling to confess her true feelings towards Rin due to her inability to forgive herself for blaming Rin for her mother’s death.

While for Asa, even as she forces herself to look healthy, her condition is getting much more worse, evidenced later in the episode. Being hospitalized, she takes a break from the limelight a bit, as Kaede’s ongoing conflict is focused here, but her presence is still felt, in the way that Rin is planning to go ahead with her. In a way, I can understand Asa’s feelings given that she was sickly all the time, and spent her healthy time doing things that she wanted to do as much as possible.

Going back to Kaede, the second half bears more witness to her mental breakdown, most notably her eyebags indiciating that she’s not sleeping much. She tries to keep a semblence of life previously but fails in the end, jumping in to Rin’s bed naked (providing this week’s R-15 shots) and begging Rin to be by her side, but not quite confessing her love towards Rin. This clearly provides the wake-up call to Rin, as he finally realises his indecisiveness has caused a lot of pain to the other girls as well.

Still, the surprise here was Primula’s confession as she questions Kaede’s motives and tries to get her to confess her love for Rin, to which Kaede still doesn’t want to. Rin spends the whole night out thinking and frankly, I’d thought that he was going to be in an accident, especially when the rain came :P.

However, and fortunately, that doesn’t materialise and Rin comes home to pull a big shocker on Kaede as he wants to leave the house, further destabilizing Kaede’s already unstable state of mind. Since the producers “neglected” to put in a preview for the next episode, which is actually quite rare this days, I have high hopes for SHUFFLE! 21. With Kaede’s world breaking down and Asa’s physical fraility, who will win in the end?

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Being a Kaede-chan fan, I’m happy that Kaede’s past is finally explored. I realise that a lot of people are now really scared of Kaede-chan, but nontheless, I’m still liking her, albeit I’m looking at her with a different eye right now.

I have to give kudos to Rin for being the person he was, enduring all that torture, just to give Kaede-chan a “target” in life. Given in that situation, it’s really hard to jolt someone who’s lost the will to live unless something extreme is employed. I give my highest respects to Rin for doing that and giving Kaede the will to live.

While so, Rin has also been quite an ass by neglecting his “family” after making the decision to go on with Asa-sempai. Kaede really hasn’t had much exposure ever since “her episode” early in the beginning. With Sia, Primula and now Asa taking the centerstage, the feeling of neglect is really building up. But from an another side, I salute the production crew for doing this, as I genuinly feel Kaede’s feelings of being neglected.

Kaede’s “explosion” is well called for her, considering her past and the growing feeling of neglect she’s suffering from Rin, totally into Asa now. For the direction of the story, it’s now heading off to a battle royale between Asa and Kaede-chan, since Sia and Nerine are pretty much out with Primula playing the *imouto* part now. There’s also a nicely done contrast between the two, given that Kaede’s mentally collapsing while Asa’s physically weakening. All in all, I’m still with Kaede’s tragic backstory and her character, but Asa’s really having the momentum now. I guess, we’ll just have to wait.

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Usually I don’t blog Shuffle as I feel lazy to blog.. wanted to concentrate on the Fall season shows. But 17 was sooo good, I decided to join in the fray as well. Be forewarned though, I’m not gonna blog it fully. Check Omni’s blog for pics and summary.

First off, Kikyou was cool, really cool. She’s my third favourite girl in the SHUFFLE! universe right now. Personally, I don’t like Nerine and Sia much as I don’t really like their personalities much. But Sia partially redeems herself, thanks to Kikyo :).

But, no pretenses here, I’m a KKK member true to the heart. Asa is good, nontheless, but Kaede’s backstory just plainly wins me over. I’m rooting much for a Kaede ending, although it saddens me now that Kaede’s been relegated to wallflower status. But I’m keeping my hands crossed that’s the tactic of the production crew to build up her backstory, as well, she just means to be like that. Kaede got +5 moé from me this episode for calling the police in, XD. Another +5 for her *shimpai no kao*.

Oh, and they should really put more Primula in cheongsam shots. She looks darn sexy in them.

Anyways, I still like the way the production crew is making this anime. I’m pretty much jaded of harem anime’s already but SHUFFLE! is the only one that catches my attention. The way they handled Sia and Kikyou’s dialouge was real good. Too bad for her that Rin turned her down, but less one competitor for Kaede ^_^.


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