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2009 in Review, Part 1


First part of my 2009 in Review article. Only shows I’ve completed watching are in this list, divided in to four tiers of descending “accumulative entertainment value”.

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purezza~ finally ends

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

I can’t believe I finished watching this. “Noto-sama no tame ni!!!” I guess?

Seriously, this sequel was pretty much crap in execution, story, character development and, sometimes, even fanservice. They pretty much ignored the whole basic concept of the series and turned in to another cliché-filled rom-com rehash. I mean, for god’s sake, they just pretty much affirmed the status quo of Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship throughout the show. And all their intimate scenes are just painful to watch too.

Don’t even get me started on the side characters, which just felt they were thrown in to make up the numbers. Shiina, for one, should be pretty much cognizant of Yuuto x Haruka the most, but she still thinks she’s got a chance. Of course, Yuuto and Haruka themselves NEVER admit they’re an item, expecting everyone to pretty much know it just by looking at them, which just actually makes me feel sad for Shiina. Too bad girl, “next week” is never gonna come! (watch the final episode)

Well not all of them were bad. Himemiya Milan at least came out looking pretty damn good when she flat-out told Yuuto at her concert to buck the hell up and admit his feelings for Haruka before she gets enraptured by the entertainment industry. But needless to say, trying to emulate WHITE ALBUM is never a good thing in the first place.

Liked: No
Rewatch: Hell no.
3rd Season?: For the love of god, NO MORE.

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Nogizaka Haruka no WHITE ALBUM

Wow, talk about shark jumping. Latest episode has Haruka getting produced as a new idol, Yuuto dragged in to becoming the manager for a current idol and manipulative bitch manager stopping at nothing to see Haruka debut, including telling Yuuto to back the fuck off. Sounds like a certain emofest drama we all know of, eh?

This show ain’t about someone’s secret anymore, that’s for sure. Even the random Inoue Kikuko cameo along with Yuuto visiting and Af-reko studio where the meta-series of this season is being recorded didn’t help it at all. This Shit is so Cash™

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Nogizaka Haruka II begins

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu II

Yay, more Noto-sama/Nogizaka-sama! This show is pretty much a guilty indulgence for me since it’s unabashedly a Noto-sama otaku-attracting vehicle, but whatever the heck eh? No need to justify so much to others if you really like it.

Well, despite that, I’m not mindlessly in love with the show either. For one thing, CENSORSHIP FAIL is fail.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu II

Funny to see Mika getting the reverse end of the sekuhara though.

Also, I lol’ed at that in-universe Lacrosse anime where the heroine’s played by Noto-sama as well and Yuto comments on how similar the seiyuu sounds like Haruka, Oh geez, what’s with all the meta-jokes this season?

Liked: For Noto-sama
Watching: For Noto-sama.

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2008 in Review: Picks of 2008

2008 in Review

Another year passes. Man, it’s hard to believe I’m already in to my 9th year of being an otaku as well as my 4th year of blogging. Time sure flies. I’m now well over 1500 posts with nearly 16k comments, and it’s thanks to everyone’s support that I’ve gotten so far.

This year was marked by an increased number of good shows, but surprisingly, it wasn’t as “happening” as last year. To put it in another way, while the average increased, the top end of the bell curve wasn’t as high as last year. Nevertheless, this year still had its moments.

My choices here aren’t particularly graded using a strict measure, it’s more of an overall rating of shows of this year that I greatly enjoyed in one way or another, so please view it as that rather than a solid indicator of quality.

Of course, being a mere mortal with a real life outside of the Internet, I will inevitably miss a few gems here and there, so feel free to voice up any other shows that you, my dear reader, believe I should have watched and not missed for this year.

With that said, here’s the list.

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Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 12

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Final episode! It pretty much ends with a happy ending so no point summarizing. Highlight of the episode was Yuto and Haruka almost going straight for the home run, if they weren’t careless and forgot to lock the damn doors again (or do those doors never have locks in the first place?!). That part sure got my blood pressure running up high, haha. Also, Haruka in twin pigtails was just so cute~

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Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 11

Whoops I missed 10, but it’s of no consequence.

Anyways, the penultimate episode of Nogizaka Haruka starts the last arc of the show, with Haruka’s birthday celebration party. Her birthday is on the 20th of October, FYI.

Being informed beforehand by the ever-reliable Mika (who needs wingmen when you have her!), Yuto initially scouts out a present in Akiba and with help from Nobunaga, Yuto chooses a Dojikko Aki-chan figurine for Haruka.

Right after buying it, he gets whisked off by Nanami and Hazuki to the airport, where a connecting flight brings them to the Happy Spring Island, a resort island bought by Haruka’s father for her. Damn rich bastards. Yuto somehow develops a spot of inferiority complex when he sees the opulent gifts for Haruka and the many celebrities and VIP’s that have been invited for the joyous occasion, but a spot of relaxation with Haruka and the rest lifts up his spirits.

Unfortunately, right before the party begins, a jealous young jock, who has been spying on Haruka earlier, approaches him and intimidates Yuto by parading his intended gift for Haruka, a pretty white dress complete with a full set of accessories, which triggers back the inferiority complex Yuto had earlier. The episode ends on that note, with a cliffhanger to be resolved next week.

Hm, a fun episode overall, but it’s kinda stupid to end the show by playing on the difference between Yuto and Haruka’s social standings. Well, at the least on how easily Yuto is affected by it all of a sudden when he hasn’t cared about it much all this while. Just makes him feel out of character, y’know. Having that idiotically lame gaijin jock as his “opponent” also doesn’t help too. Yuto is clearly way more GAR than he was, so it was irritating in that manner as well too.

There’s also Yuto’s sudden selective memory loss. Quite annoying on how it plays up by the way. He can perfectly remember the hardship that Nobunaga gave him but totally forgot about giving away something to a cute, crying little girl in the playground. I would definitely remember if it was me, lol.

The beach portion, is of course a must for shows like this, and I’m finally glad they did it this week. Finally got to see Haruka in that oh-so-awesome white bikini. Mika provides more fanservice, and man, she is such a precocious kid! I lol’ed at Yuto accidentally removing her bikini top yet again, as well as the part where Haruka nearly drowns and Yuto is conned by the rest in to attempting CPR on her, which is interrupted by Haruka regaining consciousness, heh. Now all we need is an onsen episode and most of the required cliche’s will be covered. I wonder if they’ll cover that in an DVD-only OVA/extra episode.

Also went a bit crazy with the screencapping this week. Low-bandwidth users are forewarned before proceeding.

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Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 09

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Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 08

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Mika, oh Mika…

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Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 07

Nogizaka Haruka
Oh noes, Haruka DAI-PINCCHI!

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