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Prism Ark ends

Prism Ark

Don’t ask me how I managed to actually follow this to the end. Last episode was pretty fucked up already, and this episode… well, painfully tries to salvage something back, but fails generally.

All I can say that was okay with the series was Kagura-chan (<3!!!) and Hyaweh X Priecia’s developing relationship, which had some good moments, although interspersed with an equal number of bad ones. At least the ending reveals a reason why Priecia is so emo at times towards Hyaweh…

Ah well… at least it manage to pique my interest enough to follow it to the end. This series deserves a way better studio and more airtime for the story.

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Prism Ark 09

Prism Ark

Angry Kagura :o

Wow, not a bad episode this time.

First half was dedicated to some background history and discussion between (mmm yummy-yummy) Echo and Kisarov about the current state of affairds and such, while the rest of the gang go look around for Priecia. Angry Kagura is <3. Bridget bumps in to Theresa in town and finds out the location of Priecia, so Karin and Hyaweh head over to look for her.

Second half was the awesome part, where Karin faces off with Theresa, who transforms in to Sister Hell. LOL henshin sequence. Karin gets totally pwned, so Priecia and Hyaweh steps in, with Priecia doing most of the fighting, due to Hyaweh still being injured. Priecia has a hard time, but after some encouragement, she executes her deadly attack, Mirage Rush, and manages to blow off Sister Hell’s clothes off (lol).

The fight is interrupted by the Black Knight appearing to kill Hyaweh, who holds the Arc-Gladius, and Priecia tries to stop him but fails, but the sight of the pocket watch worn by Priecia stops the Black Knight for a moment as he recalls some past memories. He regains his senses and tries again to kill Hyaweh, but Hyaweh manages to deal a fatal blow to him, and he retreats, possibly along with Sister Hell.

The next morning, Priecia wakes and the rest of the gang finally manages to find them. Hyaweh passes to Priecia the cross made the orphans under the care of Theresa, telling her that Theresa will accept it someday later from her hand, and Priecia comments that she has another promise to fulfill again.

Impressive episode actually, thanks to the show of fireworks from both Priecia and Sister Hell. Undoubtedly, I did pick up this show for the promise of awesome fights, and I have been consistently let down lately by it, but thankfully they’ve not done so this time. That being said, Sister Hell pole dancing on the cross and her henshin are definitely the most “WTF” moments ever in this show, mainly because I was expecting her to be more serious.

A ton of plot development this episode though, with the revelation of Hyaweh’s origins, Sister Hell’s tragic past, and hints of the Black Knight’s true identity being Priecia’s father. Can’t say they’re in time, but at least they still have 3 more episodes to try and wrap the story up. Hope the production team won’t disappoint me. Well, as long as they put in enough fights like in this episode’s one, I’m happy enough.

Prism Ark

Mahou Shoujo Sister Hell

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Prism Ark 08

Prism Ark

Oh great. Priecia continues being emo-hime again. If that’s not bad enough, they made her turn emo enough until she was about to get raped by two guys, fully conscious yet not resisting. Thankfully she gets rescued by Sister He.. err I mean, a kind lady named Theresa passing by, who likes to grow tomatoes for orphans.

Thus begins Priecia’s journey of self-discovery by trying to plant tomatoes and playing with orphans, while all her friends are worried sick about her disappearing without notice.

Well, Siste.. I mean Theresa was kinda awesome to compensate for it.

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Prism Ark 07

Prism Ark

Emo Priecia is emo ._.

So they finally decided to start on the war in the story. But they had to make Priecia so emo. What was with that questioning of Hyaweh about his feelings for her and going emo when he replied he liked her? Sigh…. their relationship was going on a nice way last episode, but they had to develop it in to this :(.

What makes it worse was the cinematography this episode, with all their weird profile cut-ins and such. Did they run out of budget already? Adding in salt to the wound, was how damn cheesy the fight was in the episode, what with Priecia going emo and trying to “sacrifice herself” and Hyaweh going Super Saiyan once Priecia got pwned. They could’ve handled it more properly :(.

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Prism Ark 06

Prism Ark

The eyecatches are just so awesome

It’s actually getting awesome!

The rest episode this time, so lots of shots of the group having fun, with Priecia and Hyaweh getting extra special time together. And god, Hyaweh licked Priecia. He LICKED her. Haven’t seen that move ever since Kaze no Stigma. Girls just wanna be licked, lol. I’ll second Aroduc’s call for more licking. Priecia’s reaction to the lick was so cute, it broke my cuteness counter.

Prism Ark

Mmm… Priecia-flavored.

Prism Ark

Cuteness level OVER9000.

Second half has Priecia getting kidnapped by ninja guy, and Hyaweh goes Super Saiyan to save her, earning him pretty much a lot of rabu-rabu points. Sadly he squanders it all by interpreting Priecia’s invitation to him to go the the beach as “going along with everyone else”, causing her to feel jealous and start crying. Second time I’ve seen this today.

Still, I wonder how will the bring the story along, it’s like, halfway through the series already. Best thing they can do now, is the slim down the story and concentrate on the Priecia x Hyaweh pairing. At least that would be entertaining.

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Prism Ark 05

Looks like Prism Ark has finally gained some shine after 5 episodes in.

This episode focuses on Priecia and her budding feelings for Hyaweh, and now she finally acknowledges the feelings that have been building in her, ever since she first met him. On the way, there’s a subplot of some Prism Tournament, but it’s lame so I don’t care about it. Still, even with the nicely done Priecia scenes, the main story itself is still pretty much in tatters and confusing.

The infamous Fel (purportedly has the best story of the original material, says Aroduc and other fans of the game) finally gets a proper scene of sorts instead of just popping out here and there. I can probably project out what is her story already from the short discourse she had with Hyaweh this episode, but I sure would like to know how exactly it unfolds.

Prism Ark

Kagura <3

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Kagura is <3~~~

Prism Ark

Mmm~~ Kagura is made of love and miko-miko~~~ She’s now my favourite girl of Prism Ark so far.

I’ll say though… the show is… definitely progressing way different from what I expected from hearing about the game. Aroduc has been totally bitching about that as well, so I guess I’m thankful that I’ve not played the source material myself… but even so… it’s really making not much sense. Last episode, I even thought that SHAFT had a hand in this.

I guess it’ll naturally turn serious later though, but in the mean time, more Kagura plz.

Man… I so wanna touch her hair in various ways.

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Snippets: Prism Ark 2, Rental Magica 2

Prism Ark 02

Prism Ark

Hyaweh is such an awesome playa. Man, the way he subdued Priecia definitely deserves respect, playing her around like that. He’s like Simon with +50 charisma points towards girls lol. Well, he definitely needs that level of skill to handle the Utawarerumono-grade harem he’s gonna collect.

Still, the whole show just kinda stinks lol. Definitely feels like they’re taking this show way too not seriously. I mean, all fanservice and some fights only, like lol? Not to mention that the supposed assasin, Bridget is… just so inept, lol.

The ED is like, totally fanservice lol. Halko Momoi’s vocals are as awesome as usual though, so I really can’t wait till the single is out :D.

Rental Magica

Rental Magica

Mmm, Honami is pretty cute too. <3 for Kana Ueda’s Osaka-ben. Still, Alici.. I mean Addie’s the hawtest. Mikako Takahashi does a pretty awesome ojou-sama voice.

However, I have to agree with tj_han’s statement of the main character “being a fag”, “OW MY EYE HURTS”, and all. Also, they really should’ve given some indication that they were jumping to the time before episode one happened. It’s kinda annoying to figure out the continuity.

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Fall’07 Day Six

Prism Ark

Prism Ark

Nice Eyecatch.

Well… pretty interesting, but the first episode is f-cked up with all the timeline jumping here and there. Trust me, it gets really annoying when you switch between a battle and lolis playing in a field.

Still, Prism Ark looks fun to follow, considering it’s Simon II + Utawarerumono-grade harem combined. Why are girls who use the pronoun “wara” so attractive? Also, miko miko and Touka lookalike for the win. The loli mahou tsukai looks to be pretty annoying though.

Also, can’t wait for the Halko Momoi ED single for the series. Love that voice.

Rental Magica

Rental Magica

Boring first episode, employing tons of cliché’s that are commonly found in shows of this sort. I guess I was expecting a bit too much from this title.

In terms of voice work, I kinda feel it was bland throughout the episode, even with the talents of Ueda Kana, Takahashi Mikako, Rie Kugimiya and even Itou Shizuka. All of them sound pretty uninspired. Hell even the loli miko by Kugimin failed to catch my attention. Although I must say Takahashi Mikako’s character reminds me a lot of Alicia Florence from ARIA.

Hmm, I hope the show would get better though, the concept of various magic styles under one roof is pretty interesting, but if the show continues to be on the level of the first episode, I’m just gonna lose interest in it very fast.



Chiaki Punch!

Awesome show. Probably the best show of the day, and closest to fulfilling the Sunday comedy slot for me, that’s been lost after Lucky Star ended. I’ve always loved how Coharu Sakuraba, whose credits include the venerable Kyo no Go no ni, manages to make his slice-of-life comedy so funny and ecchi at the same time.

The antics of the Minami sisters are really fun to watch, from the tennen-ish sister, Haruka, the spiritual successor of IchiMashi’s Miu, Kana and the serious Chiaki. God I loved the part where Kana was trying to kiss Chiaki and later Chiaki’s interpretation of the love letter Kana received. Poor Fujioka :D. Also, I gotta love how they inserted in the bamboo seller’s trademark soundbite, made famous by IchiMashi as well.

Voice work-wise, the most outstanding of all would be Chihara Minori’s rendition of Chiaki. She does a really good job of adapting her voice and truly, I had a hard time recognizing her voice at all. While she’s been mostly voicing silent types, it’s good to see she can finally break free of the mold with her role in Minami-ke and also Dragonaut. Inoue Marina’s voicing of Kana comes to a close second to Minorin, and she really brings to life the madness that is Kana.

Ahh, looking forward to more of the Minami-shimai.

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