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So let me get this straight….

0verflow’s latest game, Cross Days, has a new male protagonist. That is also the hottest new girl in the game. THAT GETS FUCKED BY MAKOTO IN EIGHT DIFFERENT ENDINGS OF THE GAME. And half the sex scenes are of both of them.


Nice. Fucking. Trap. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Fuck you, Japan.
Fuck you, 0verflow.
(most importantly) Fuck you, sagematt.

UPDATE: Canned Dogs elaborates more.

  • Main character (male, pictured above) cross dresses as a girl, gets into situations such as getting gang raped by Taisuke and others or having anal sex with Makoto
  • There is an ED where he becomes Taisuke’s sex slave (TAISUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!)
  • H scene distribution:
      Homo x 8
      Yamagata x 5
      Gorilla x 4 (see pic)
      Bobhead x 4 (see pic)
      Kotonoha x 2
      Roka x 2
      Sekai x 1
      Nanami x 1
      Setsuna x 0
      Otome x 0
      Kokoro x 0
      Hikari x 0
      Youko x 0
      Karen x 0
      Chie x 0
      Niki x 0

Wow, with that kind of choices, I’d fuck the trap too (amongst the new characters).

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Magical Heart Kokoro-chan!

Magical Heart Kokoro-chan


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Magical Heart☆Kokoro-chan: A School Days OVA spinoff

Coming from Moetron, it seems an April’s Fool joke by 0verflow seems to have materialized in a real show. As the title implies, Kokoro is the main character. Oh man… I hope this doesn’t turn in to another Nanoha-style show.

This is so gonna be full LULZ. Still, having Kotonoha swinging swords around killing baddies is definitely worth a watch.

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Outrageous yet would probably be popular merchandise: Makoto dakimakura

School Days

Click for full version.

Sourced from a random image board.

The picture just explains itself.

So, my readers, would you buy this if it actually got released?

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School Days 12: “This tears of mine… they are tears of happiness!!”

School Days

A pretty long summary of the episode, for those who want to know the full story. Sorry, no screencaps, since I only watched it from NicoVideo, but there’s already enough circulating around anyways :).

P.S. Now, with 20x more screencaps, for more awsum effects.

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Makoto dies!!!

By now, I’m pretty sure those who lurk at certain popular imageboards already know, but Makoto dies in School Days 12. I haven’t watched the episode yet to confirm, but it’s a pretty solid source, so my happiness is now at a very high peak.

School Days

Damn, can’t wait for the fricking raws.

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Nice boat… wusses

Nice Boat

Nice Boat

As if School Days wasn’t already infamous enough, it’s rep got notched one level up with the cancellation/delay of the last episode, replaced with footage of… boats. Nice boats. Yes. Boats.

*me facepalms*

I just hope it got cancelled because the last episode is of Makoto getting stabbed by rusty, salted spoons repeatedly.

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“Everyone’s Makoto”…. WRYYYYYY?!!!

……. seriously, I’m speechless. I am fucking speechless. After all that hope with Kotonoha’s lifeless eyes last episode, this episode just totally turns it all upside down again.

Instead, the fucker gets to screw more girls, hell he even got requested for a 4P, for fuck’s sake. He also made Sekai pregnant and tried to shirk away from the responsibility. FOR GOD’S SAKE MAKOTO, IT’S FUCKING OBVIOUS IT’S YOUR BABY IN THERE, HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY GOD DAMN IT!. Man, I wouldn’t blame Sekai if she went for an abortion.

After all that, instead of getting his just desserts, he manages to recover back Kotonoha as well. Oh god, the world is so unfair.

I seriously can’t be more happier to see the series end. I’m still holding out hope for the “Makoto gets stabbed to death with rusty blunt spoons laced with salt, repeatedly, by all those girls he’s fucked” ending, but it’s faint, faint, faint glimmer of hope. OTL.

I so feel like crying now. I really do.

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