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Ten Shows of 2006

I realize it’s a bit late for “Year in Review” posts, but some inexplicable urge just compelled me to write this out. Possibly attributed to my current holiday I guess. In anyways, I suck at ranking things, so this is not a “Top Ten” styled post, but more of a focus list of shows I thought best represented the year that was 2006 for me.

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“Just shoot me.”


‘I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis on this. None. I won’t accept it’

This has been another community blog post by Kurogane. Link to original source.

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The Last Dance


NANTO!! Mariya x Takako ending?!

What? The? Hell?!

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Onee-sama.. is.. is a guy?!


Uh.. oh..

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Yui Horie, trap, gar and win


Those are the components that make up our lovely Mizuho-chan, which I realized after watching this episode. Yes, Mizuho’s made up of Yui Horie, trap, GAR and pure winnage. It’s undeniable.

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Kawaii nano desuyo~~


Fall arrives and everyone is in the winter uniform, with the OP and ED updated accordingly to (+10 points). Kana gets into trouble with Takako because of her trademark ribbon, which due to her loli size, looks huge on her, therefore Takako thinks she’s breaking the school’s dress code. However, the ribbon is very precious to Kana, who’s an orphan, as she received it from the headmistress of the orphanage that she grew up in, so the ribbon means a lot to her.

With a suggestion from Shion and Mariya’s help, she submits a formal objection to Takako about her decision, which means the student council has to notify the student body and present the case. Mizuho is troubled on whether to side with Kana or Takako, since she thinks both are not doing anything wrong, while thanks to the attention garnered by the complaint, Kana is bullied by her peers, who thinks that she’s misusing her position as Mizuho’s _imouto_, leading to Mizuho to tick her tormentors off.

At the presentation of the objection to the student body, Mizuho resolves the problem diplomatically, by demonstrating that the same ribbon, worn by him, looks in proportion and asks if Takako would have warned him if she was the one wearing it, to which Takako reluctantly replies no and they win the case, earning the gratitude of Kana-chan. After that, Takako wonders if Mizuho is either her friend or her enemy.


Customary Takako Pic.

Kana-chan centered episode, and I agree with Omni that it’s much ado about nothing, since the ribbon isn’t really that distracting or annoying. Kana-chan is easily my third favourite character in the show, since she manages to be loli-cute but not annoying, which kinda happens a lot with the cute-type lolis.

Takako, unfortunately, plays the “bad guy” in this episode, but then, she’s just doing her own job, like Mizuho says. The ribbon does look huge on Kana, y’know :X. Anyways, her soliloquy at the end is seems to hint on something bigger, but I have no idea what.

Oh, and Shion needs to have more lines… she’s like practically forgotten or something. Also, too bad that Kei-san and Michiko don’t get much airtime due to the episode limitations, especially Kei-san… who’s like a more darker and mischevious Yue :3. Man, she would be such an awesome character.

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Is it a trap or is it not a trap?


One can only wonder…

After watching this episode, I am now throughly confused on whether Mizuho is really a girl or not, especially after that swimsuit tryout segment at the start. Oh well… fap first worry later. Credits goes to Omni for the pic.

So thus.. why were they trying out swimsuits? It’s summer now in Otoboku and Mizuho faces one of the greatest crisis’s of a guy masquerading as a girl in an all-girls school… swimming class! Of course, it does seem a little easier for him since he doesn’t need to hide the top already, but the bottom proves difficult of course, especially when the school enforces the age-old _sukuru mizugi_ as the official wear for swim class. I must say the administrators know their stuff _hinthint_.

And so… Mariya and Mizuho are forced to think of ways to cut swim class.. which works until Takako (<3) butts in and demands to know why onee-sama is cutting swim class…leading in to a sordid revelation that Mariya is not exactly the best partner to take a nice stroll along bodies of water and she is quite the prankster. Things swing out of hand and they challenge each other to a swimming contest, to the discomfort of Mizuho. The upper hand of this turn of events is we get to see Takako development of course, leading to a tender moment between her and Mizuho. Thanks to Kei-san, the competition turns into something of a fun-filled water event instead and everyone has fun, especially the bickering two.

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Oh dear… Takako is so kawaii~~~

I can’t wait for the show to go in to her story. /r/ Takako ending plz! She’s just so cute :D~~

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What if….



… this happened? Don’t really want to imagine what would happen actually, but damn… best fucking eyecatch in a while. I had to pause there for 5 minutes just to catch back my breathe.

So this episode introduces the supernatural element in Mizuho’s harem, Ichiko-chan, hyperactive ghost and onee-sama lover. I swear, I couldn’t recognise Yuko Goto at all at first watch and I got a shock out of it after reading the staff credits. . Man… she can really rap… well, I’m kinda glad to see Yuko Goto expand her profile.

Anyways, Kana-chan was awesome this episode, not only she didn’t bat an eyelid on the ghost story session, she actually told the group about a real ghost story instead. Hell, she even researched about the story of Mizuho’s room and the dead junior. Plus, she didn’t even get scared when Ichiko appeared and actually went to bed normally.

Takako-chan was cute too, in her short 5 minutes. I loved on how she went all nervous and jittery when Mizuho mentioned about ghosts and tried desperately to hide her nervousness and divert the topic. What can I say, that’s just cute :). Mariya too… she’s getting all jealous on all the attention that Mizuho’s receiving.

Let’s just hope what ever happens in the eyecatch doesn’t really happen in the anime ;).

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Yappari… onna no ko wa kowai….


Warning: Fangirlism may cause chibiness.

Yeah… Otoboku is definitely yuri for guys, at least for me that is… I can never hope to sit it out alive through either Marimite or IchiPanniku… they take their yuri too seriously for my own liking.

As some have pointed out, Otoboku is awesome not only because of Yui Horie, but also because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I have always liked this type of shows, as it provides maximum entertainment with minimum commitment. What I love about Otoboku is the whole absurd premise, the over-the-top chibiness-inducing fangirlism, the straightforward style of conflicts (Mariya vs Seitokaichou), Shion-sama’s super-sensitive Trap Radar and her combo with Mariya, not forgetting androgynous Yui Horie as well.

Remember people, fap first worry later(ThePaper©), k!

P.S. Fapping does not cause STD’s.

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