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Banner of the Stars

Seikai no Senki

There needs to be more of this show, seriously. I need my dose of Admiral Spoor and the Bebaus brothers.

Banner of the Stars has lesser focus on Jinto and Lafiel compared to Crest, but it makes it up for the introduction of a host of new characters, most notably the hillarious Bebaus brothers and the enigmatic Crown Prince, Dusanyu. I greatly enjoyed the bantering of the Bebaus brothers and Dusanyu’s Spoor-esque teasing of his 2nd in command, Keneesh. The whole dialogue of this characters is purely work of a genius.

As for Lafiel and Jinto, their relationship at the beginning has somewhat reverted to what we call as a “grade school” type. It does slowly grow over the series especially at the end of the SnSII and in SnSIII, but it kinda becomes a bit boring.

Instead they are somewhat overshadowed by the other characters, the crew of the Basroil, Samson, Sobaash and Ekuryua. Samson is the typical older “good” oyaji-type character, Sobaash is the trap *bishounen* and Ekuryua is a funnier and bold, aloof type. It’s funny seeing her making passes at Jinto with her ice-cold expressions and right in front of Lafiel, creating some kind of a funny “war” going on. She cracks me up even more in SnSIII, with her flying. Let’s just say flying is Ekuryua’s greatest turn-on.

So now, let’s all hope for more of the anime, if only to resolve the important questions such as, “What is the Abh hell?”, “Which Bebaus brother did Keneesh was involved in?” and, most importantly, “What are the eating customs of Midgart?!”.

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Crest of the Stars


Just marathoned this excellent piece of work. As a matter of fact, it’s too darned short :P.

First off… Lafiel kakkoi yo Lafiel. Yeah, I’ve totally become a fanboy of her. She’s just extremely moé by herself, and Ayako’s voice really fits her like a glove. Really love her tsunderekko-ness :).

Of course, Lafiel’s not the only factor that contributes to the excellence of this show, the really snappy dialouge of the show is incredible by itself. Everyone seems to have really really good lines somewhere. My most favourite one would be the warning signal (after a lengthy “discussion” with her XO) to the remainder of the enemy fleet after an obvious outcome sent by the captain of the Futune, the Lady Spoor, stating:

“Communications Officer, notify all units.Respect their wishes to surrender anytime. However, those who surrender after the battle has begun will travel to the capital through normal space only. To save travel time, the ship will be stripped of all space-time generators, gravity control devices and stabilizers, and there will be no crew.Prisoners will be supplied with a year’s supply of food and water. Arrival time is estimated at 49000 years. That’s all.”

…. best threat I’ve ever heard in a while. Seriously. And the banter between the main protagonists is very very enjoyable as well.

The level of detail put in to the setting is also very admirable as the original creator, Morioka Hiroyuki, not only made the Abh culture in all its detail, he also made the Abh language and alphabet as well,Baronh, based on the Japanese language.Not that I’m going to learn it anytime soon, but the level of detail is plainly visible in the anime as all the words are in Baronh.

Now, to get the rest of the series. Looking forward to the adventures of Lafiel and Jinto.

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