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StrikerS ends.


Signum deserves more airtime

So it finally ends. I’ll admit the last episode wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, probably mostly because we got some real kickass Signum action. Her Unison with Agito is so much more better than Unison’ing with Rein. Gotta love those flame wings, truly fits Signum way more than turning a bit white and all.

Ending with a mock battle was also truly lulz, and seeing Fate all flustered was just so cute of her. (That’s why I still hold Nanoha is seme and Fate is uke XD). Good to see they kept the epilogue the same way as they did with A’s, but I can’t read the actual text for shit, so wait for subs.

Well, in summary, Hayate and her Wolkenritter + Agito are back at the TSAB main base; Fate, Shirley and Tia are in Fate’s original position, the Navy; Lutecia is living happily with her mother, and she’s good friends with Elio and Kyaro, who are working in a border world with animals and all; Vivio is leading a normal life, but lol at Nanoha, Ferret-kun and Arf going stalker on her; Subaru is part of a Special Rescue Squad and finally Nanoha is back as the instructor for the Air Force.

In short, life goes on.

Overall, StrikerS has been a real disappointment for me, but not as much as for me to actually deny it’s existence. Obviously, the production team bit off more than they could chew, and probably lost sight of a few important things in visions of grandeur, but there were still parts that I liked throughout the series.

I truly wished that the team had kept the story a bit more compact and tight, as I can say there’s many loose ends here and there. The biggest mistake that I would say would be the introduction of too many new characters to an already decently sized cast, but sadly most of the characters were just badly developed, given not enough attention or just plain wasted. There were a few good ones, like Vice, whom I surprisingly took a liking towards, and also Zest and Agito, but the rest were just meh.

The action of the series, on the overall, was also a disappointment after Nanoha A’s, which truly set a real standard for action, but there are still a few memorable moments in the show, such as Nanoha going White Devil mode in episode 08 (too bad they fixed the eyes in the DVD), the rare moments of Signum in action, Fate going dual-Zanbers and Nanoha oh-so-satisfyingly Divine Buster-ing Quattro and Starlight Breaker x 5 on Vivio. I’ll be honest and admit that it’s moments like those that made me a fan of the series.

Well, hopefully, this will be the end of the Nanoha franchise for now. I won’t deny I wish for a better series to end the franchise, but like a shounen series that’s gone too popular for it’s own good, it’s better off hoping for no more additions that would further sully the reputation of the series.

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StrikerS 25: Blaster mode is awesome.

Nanoha StrikerS

Wow, if this isn’t tough love, I don’t know what is. Getting hit by five, I repeat, FIVE STARLIGHT BREAKERS + 1 BREAK SHOOT… poor Vivio. She probably only survived thanks to the AMF. Nanoha really doesn’t know how to hold back :P.

But still, this episode does redeem back the StrikerS series a bit, thanks to Nanoha vs adult-ified Vivio fight. That Quattro bitch definitely got what she deserved too, getting hit with Blaster Level 3 Divine Blaster… it was truly very satisfying to see that. Truly.

Tt BA@nrai` why must they have another episode left. Not only that, it seems the episode is just going to be about Subaru and Tiana going on a rescue mission to save Nanoha and Hayate. “Save Nanoha and Hayate”… can you even believe that, especially after what we just saw… CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

P.S. Signum with her hair let down isf&t b`d doo :). Can we see more of that :D~~

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StrikerS 24: 80% fail 20% win

Nanoha StrikerS


And yeah, I’m still watching the show. This episode was really made of 80% “OH GOD THE FAIL, IT’S KILLING MAH BRAIN CELLS” and 20% “OH GOD THE WIN, IT’S MAKING ME SHED MANLY TEARS”. Man, why the fuck did Lutecia vs Elio & Kyaro took so fucking long. GIVE THE FUCKING SCREENTIME TO FATE INSTEAD!!!

You know I’m really pissed of with this season because they could’ve made it so much more awesome, so fucking much more awesome, if they actually did it right. Fate’s Dual Zanbers, Nanoha’s “shoot first, ask questions later” policy and Vivio-chan are direct proof of this, but yet, they had to waste time mucking around with those darn rookies who barely get any development at all along with that fucking Jail asshole and his harem Numbers gang.

I /r/ another season of MSLN, with only Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Vita and Signum only, kicking some real good ass. At the very least, we need to see more of Fate’s Dual Zanbers. Oh god those things are kewl!

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StrikerS 17

Nanoha StrikerS

Sorry for the quality, upscaled from eyecancer raw.

Subaru in Berserker Mode. Now, -this- is what I call “Nanoha StrikerS”.

Isn’t it funny when right after I make that post, the show suddenly knocks you socks off? Sadly, I can foresee the next few episodes sucking hard until the final 2 or 3 episodes, where it’ll all be explosions over again, and hopefully more Subaru in Berserker mode.

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Reasons why I think StrikerS has gone to the dumps.

  1. Unimpressive action.
  2. StrikerS fights just don’t elicit that same adrenaline rush I had watching the action in the first two series. Apart from Nanoha going batshit insane, StrikerS fights have been mostly forgettable. I can still replay the first Vita vs Nanoha battle from A’s in my mind clearly.

  3. Too damn many characters.
  4. Well, for starters we had time speeded up 10 years later, introducing in 4 new rookies, along with a whole bunch of other misc. minor roles like the Church people, Mobile Six bridge bunnies and support staff and a whole bunch of other TSAB people (including that annoying General guy) plus Vivio-chan now. While on the antagonist side, we had Lutecia, Agito, Zest, the whole freaking bunch of Numbers androids and Dr. Orange with his faithful assistant. That makes around 30-40 individual characters to focus on, and that’s not including the original characters. At this rate, the next season of Nanoha will have the cast list the size of a Touhou game, maybe two.

  5. Recycled character designs.
  6. Lutecia = Loli Rider
    Agito = Chibi Etna
    Vivio = Alisa Bannings II.

… and I’m not even going to lump in the shitty production quality in this list. They should just screw all that TSAB politicking bullshit arc they have now and put more budget in to making more explosions and fights.

Well, that aside, StrikerS is okay if you want your moé overload…. Vivio-chan~~ <3.

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Nanoha StrikerS Soundstage II : Episode 14.5

StrikerS Soundstage II

While the show is going more and more to the dumps, the 2nd Soundstage is released and it seems they’ve fit in the character development parts in it instead of the show. Contrary to the cover image, the focus is actually more on Fate, Elio and Kyaro, as they face, well, family problems :P. But hot damn, Vivio is moe! Moe! Still it kinda scares me whenever I realise her seiyuu is the same one who voiced Yuuno. Plus… she truly looks like a clone of Alisa :P.

Track by track summary after the jump. There’s not really much interesting things as the last Soundstage was, but it does have much character development.

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Nanoha StrikerS Soundstage I

Nanoha StrikerS

The soundstage is set between episode 06 and 07, timeline wise and the basic premise is that a Lost Logia has been detected on Earth, in Uminari City again… which basically means it’s homecoming for Nanoha-tachi, bringing with them along the new rookies as well. Highlights include loli x shota action (Kyaro is scary), Hayate’s revelations and the apperance of the long missed Arisa, Suzuka, Arf and other people of Uminari City.

A short, track by track guide after the leap.

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Nanoha, White Devil Mode.

Nanoha StrikerS

(Sorry for the sucky pics. The StrikerS Raw Syndrome to be blamed for it.)

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Right after getting mentally pwned by Konata’s “Gokigenyou”, next is Nanoha’s White Devil Mode, making it’s first appearance ever.

After the boredom of character introduction and continuous training, interspersed with the new henshins and a little battle here and there, here comes the first shocking plot twist of Nanoha, which was what made it indirectly awesome. And dear god, Nanoha has now truly cemented the “White Devil” name for her with this episode, with that no-holds-barred (ok, actually she did hold back a lot, or else Tiana would’ve been converted to energy already) punishment she inflicted on poor inferiority complex Tiana.

So an explanation for the events goes something like this:

Basically, Tiana is emo over the events last episode where she almost killed her partner (and lesbian crush) Subaru. While she starts to practice hard, the rest of the cast is given a crash course in her past where her brother was one of the TSAB elite but died in a case and was labelled “useless”. Tiana is traumatized by that and seems that she wants to fulfill her brother’s dream therefore explaining why she went in to the TSAB.

Later on, Subaru and Tiana decide to practice a new combo move and they do so earnestly. As part of their training, Nanoha holds a mock battle between her and the both of them, and Subaru starts off by distracting Nanoha with close-combat while Tiana does her long-range attacks. It turns out that Subaru’s close range attacks are a distraction to make Nanoha concentrate her barrier on Subaru, and Tiana sneaks in from behind to deal the finishing blow.

Before getting hit by it, Nanoha recites “Raging Heart, Mode Release” and catches Tiana’s gunblade with her free hand, while the other still holds Subaru’s Revolver Knuckle. She goes really, -really- mad, and asks them why are they doing such reckless moves thus rendering her training useless. Tiana starts going emo and decides to shoot Nanoha down, but before she does that, Nanoha tells her to “calm down” and uses back Tiana’s own Crossfire attack on her, followed up with a mini Divine Buster, rendering her unconscious… as Subaru, captured in Nanoha’s binds, watches on helplessly…

Moral of the Day: Do not. I repeat, DO NOT, piss off Nanoha, unless you are SS+ or you have valid reasons for doing so.


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Hayate no Gotoku and StrikerS mashup.

Blah got deleted.

Oh god I love Nico Nico Douga.

Original video from here:

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StrikerS Henshin MAD

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