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Nekomimi meido Yakuzas LOLOLOL

Ouran 22

Oh god, seriously one of the funniest Ouran episodes ever. This episode was made of too much win, my stomach hurt from the laughing. Seriously, Hikaru and Kaoru, are you guys high or what? Asking Yakuza-kun to dress up in nekomimi meido LOLOLOLOL XD.

Really, the sheer hilarity of this should warrant Yakuza-kun a special mention in jason’s nekomimi meido Power Rankings. Wonder what’s next, bunny girl Mafias? That would be so awesomely weird and funny.

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Twin Meidos 4TW!


They _seriously_ need more screentime. I LOL’ed at the elephant. Wonder are they are yuri as well. Twincest needs more people in it’s category.

Oh, and pigtails Haruhi 4TW. But she kinda looks like Himawari from xxxHolic a bit.

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Gyaku Haremu da!


I LOL’ed. Hard.

The funniest line I’ve heard this week…. coming from a loli summore. Funniest episode to date too. I have never laughed so hard at Renge’s appearences like this week at all. Not to mention that Yuji Ueda’s voicing of Nekozawa-senpai reminds me hard of Morita-senpai.

Ouran truly deserves it’s place in the Holy Triumvirate of Spring ’06, along with Oharuhi-sama and Killer Loli’s.

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Loli Haruhi kawaii yo Loli Haruhi

Loli Haruhi

Soooooo cute~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m surprised at the choice of *seiyuu* for Haruhi’s dad. Never expected Takehito Koyasu to voice him. Well, better than some high-pitched, real okama wannabe voice. That would turn me off Ouran, as good as it is.

I want more Haruhi episodes. The rest of the cast do not appeal to me, esp. the twincest brothers. At this point, I’d rather watch angsty-ness that looking at those two sexxor each other up, or Hani-sempai bitching about cake.

Let’s just say, yaoi turns me off faster that the time it takes for the light to go off when you turn off the switch.

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