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Paper is God.


San-shimai <3

Like Jeff, I have a habit of watching older series’ while waiting for the latest episodes of the hawt shows currently showing (which by the way, this season is lacking). Show of choice this time was R.O.D The TV, unarguably one of the best but relatively lesser known animes of the 00’s.

R.O.D is definitely to me what makes anime such a great medium. It packs an almost nonsensical concept at first thought but manages to pull it off impressively logical (in the anime way) and in an undeniably cool way. Never has paper looked as bloody cool as in the R.O.D series. Also, R.O.D takes itself seriously enough to not use the fanservice ticket to attract viewers even with the almost fully female cast and instead relies on it’s solid story, great action sequences and strong characters. It’s really one of the animes I would recommend to almost anyone to watch, but of course, it must be watched along with the OVA to make sense of the story. Must give special mention to the OST done by Taku Iwasaki as well, R.O.D’s OST contains quite a few memorable tracks, like the show’s main theme “Yappari Hon ga Suki” remix version.

Definitely in the current trend of remakes and sequels, I’d like to see more of R.O.D being animated, but of course, with a good plot please. Wonder what the novel stories look like (Baka-Tsuki, ya hearing me? ^_^). I should really grab on the manga as well. It’s been attracting me everytime I visit the book store.

Up next would be Simoun. I’ve been downloading all the available subbed ones, but it’s been quite slow due to the lack of seeding. Guess i’ll be in time to watch the whole series when it ends.

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