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Nabari no Ou

A non-tsundere twintail blonde?! I don’t believe it!

Too bad, twintail blonde Shimizu isn’t a tsundere type…. oh well :(.

Still, Nabari’s main form of entertainment comes in Rokujo’s deadpan-ness and apathy skills, coupled up with some wicked uses of cuteness when he needs something done. Oh god, he’s pretty awesome. The rest of the cast also have their own entertaining quirks, like Thobari-sensei’s total phobia of vehicles and Shimizu’s penchant to mistake (totally different) people from each other. Honestly, I feel her quirk is rather forced-on though, it’s not she’s a meganekko as wel-… oh wait, maybe she is one!

Nabari no Ou

Mmm~ otherwise, the show still hasn’t truly appealed to me. I’m still waiting for them to start off a major story arc and also give more information (and airtime) to the Shinra Banshou hijutsu inside Rokujou.

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Nabari no Ou

Man, I love Miharu’s sarcasm.

Picked this up after AonE-Conclave subbed it. Yeah, I’m kinda slow lately that even the subs have caught up :P.

Interesting show to say the least. I’m surprised that Rie Kugimiya is doing the male lead, Rokujou Miharu, and she’s employing probably the lowest voice I’ve ever heard from her. She plays the male role pretty convincingly too, with the deadpan voice she employs. Interestingly, Satoshi Hino’s partnering up again with Kugimin. J.C. Staff sure likes this pairing a lot.

Daisuke Namikawa’s, interestingly named, Durandal Thobari Kumohira is rather dynamic too, going from serious to hot-blooded just like that. I wonder if he did that on purpose or he lost control of his voice? XD

Good ol’ Yukarin is in this series too, as the Shinra Banshou thing hidden inside of Rokujou. She sure is getting a monopoly on this dark, all-knowing type of character lately.

Maa~~ I’ll see how this panders out. I’m kinda interested in the twintail blonde coming up next episode. Definitely a tsundere.

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