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Rosario+Vampire 08


Bondage study lessons from Liliko-sensei are guaranteed to score you an A+

Okay, not a badly done episode, given that the plot was a bit ridiculous, even if it was from the manga as well, but hey, I’m not hoping for much at this juncture. At the least, they integrated Shirayuki in the story pretty well.

Still can’t believe they roped in Aya Hisakawa to voice Liliko-sensei… I mean.. it’s so win, yet so wasted at the same time. I’m happy at the least, getting to hear delicious, sultry adult Aya Hisakawa voice again. When she goes all out… man.

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Rosario+Vampire 07


Horrible episode. They speeded up Shirayuki’s appearance and totally raped the plot and story.

Yeah, I finally went to read the Rosario+Vampire manga, and I now totally understand why it’s popular and I have to admit, I’m hooked to it. But the anime adaptation people, as usual, just love to screw things up.

I will say though, while Rie Kugimiya isn’t exactly what I expected for Shirayuki’s role, I will say that she did play it pretty well, using a her lower and slower voice. Funny though, now she has played opposite ends of the spectrum, with her role as Shirayuki :D.

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Starcamp EP

Starcamp EP

Nana-chan’s new single is out!

Taking a departure from the traditional formats of her singles, this CD contains four full tracks, but weirdly doesn’t include the instrumental versions of the songs. I really want the instrumentals for Astrogation and Dancing in the Velvet Moon.

Track 1: Astrogation
– Initially, I didn’t like the song too much, but after a few listens, this song really grew on me. What I really like is the combination of piano and violin accompaniments of the song, vividly featured in the PV. Speaking of the PV, it’s one of the rare Japanese PV’s that I actually like a lot.

– The Rosario+Vampire OP song. An upbeat and happy song from Nana-chan. It’s quite fun to listen to.

Track 3: Dancing in the Velvet Moon.
– Rosario+Vampire ED. The main attraction for me in this album. It’s another “powerful” song by Nana-chan, with a gothic feel. I love how the song slows down 2/3rds in, and slowly cresendos upwards again.

Track 4: Soradokei
– And finally, to round up the album, a slow song by Nana-chan. Generally, I’m not a fan of her slow songs, because I fell in love with her “powerful” ones, but it’s a pretty good song, but I won’t be remembering it much.

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Rosario+Vampire 05


Yukari wants her oppai.

This show just gets more and more ridiculous doesn’t it?

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Rosario+Vampire 04

Another boring episode. Aono basically realizes how useless he is, tries to leave, gets beaten up by a bunch of perverted fans, and gets his ass saved in the end by Super Vampire Moka. God, this week’s Monster-of-the-Week is damn kimoi…….

That being said, they changed the ED for some real animation this time, and oh boy, the new ED is freaking awesome, with naked, COOL & SPICY(sorry couldn’t resist, been watching Shugo Chara again) Super Vampire Moka and some awesome action scenes, ending with a shot of a chained Moka with group of evil looking people. Fits the ED song really perfectly. Suddenly, Dancing in the Velvet Moon is this season’s best ED, lol.


Moka <3!


This new ED sequence just rocks.

I wonder if the ED is foreshadowing a change of the series tone in the later episodes.

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Rosario+Vampire 03


LOLiyuri episode this week.

11-yr old Sendo Yukari is the new character of the week, and fills the loli haremette role. She first meets Moka when she defends Yukari from a bunch of bullies and starts to fall in “love” with Moka, causing a bit of a pain to Tsukune. Long story short, she gets rescued from the bullies attacking her again thanks to Aono, Moka and Kurono, and falls in love with him too, creating a love polygon already.

Truly a LOLiyuri episode. Probably the best description of it, since there was quite some epic boob-squeezing there by Yukari-chan.


Loli squeezing boobs.

Otherwise, just another episode of R+V, complete with gratuitous panty shots, boobs and Super Vampire Moka kicking ass at the end of the day.

Additional note for Gonzo, can you just cut the henshin part of Moka? It’s the only one thing I can’t stand about the show for now, and that’s already saying a lot.

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Rosario + Vampire 02

Rosario + Vampire

Stereotypical development isn’t it?

Cup noodle anime of the season? You betcha.

New character, Kurumu Kurono, is introduced and being a succubus, she uses her powers to drive a rift between Moka and Tsukune, intending to seduce Tsukune for herself. Moka is alerted to this fact by her other side, and comes to his rescue.

The situation escalates in a fight, and Vampire Moka is unleashed, defeating Kurono is merely 69 seconds, according to the commenter bat. Vampire Moka intends to strip her wings and tail off, but Tsukune stops her and she relents, reverting back to Moka. This causes Kurono to really fall in love with Tsukune and a love triangle is born.

Rosario + Vampire

Vampire Moka is win.

Maa~ new character Kurono is definitely of the flirting archetype, and I guess she fills the role in quite well for now. Of course, the main attraction of this show for me is still Vampire Moka, and damn, she is fucking awesome. Now if Gonzo would really stop doing that henshin thing so much when she reverts to it…

Also, the official OP and ED are finally aired and both the songs are Nana-chan’s ones. Both are her usual styles and I’m finding them both good, but nothing exceptional. Still, I will definitely get the singles.

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Rosario+Vampire starts


Rather stereotypical first episode for a romance/comedy + supernatural twist series.

The only highlight was hearing Nana Mizuki’s evil voice, but too bad it was only for two lines. Her chirpy voice as normal Moka is okay too and a bit more dynamic I guess.

Too much tasteless fanservice all throughout though, especially for Moka, who seems to be wearing skirts that cover only 2/3rds of her butt. Then there was also all those fanservice camera angles, which gets a bit boring because EVERYONE in the Rosario world seems to wear only white panties. At least vary the colors a bit, Gonzo.

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