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REC 02

After the events of the last episode, Fumihiko is depressed as he feels like he’d just asked her to sleep with him.Going to work, he’s all fired up until he’s called by his boss. Expecting the worst, he finds out it’s just only that his boss is assigning him some work on a CM involving a new product with a mascot called Nekokino(Cat Tree) and he’s involved in the *seiyuu* auditions for it.

He meets Aka at the audition, who’s here with her manager. She does a fine job and later Fumihiko pesters his boss on who was selected and is overjoyed when he finds out Aka was chosen. Feeling happy, he returns home with groceries and is surprised to find Aka sitting outside his door. Both of them then have dinner and Fumihiko turns into a dickhead, expecting the same treatment like yesterday, only to be dealt a killing blow by Aka, saying that yesterday was only a one time incident.

Second episode of REC, and I see some people have been turned off by the first episode. For me, it’s not so bad, and REC is slowly shaping to be a sweet and short story. I do hope they continue on with this pace. Besides, Aka’s quite cute too ;).

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REC 01

A guy is about to throw his two tickets for a show when his date doesn’t show up, when a girl stops him from doing that and drags him into the show. While watching it, he notices that she’s voicing the lines in the show. After the show, he asks her why she was doing that which she replies that she wants to be Audrey Hepburn. The guy notices his date outside and tries to greet her but stops when the boyfriend appears. The girl then invites him out for a drink to cheer him up in return for giving the ticket to her. While drinking, she reveals that she wants to become a *seiyuu*.

Later, they return home only to find that they live in the same neighbourhood. That night, the guy has vivid nightmare and wakes up to hear the sound of sirens. He rushes out to discover it’s the girl’s house and invites her back home for the night. One thing leads to another and after they introduce themselves, the guy as Matsumaru Fumihiko, the girl as Ondo Aka, they share the same bed, if you get my drift. The next day, she’s gone, leaving a note that she’s going back to her office.

A pretty short, quick and eventful episode, REC kicks off to a impactful start. First off, the art is pretty good, being more on the *kawaii* side more and with great animation. Not much of a wonder since it’s only 11 minutes long. The characters are pretty likable, Aka being quite cute and her *seiyuu* seems to be pretty good.

The sex scene at the end was quite a surprising turn, given the length of time they’ve known each other, but not that shocking, since there’ve been shorter times from meeting to sex. It does make me intrigued on how the series will progress, especially on the relationship side between the two leads. I’m eagerly awaiting for the next episode.

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