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“Kyou mo ichinichi…???”

Nagasarete Airantou

I swear, that on my first watch, when Suzu said that, I heard “Massugu GO!” instead. Darn.

Anyways, Suzu is made of total win. She’s just made of everything I loved Hocchan for. Suzu-chin kawaii desu yo Suzu-chin~~! Err… oops. Gotta stop calling her that. Say Cheese, the ED, is also getting stuck in my head along with Motteke! Sailor-fuku!

I’ll say that poor Ikuto is just plainly impossible to dislike, even if he’s a standard harem lead character type. Poor fella has to be the only guy and also the weakest person (probably) on the whole island, where everything is humongously whacked. I must say, the matsutake mushrooms are really quite… err.. huggable? Don’t think that’s the correct way to put it though ^^;;.

BTW, how come no one’s subbing Seto no Hanayome? It’s a damn good romantic comedy show in my opinion and it’s just plain weird no one’s subbing it.

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A woman’s jealousy over boob size is not to be underestimated….

Nagasarete Airantou

… wait, in this case it should be “girl”, right? Oh well.

Glad to see that the Airantou anime is heading towards the right direction, in terms of humour and fanservice. Even more enjoyable, must I say, is Hocchan’s performance of Suzu, which somehow hits all the right buttons with me. It’s like as if a combo of all of my favourite Hocchan characters being rolled in to one neat package that is Suzu. Really makes me reminisce back on my Love Hina days, of where I first fell in love with her voice and subsequently in to anime as well.

Ah looking forward for more hijinks next week, and I must say, Ikuto is really one, poor, tortured soul, even by the standards of a multitude of ecchi series that I’ve read. Ayane and Machi are especially an awesome combo.

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Deserted Island anime rocks

Nagasarete Airantou

Ikuto is weak-su!

Yes, Nagasarete Airantou’s anime adaptation wins!

First of, Hocchan’s Suzu = Ayu Tsukimiya + Manabi, only more agile and adept that those two with her 1337 skillz. If Suzu ever goes “Uguu~~” or “Massugu GO!”….. maa~~ maa~~~ MAA~~~.

Then Saeko Chiba’s Ayane was the win. She was so totally using her Chie-chan voice but this time playing a troublemaker than the “tsukkomi” role she has in Ichigo Mashimaro, making it really funny to watch. Imagine Chie-chan going bonkers and you have Ayane :D. As for the others, they didn’t really appear that much but Mikako Takahashi, Shizuka Itou and Ryoko Shiraishi looks set to give us a strong performance of their individual characters.

Sigh… this season is really deadly… OTL.

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