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Don’t worry, Hiiragi survives too, just he got kidnapped by Anzelotte again.

Grand finale battle with Anzelotte & Co. + Bell Zephyr vs Kirihito and his hax God mode, no prizes for guessing who won. I’ve gotta say though, they kinda cheated out a bit by focusing so much on Hiiragi going in to Elis’s dream to save her then Anzelotte reviving Kureha (didn’t expect her to be really dead) to reverse the tide of the battle. Gayzer should’ve thought up a more foolproof plot. Well, at least they found a last minute use for Nightmare… can’t stand his “DORIIMU” chants though.

I’d really wanted more fight scenes with Bell vs Kirihito but then, he was using god mode anyways, the cheater that he is. Really sad that we didn’t see too much of Bell herself, in this episode but she really spiced up this show well, especially with the awesome battle outfit of hers. Kudos too for Yuka Goto pulling off her so well, didn’t expect Gotouza-sama to have such an awesome evil voice as well.


Oh Bell Zephyr, you really spiced up this show.

As my closing thoughts, I’d like to say NIGHT WIZARD was a surprisingly good series, and I initially expected the show to bore me off in perhaps the 4th or 5th episode, but thankfully that didn’t happen. While it won’t win any points for plot and character development, the awesome fights and the nicely executed plot twist made up more than enough. I especially loved how over-the-top the fights were progressing throughout the series, from the simple mob fights on episode one (lol skellie army) to the grand battle on Saturn where Bell finally took matters in her own hands and Elis waking up Shaymaru.

Without doubt, NIGHT WIZARD has been an enjoyable show, even if the initial episodes weren’t that impressive. I’d say it’s probably one of the best shows from the Fall season, which is a surprise to myself, considering how low my expectations were for this show at the start of it. I should also give a special mention to the ED theme, Erinyes, as well. It’s probably one of the best ED’s for the Fall season too.

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Ouch for Kureha.

Whoa, so it turns out that Kirihito is a backstabbing bastard, no surprise there, but what makes it really interesting is that he really is Gayzer (or Gaythe, depending on your tastes), Anzelotte’s God and master.

Can’t say I didn’t expect it… but seeing his twisted plan put in to motion was really.. well, enjoyable. Gotta say though, while the execution was interesting, the plot device was a bit cliché, triggering Shymaru’s revival via Elis’s ultimate despair…. everyone knows Elis will regain her hope back and save the day.

That being said… can’t wait for the confrontation between Bell Zephyr and Kirihito/Gayzer next week. I sure hope it’s gonna be an epic end, after all the emotional buildup.

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Woo… the faceoff between Hiiragi and Akari was pretty awesome, although a bit short. Also shocking was the revelation that Elis was probably just made a few days before the start of the show and all her past memories were fakes.

Still don’t know who’s exactly behind all this, but it’s big enough for Bell Zephyr to offer an alliance with Anzelotte.

Two more episodes to go… ahh, the end of another season approaches.

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Ooo…Evil Elis.

NIGHT WIZARD’s getting interesting now. I expected a major plot twist because they were collecting the jewels too fast, and NIGHT WIZARD delivers it nicely. Now that Hiiragi and Elis are getting persecuted by both sides, expect quite some emo-ness when they start to face off their own allies. Damn, wanted more Bell Zephyr actually…

Gotta LOL at poor Hiiragi getting thrown down to Earth. Best thing was how Kirihito goes right after that, “It’s just atmosphere reentry…”

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The allure of open navel dresses are not to be underestimated.

Oh wow. I’m glad I stuck with this show. Bell Zephyr’s design is so damn win. The black dress and red ribbons make a fine combo.

Now I wish I could get the scans of that Night Wizard guidebook categorizing all the Demon Lords by moe attributes.

Also, Akari doesn’t really cut some slack towards Renji, eh. She just shot straight at him and Bell Zephyr just like that, especially with that expressionless face of hers, lol.

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Fall’07 Snippets No.2

In this installment of Kuro’s Fall’07 Snippets, we have more awesome big gun girl from Night Wizard, cheese factor from our favourite policewomen duo, losers crying and lolis panchira‘ing


Night Wizard

Oh yes, why is this so awesome?

Oh yes. Akari is awesome. God damn, they better give her more screen time if they want this series to be successful.

Probably what makes Night Wizard so entertaining is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Also, the producers are inserting a lot of comedy in to the show, which really makes it pretty enjoyable. I definitely loved that Renji was bumped down a whole year just to be in the same class as Elis to protect her. Seriously, that has to be damn embarrassing for him, hell, I would be positively mad. Anzelotte is pretty brutal towards Renji :D.

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle 02

Oh wow, the cheese factor in this episode was OVER9000, for god’s sake. At the least they closed this arc already, halfway in the episode, I almost thought they were gonna make Miyuki and Natsuki take care of the kid for like, the rest of the series. Wow, I would like to see Nakajima’s face if it happens, lulz.

Also, awesomely, Miyuki manages to wake Natsumi in time for work. XD.

Kaiji 02


You got suckered, d’oh!

Wow. He’s such an idiot. Can’t blame him though, it’s easy to get suckered in those conditions, but crying out and attacking the guy is just… classic. Btw, loved the minor 24 reference, gg for him, at that time.

It’ll be interesting to see how he manages to get back 5 stars with only 5 cards.

P.S. Forgot to say this, but much <3 for Triad for doing this show.

Kodomo no Jikan 01

Kodomo no Jikan


Not a bad first episode, though they seemed to have cut and pasted a few chapters of the 1st volume together.

Poor Aoki-sensei… he’s got a long, long way ahead for him.

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Fall’07 Day Three

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

Classy entrance.

Pretty interesting. The concept of a guy being forced to live together with a half-succubus, who literally charms all men that she encounters, is so going to be funny. Plus the guy is pretty manly too, with him getting all trained up by his equally awesome sister (calling home in the middle of a gunfight is truly priceless). Plus, some nice performances by Mai Kadowaki and the second girl being voiced by the progressively-awesome Sawashiro Miyuki is going to be interesting.

However, the art was patchy here and there, as was the pacing of the episode. Hopefully, this doesn’t drag down what seems to be another interesting ecchi comedy show to the depths of mediocrity.

Dragonaut ~The Resonance~


The loli is truly lol.

Ahh…. yappari Gonzo. This episode was sooo Gonzo, being flashy and intriguing, yet you don’t understand a single f-cking thing at all. Of course, like all Gonzo shows, worth watching till around the middle half, then boring as shit untill the last episodes, if the Gonzo curse strikes again. Also, WTF with Gonzo with the whole bunch of H-cuppers and above characters in the show. I mean, tapping in to the kyonyuu market is fine, but a whole bunch of them is just a bit too over. Seriously.

Seiyuu-wise… OH MY GOD SAWASHIRO MIYUKI IS IN IT AS WELL. Like, WTF, she’s everywhere this Fall Season. Main girl is done by Minorin, so it’ll be interesting to see how she finally voices characters that are supposed to have more than 20 lines per episode, not forgetting her role as Nanaka in DCII as well. A whole bunch of big names are also appearing in the show as well, so this will be interesting to watch. Let’s just hope Gonzo doesn’t manage to f-ck up the pacing and buildup again.

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth

The meido is truly lol

Hmm… not too bad. Sawashiro Miyuki (again! She’s seriously everywhere this season…) in the lead role as a shota detective took some time to get used to. Also, finally heard Romi Paku in a long while. Shota roles are really her forte.

Well, dunno what to make of this show, as while it had some strong voice acting, the story and concept is pretty boring and I was already yawning 5 minutes in to the show. I guess I’ll check out a few more episodes to see how it goes on.

Night Wizard

Night Wizard

Girls with big a$$ guns are awesome.

Surprisingly entertaining. Well, there was a girl with a huge a$$ gun and a miko plus an absolutely overbearing loli, so it was pretty funny. God, the poor male lead was LOL as well… “I JUST WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!”… XD. Also, Yuka Goto voicing a villain… mmm.

Well, Night Wizard’s entertaining enough to keep on for a few more shows. If the show continues to be as entertaining as this one, I might even put it in my “Must watch” list.

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