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“The mikka tororo was delicious…”

NHK ni Youkoso!


Well, I saw it coming anyways, but still… “OSHI..!”.

This proves that Gonzo doesn’t always screw up. One more episode to go!

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Satou fails..

NHK ni Youkoso

Really, you should’ve continued on. It was going at a promising pace. Oh well, there is such a thing as being too careful, I guess. I better make it a point to not listen to my furniture’s advice, especially when they speak of conspiracies involving cute girls.

Still.. I’m surprised NHK ni Youkoso is still not failing yet. Gonzo seems to have finally got things right. But well, since NHK is a 24 episode series, I wonder will Gonzo be able to sustain this pace. I want to see Satou-kun’s legendary skillzors and the whole relationship of those three going batshit insane.

P.S. : Some one should translate the original novels.

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Oh man… it’s so good to see that NHK ni Youkoso is still not failing after this long… but still it might… it might,, with Gonzo as it’s helm…. I’m still keeping my reservations. So far, I”m enjoying all those surrealistic situations of Satou’s imaginations like this episode’s seat ejection sequence and (somewhat becoming a meme between me and a friend) his “dreams” of apple-stabbing knives, serpants and revolvers. Makes me appreciate Freud very much.

Still… everytime I watch NHK, it does make me depressed… mostly because it just reminds me of how pathetically similar I am to Satou at some aspects….. I do wonder if NHK evokes such emotions in other viewers as well..

Somehow, this episode… I can see myself a few years later, in the same situation and desperately calling my friends(if I still have any) to help me masquerade as my boss and my lover(this is probably impossible). Hope I don’t have to resort to asking them to crossdress. That would be so wrong and I probably wouldn’t be able to live it through it too.

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Summer First Impressions: NHK ni Youkoso

NHK ni Youkoso!

I have a newfound respect for Gonzo. I started episode 1 with high hopes that Gonzo can and will fail me, but I was greatly(and happily) disappointed.

The first episode of NHK follows the spirit of its manga counterpart. The first 5 minutes of Satou’s internal battle was extremely well done and the introduction to the start of his hikikomori-ism was done well….. never have I had been disappointed so happily. The surrealism of it was extremely well done, and I can’t help but think that is this really done by Gonzo.

My initial worries that Gonzo screwed up the art based on the promo material released earlier on, was proven wrong as the character designs followed the manga ones quite accurately. The choices of seiyuu were well made, with Daisuke Sakaguchi, who interestingly played Shounen Bat in Paranoia Agent,(EDIT: Factual error) Yutaka Koizumi voicing Satou convincingly, and upcoming star, Yui Makino voicing Misaki. I must add that it’s good to hear more of Yui Makino and her Misaki voice is extremely well done.

Hopefully, for me and the rest of the Misaki lovers, Gonzo will be able to sustain the quality of episode 1 for the whole series. But I’m not hanging much of false hope here and the cynical realist in me is saying that it’s impossible for Gonzo to do that. Well.. time will tell.. whether will I be proven right or wrong. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the wonderful ride that is NHK ni Youkoso ;).

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