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That’s right, Mushishi rocks

Coyote Ragtime Show


God, whoever you are, DMP, you guys freaking rock at making a parody sub. The parodies were spot-on and weren’t overdone, unlike some I’ve seen where every frickin’ line is a total parody. You guys just rock for actually parodying by following the sounds and not over-parodying.

Thank god I watched gg’s version 1st, if not, I swear the “Mushishi commercial” will be forever stuck in my head.

Oh, and here’s some real Mushishi content, for those who were lead here by it ;).


Ginko rocks, doesn’t he?

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Mushishi 04

First attempt at watching this raw, made me realise I can’t grasp the form of language they are using. But basically, it’s plucked straight from the manga, so having read the manga, I understood the basic premise.

Well, I’m not gonna say much about it. Again, there’s nothing I can cover that hasn’t been done by Omni. I’ll be sticking to subs from now on, hopefully C1 won’t let us fans down ^_-.

So far, the production team of Mushishi has been sticking really close to the manga version, with the only difference of moving the seqeuences of the episodes around. One thing I find I really like about Mushishi, is the author makes the side-characters for every episode unique enough to not be labelled as mere stereotypes, yet still be plain enough to not stand out. The Jigoku Shoujo crew could take a few pointers from Urushibara Yuki on making characters :).

So far, there’s no confirmed annoucements about the amount of episodes that Mushishi will have. Mushishi would work well for a 12/13 episoder, taking the manga material. If it’s a 24/26 episoder, I’m not sure they can sustain the current pace. Hopefully, the “cheesy & cheap filler” syndrome won’t plague Mushishi.

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Mushishi 03

Pretty much one of the best shows this season with it’s combination of mysticism, music, characterization (ok, yes, I liked Renzu a lot) and feel.

As for this episode goes, read Omni’s summary. Honestly, I just don’t feel like writing much stuff today….

Anyways, no little girls this episode, but Maho is still likable than most other boys of his age in anime-dom. His grandmother sounds really like a “harsh” type but is really the “kind” type. I guess the seiyuu was voicing her a bit wrongly.

Still, in the delay between Mushishi 01 and 02, I went to find and read the manga until around the 2nd volume and so far I’m liking it much and looking forward for the anime. I probably won’t blog long for this, as the feeling I get from it… is just so hard to put it in words. It’s somewhat a combination of enthralled and fascination. It’s good to see the production crew to be able to capture it’s “feel”.

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Mushishi 02


Damn, I’m starting to think that Mushishi is a loli parade. I was brooding for the loss of Lenzu, and *poof* out comes Sui…. not that I have any bones to pick about it. I guess I’ll be watching Mushishi, even if it sucks big time if they keep showcasing one loli per episode XD.

On to the second episode, some mystical stuff concerning eyes are covered. Now, who went and really tried to do what Sui said about closing the second eyelid, eh ;), well.. I did, XD.

Undeniably, there’s some really creepy parts, most notably when Ginko did his Mushi extermination and transplanted his fake eye into Sui. Also, some backstory about Ginko is revealed, notably that he might have Mushi trouble before and now he’s using his knowledge to help others(stereotypically). But so far, I haven’t found much to hate about Mushishi, so I’ll be following it, mostly via subs.

Oh, and short sidenote:


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Mushishi 01

Well, since there’s quite an amount of interest in this show, I decided to check out the C1 subs. But first off….


LENZU SUGOII!!!! (heh, dunno how to put it, it’s not a feeling of moé or something, I just like her… A LOT. Damn, I’m going crazy, hitting on loli grandmothers :P)

OK, well, starting off, The Sore Feet Song is arguably nice to listen to, even if it’s strange to see it in anime, but current trends *are* changing (Trinity Blood’s ED), but hopefully it would not be widespread. I almost solely listen to Japanese songs (anime ones).

The show itself is executed nicely IMO, the mysticsm of nature, relaxed style of presentation, loli grandmas and etc.. For the first episode, much of the basic concepts were explained nicely esp. with Ginko’s analogy of life. Feels very mystical.

The rest of this show seem episodic in nature (ala Jigoku Shoujo) but I hope it won’t get boring (ala Jigoku Shoujo). Hopefully some semblence of a main plot reveals itself.. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have Mushishi 02 to watch. Too bad Lenzu’s gone :( .

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