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A Beatrice Christmas


Merry Christmas!

Kinda sappy, I know, but who cares ;). Ayako finally gets her first kiss… wai~ wai~ :).

This episode really makes me realise how close Christmas is already and the fact I won’t have anyone to celebrate it with…. the path of an otaku is a lonely one, orz T_T.… and how close the New Year is. Look out for the Kuro’s Choice Awards 2006 some time soon, hopefully before 2007 :).

For those looking for the insert song used in this episode, Konayuki Maifuru Kouen de by Tomita Maho, I’ve uploaded it here, which IMO, the best song from Mamoru-kun. The rest of the songs are kinda crap, sadly.

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Operation ROME-ROME


Emmel tries to seduce Mamoru-kun. Heads will roll this Christmas. Oh yes, heads will roll this Christmas.

P.S. Shione’s hair is god awesome.

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Japanese culture is joshikousei.


Oh yeah, Japanese culture is definitely joshikousei… Emmel-chan is easily my third favourite character of the show next after Ayako and Shione.

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Otoko nan desu!!


What’s with the “great guy” thing? Aren’t you all just being perverts…

A “WTF?!” episode of Megadere this time, traditional onsen episode etc. etc.

The group is heading back to school, when the reminisce that they hope to have one more fun event before restarting school. This leads to _kaichou-san_ to suggest they go to a nearby _onsen_, which makes Shione worried somehow.

As per tradition, whenever there is _onsen_, there will be:

* A. Lots of steam clouded fanservice.
* B. Peeping Handing shampoo to sister.
* C. Onsen Wars.

…. you can imagine.

So basically, it’s just a filler episode this week, and I must say, the premise of _kaichou-san_ to justify his peeping means is really “wtf?!”, I mean… “giving your sister her shampoo”…  ̄|_( ̄~ ̄;)_| ̄. And Mamoru-kun is so easily influenced…. “Otoko nan desu!!”… lawl…

But I must give credit to the Sudo siblings, they’re really the stars of this episode. This two are really so wacky and fit each other, I’m somewhat jealous of their closeness :P. Plus, Noto Mamiko is doing quite a nice job on Shione too ♥~~. The next episode scares me though… “Onii-sama to issho..”. Yeah, Itsumi is going to be playing a major role it seems. She’s _really_ jealous on seeing the relationship between Mamoru and Ayako.


Neeee~~~ :P

P.S. Still no one subbing it? I guess I’ll just have to hope for Megadere-Fans or something like that to appear then….. orz.

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Megadere 07 – Mamoru’s a Flasher!


Mamoru meets Ayako near the ski lifts where Ayako presents him with her _tezukuri_ sweater, explaining why she was so busy and tired recently. This causes Mamoru to be even more upset as he had doubted her and couldn’t even present her back with his own gift, since it was broken. Their meeting is interrupted by Emmel-chan and both of them proceed to fight each other, with Ayako finally defeated when Emmel-chan’s followers take Mamoru hostage.

Mamoru rushes to the side of the knocked out Ayako and uses his Beatrice power to wake her up. Energized back, Ayako and Emmel-chan continue their duel, hurtling insults about each other’s loved ones, in Ayako-case, Mamoru and for Emmel-chan, her brother. The duel ends with both getting blown up but Ayako remains the last person standing. Emmel-chan admits defeat and then proceeds to deliver her brother’s message to her.

Afterwards they both return, Mamoru takes a bath and is suprised to see Emmel-chan inside. He finds out that Emmel-chan is the one who broke his gift and she would like to apologise by fixing it. Later, Mamoru presents it to Ayako, to the relief of the passing-by Itsumi, who was planning to apologise to Mamoru about her breaking the present. Emmel-chan later reveals that she didn’t fix the trinket, and it was probably Mamoru’s own powers who did that.

Megadere just keeps getting better and better. Emmel-chan turns out to be quite cute too, but still Ayako-san owns me. There was some serious action this episode, but the humour is still in, especially on the part where Emmel-chan and Ayako-san try to one-up each other on who’s more cooler, Mamoru or Emmel’s brother, ending up with Emmel using the “unable to calculate” modifier, lol.

And Mamoru-kun is a flasher! SHOCK!…


… OK, that was an accident really. But it’s really funny to see Emmel-chan blush, since she’s the “Ruri”-type. Megadere desu ­♥~~~.

P.S. We need more subs for this. The romance part is easy to understand, but the jargon screws me up.

P.P.S. Did I mention we needed more subs for this show?

P.P.P.S. WE NEED MORE SU… ah, screw it.

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Megadere 06 – Blushing lolis in male toilets.


Needs more subs, seriously. No, seriously, this show needs more subs. Also, did I mention that this show needs more subs? I should probably also remind everyone that his show needs more subs too.

P.S. : 4th consecutive post today. I am bored. Don’t forget! Megadere needs more subs!

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Megadere 05


So it seems that Ayako’s fever is caused by an imbalance of the Beatrice in her body, jargon etc. etc. Anyways then, she’s forced to lie in bed for at least 3 days to recover, which means she’ll have to give the school festival a miss, as she’s in no condition to act. Mamoru-kun keeps vigil beside her while she rests in bed, and he accidentally reads Ayako’s latest diary entries, which makes him feel he should do something to get Ayako-san healthy back for the school festival, but he doesn’t know how to.

The next day, the first day of the school festival, Ayako calls Mamoru and tells him to go ahead with the play and don’t mind about her.This, however, merely strenghtens Mamoru’s feeling of helplessness towards Ayako’s situation and he remains out of it throughout the day, including during the play, where it’s been changed to fit in the president’s ideas of last episode to make up for Ayako’s absence, which predictably, incurs a very negative response from the audience.


Someone should make Ayako-tan with this ;)

Straight after the first day ends, Mamoru rushes to see Ayako again. Checking Ayako’s temperature when he’s there, he suddenly gets an idea, of which at the right moment, the President arrives as well, bearing a very cute plushie of Ayako from the sewing club as a get-well gift. Mamoru asks the President if it’s possible to use his Beatrice powers to restore the balance of Ayako’s Beatrice imbalance, which he answers that it is possible, but hard and fraught with risks. Ayako wakes up and decides to try Mamoru’s method. Leaving the two together, Ayako and Mamoru perform the ceremony, Return of the Condor Heroes-style. I’m happy that it wasn’t a CGI dragon or smth.

Anyways, it worked and the next day, Ayako is back to her normal self, even giving Shione a nice greeting in the form of headbutt when she teases her about kissing Mamoru, but secretly Ayako feels thankful to her. The play then goes as planned, with the President even changing the lighting for the kiss scene to look like a sunset, but Mamoru-kun goes for cheeks instead, saving her first kiss for later, and Ayako plants another peck on his cheek in return :). The play ends successfully, but a mysterious spectator in the audience says some ominous comments about Ayako…

The sweetness continues and it’s nice to watch the (slowly) developing relationship between Ayako and Mamoru. However, the story seems to be going in a darker way, based on the end of this episode with the mysterious character and stuff. Oh well, as long as they keep the current chemistry between Ayako and Mamoru, I’m quite happy. Seriously… we need subbers for this!

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Megadere 04


“Please stay inside for a while :)”….. BOOOM!!!!!

It’s time for the school’s festival, a must have in any school-setting anime. Mamoru-kun is all excited about it, but it doesn’t seem that Ayako is too. While helping out around the school as part of his student council job, Shiori-san calls him to meet at the _seitokai_ room, where he is asked by them to participate in the Theater Club’s play, Sleeping Princess, for the school festival, as the main actress has just fallen sick, so they’d want Ayako to take her place with him also participating along.

Mamoru-kun wonders why he asked him only and not Ayako-san, where the President says that Ayako actually hates the noise of festivals, and their only hope to get her to play the role of the Sleeping Princess is to have him drag her in too, since well… you know.. etc. etc. Ayako suddenly appears and asks about what is going on, which Mamoru-kun explains to her. Of course, being in her megadere-ness, she doesn’t want to take part in the play and thrashes the student council before storming off.

However, Mamoru-kun manages to persuade her to do it, and they both together attend the rehearsals… where it’s clear that both of them have difficulties acting out their lines, especially during the love scenes. The President decides to solve this problem by “revamping” up the storyline a bit to include kiss scenes and also extra new characters, like the fiancee of the prince, the clumsy servant, the aristocrat’s daughter, the not blood-related _imouto_ , the sexy tutor and even a princess from the neighbouring country who’s stalking the prince, basically making the whole storyline a harem-type, finally asking Mamoru to pratice kissing on Shione, provoking Ayako’s rage.

Pissed off, Ayako storms off in the rain. Mamoru rushes out with an umbrella to look for her and finds her under a tree, and they both go in and change their wet clothes, where Ayako says she’s decided to do the play and the kiss scene and that this is the first time she’s looking forward to the school festival. After that, everything proceeds smoothly and everyone works hard for preparations.

Finally, on the day before the festival, Mamoru notices that Ayako’s sneezing for the past week has gotten more intense, and he tells her to go see the doctor, but Ayako faints on the stage before he do that…. _tsuzuku!_

Another nice character development episode between those two, which I find is the only point I’m watching this show for. Well.. that and Ayako’s megadere-ness is irresistable. People need to sub this too, instead of just Kanon, DESU NOTO, D.Gayman and [insert popular show name] only. Really the character development is nice to watch, especially for Ayako’s one.

List of notable things:

* Ayako’s color scheme is very, very matching. Just some random thing I thought about when watching her different outfits.
* Ayako’s sneezes are _kawaii~~~_
* Mamoru’s sister needs to have more appearences. Can’t just waste Ai Shimizu for that, right?
* Mamoru’s class… who’s apparently making a gyudon ohanami stall?! Not to mention the ohanami part is to see rafflesias and giant pitcher plants ( ̄▽ ̄);;;. Well at least the guy in charge of the gyudon seems to be really passionate about it.
* I am scared… maybe it’s because of Kanon, but I found this somehow erotically funny.
* I’m back to doing summaries again… but I can’t think of a catchy title for this post… gomen, minna-san!

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Blushing 4TW

Y’know… tj_han does have a valid point about blushing in anime, which especially applies to Megadere since Ayako-chan blushes practically everytime she’s not in _satsujin-ki_ mode. With Mamoru along, she blushes practically permanently, which somehow… ignites my inner moé tovery high levels. I think I might just die from moé overdose this season, with all the moé going about.

Anyways, the episode is mainly about the Student Council, up to their mischevious ways again, decide to play matchmaker for Ayako again, by inviting everyone to Ayako’s house for Mamoru’s welcoming party, to Ayako’s annoyance. There, the plan of the day is to play a game of _kakurenbo_, but with a twist…. only Mamoru and Ayako need to hide and the rest will be the _oni_, time limit one hour (thankfully). Furthermore, if the lovebirds get discovered, they will have to kiss each other in public tomorrow morning at school, which undoubtably sparks unrest in Ayako, since she has her own plans for her first kiss already, which involves the sunset and the beach… definitely not at school, in front of everyone.

So what follows is literally a game of life and death, as Ayako desperately tries to escape from the others, only her escape techniques involve copious usage of her brute strength and powers. Finally, they hide in Ayako’s closet, where Mamoru discovers that Ayako has a lot of painful memories of her parents, who thought of her as a monster because of her Beatrice powers…. so she is used to being hated… prompting an outburst from Mamoru to deny the fact as he knows that everyone loves her a lot…

Ayako: In my family, only my grandfather and me possess Beatrice powers, my parents didn’t have them… so I was thought of as a monster. Now that I look back at it… it was unavoidable… I couldn’t really control my Beatrice powers.
Mamoru: Such… Such a thing isn’t true!
Ayako: It’s nothing… I’m used to it… being despised at… loathed at… hated by people…
Mamoru: That’s not true! Everyone likes you Ayako! The president… Shione-san.. Yagi-san… Ryoko-san… Anna-san… Yuka-san… Mitsuki-san… everyone… everyone..!
Ayako: Wait…
Mamoru: Me too! I like you too, Ayako-san!
Ayako: (blushes)
Mamoru: Err.. it’s… what I mean was…
Ayako: It’s not true?
Mamoru: No.. it’s true but… (grabs hand)… I don’t want you to get used to being despised at, loathed at, hated at… I don’t want you to get used to it. So please don’t say such things, Ayako-san.

… I admitedly have to say that was very cool of him. And their tender moment gets disrupted of course by the _oni_’s, who actually hid in the room instead. Declaring that they found her… predictably, Ayako goes all berserk and says to them _MI. TSU. KA. TE. NAI. WA… NE?_. I’ll leave everyone to guess what happens next ;)

Other things of note:

* The show has too much jargon at times. /r/ less jargon in my moé rom-com plz, kthx.
* Noto Mamiko’s “Good Morning! _minna-sama_~~” when she was the DJ was extremely funny and over-the-top. I love her role in this anime.
* Mamoru-kun’s sister (younger or older ?_?) walks around nakkid around the house…. ORZ. I wonder if that’s weird or disturbing or both.
* Ayako’s dress this episode is awesome.
* Shiori’s cosplay as the Venus statue. I lol’ed hard when Mamoru was liek randoming poking around and hit her.
* Everytime Ayako goes “Mitsukatenai” in the episode…. especially the final one. Kowai desu~~~.
* I spent more than 15 minutes for this post ORZ.

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Mamoru-kun ni Megadere wo Shukufuku ni


(How to know if a new show is insta-win? When the URL for the official site is

I foresee a lot of new entries for the next Bounty List given the outlook of this season and Mamoru-kun has, IMHO, booked a first class ticket in to it. Not even 3 minutes in to the show and he already gets confessed to by the school’s most popular girl.

Yes, so the show starts with shouta-kun getting confessed to by the school’s most popular (and strongest) girl, mega-tsundere Takasu Ayako, who possesses some form of magical powers called Beatrice allowing her to apparently snipe down American spy sats and blow up mountains with relative ease. Pretty interesting.

Also she’s apparently the coolest and scariest girl in school, thanks to no part to her powers and her usual behavior, leading her to hold down the Security-in-Charge position in the Student Council, of which her tsun- part comes in to play.

So following the First Law of Tsundere-ness, where every “tsun” side has an equal and opposite “dere” side, Ayako possess a very cute dere-dere side, which she shows only to our (overtly) lucky shouta-kun. Not to mention that since being mega-tsun makes her mega-dere as well…. oh…. dear.. god… /me nosebleeds.

The other Student Council members seem to be quite “busybody” people too, comprising of president Koizum.. Sudo Maya, maki-maki Shione (Noto Mamiko in a non-Noto Mamiko role, yay!) and a few others.

Well, so far it seems my moé otaku side will be able to enjoy this show, hopefully it won’t disappoint. This season is really a bit too nourishing for my inner moé fanboy, really.

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