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Fap first worry later.


I had just finished watching Otoboku’s first episode and despite the whole “all-girls” school setting, which I have never liked before, I find myself interested in watching more Otoboku.

This is mostly because of Mizuho, who’s being voiced by the legendary Horie-sama, being “oh-so-faptastic” to me. Admitedly, I was scared to acknowledge that fact at first… but after a motivational talk by ThePaper in #animenano about his philosophy of “Fap first worry later.”, I have finally decided to come out of my shell and proudly admit the fact.So from now on, no matter who is it, if I find him/her hawt, I’ll just fap first and worry about whether it’s a him or her later. Ahh… suddenly life has become so much more fun.

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