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Mai Otome 0~S.ifr Vol. 1

Mai Otome 0~S.ifr

Finished Otome 0~S.ifr (god, that’s so annoying to type), it’s a pretty good OVA, IMHO.

Story centers on Sifr, Nina’s mother, targetted by Schwartz for some unknown reason. She’s saved by the Otome group of Lena Sayers, Raquel Mayol, Eliott Chandler and their masters, Bruce Windbloom and Sister Hermana Shion, remaining under their guard until Schwartz launches another attack on them. Lena is forced to use her Otome Robe finally, facing off an android Otome, MIYU-9, but she overloads her Meister Gem, while Sifr gets kidnapped away.

First things first, Lena is crazily overpowered. I think she’s the only Otome so far that has so much power to actually overload a Meister-level GEM! Not to mention she’s got tons of abilities, from vibration attacks, super-speed and that Bolt From the Blue-esque attack. Her faceoff with MIYU-9 is definitely one of the better fights of the Otome series.

Also, I find that meido-fuku she wears in this episode really awesome, not to mention it looks like the one my Arin in Alba 18 wears :D. Thankfully, her personality is totally the opposite of her daughter…. which actually makes me wonder if Arika is really hers.

One other thing that I really must mention is how much Raquel Mayol sounds just like Hamaji. Minorin’s high-pitch voice scarily sounds exactly like Yuinyan’s to the point I had to double check the credits, ANN and Wikipedia to make sure that my eyes weren’t damaged. Even Raquel’s mannerisms resemble Hamaji quite a bit… (O.O).

Overall, quite a good addition to the Otome franchise. Thank god for no Arinko!

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Mai Otome Zwei Two

Mai Otome Zwei

Made of Rie Tanaka, Haruka-chan(oh god she has huge boobs) and win. It actually had me on the edge of my seat (bed, in this case) literally. Also had me laughing my ass off.

This is what Mai Otome should have been. I have to admit this is really good. Speaking of which, Chie’s Otome Robe power fits her so perfectly it’s scary.Plus she gets to command her own squad, woot! Thank god Arika was asleep almost the whole episode.

Next episode, Nao-sama!

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Mai Otome 22

Well, Sunrise seems to be putting Otome back into full swing, as this episode has more action that the past 6-7 episodes combined. Plus….. **WE HAVE MAI BACK!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! YATTA!!!!!!**

Anyways, Otome still won’t win for story since as jason points out, it’s full of Sunrise plot contrivances. But at the least, this episode was filled with crazy lesbian action, corny acronyms, and emo pilots Otomes going SSJ.

First off, the Valkyrie robes weren’t really what I expected, but they’re still quite cool in their own right.One thing though, they really look more masculine rather than feminine.

Other than that, we have Aoi shown as not dead (well pretty much expected), MIYU acting pretty cool, with her trademark sword and weapon system, though I don’t know how to explain how she can *gattai* with the bird. Mai and Mikoto finally appear after 22 episodes of suffering through Arika, albeit only for 5 seconds, and the bloody preview has Mai, Mikoto, Arika and Mashiro in the *onsen*. Damn you Sunrise.

Anyways, got a test in half an hour, gotta go.

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Mai Otome 21

SHIT, just when I think it can’t get any worse, Mai Otome has a half decent episode.

Seems like Nina *might* be the real princess, there’s something funny about Mikoto, and Mashiro regains a bit of coolness. Oh, and Mai seems to be making an appearence next episode… but what’s with that ladle? One can only wonder….

There was quite some humour in this episode, ranging from Shiho’s extremely surreal *maki-maki* dreams, right down to Nao’s extremely funny “Hitchhiking again?” comment to ol’ Natsuki. Shizuru meanwhile, has somehow sunk in to the abyss, with that extremely uncool behavior of her with the toys and Tomoe. One only hopes that she’s actually planning something, but somehow she’s not giving off the vibe of someone trying to back stab.

Mashiro regains her coolness factor a little here, and I’m quite happy to see the effort that Sunrise has been putting in to Mashiro’s character development finally exceuted nicely here, with her efforts to help her people, even with the corny plot devices and the reused stock footage (must Sunrise do that so much?!) .

The best things about the episode I guess, must be the confirmation that Sunrise might be putting in the twist of Nina actually being the real princess, which raises the question now of who’s the real daughter of Rena, and potentially, who’s the third wheel in the trio? The other one is of course, the hints of Mai appearing in the preview, which I hope will be able to lift Otome out from the quagmire it’s in right now. At the least, if it’s gonna suck, let it suck harder.

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Mai Otome 20


I was planning to watch this later, if it wasn’t for a certain someone quoting me. Oh, and I’m not responsible for any crazy jingles that are left in your head ;).

Anyways, boring episode, except for Shizuru getting Shizuru’d. Judging from the way that Otome’s heading too, I’m actually \*glad\* that Aoi died in 18, so she wouldn’t have to suffer from the indignity of being in this show anymore. In fact, I’m now wishing that all the HiME characters, expect for the central ones to just die off so they won’t have to suffer as well. Except for Shizuru too, I want to see more of her banging Tomoe, which I suspect will soon be the only reason I’m going to actually get Otome.

Otome doesn’t deserve even half the fanboyism it gets, really.

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Mai Otome 19

Ok, screw my memory loss angle. Anyone notice that one of the cyborgs talk in almost perfect Engrish?
Natsuki wins this episode for the HiME style hitchiking scene, especially with Nao adding in the final touches ;). Shiho is *maki-maki* as usual, and I need more Chie t_t. Nina’s black robe is pretty cool too :). Midori’s “eternal *jyunanasai*” wins too.

Aside from that, Otome’s finally making a turn for the better. Couldn’t understand half the technobauble they threw at me this episode, but it does seem interesting. I probably shouldn’t be watching this raw anyways :P. I’m still wishing for Mai’s return.

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Mai Otome 18

Source: Unknown

Ah… Sunrise seems to be back in their best form with this episode. I greatly enjoyed this episode for the noticeble lack of Arika, thank god.


– Nao-sama!!!!!
– Natsuki with the snake.
– Haruka and Yukino. To Yukino: Nice one !!! :thumbsup:
– Miyu’s appearance. Her coin throwing techniqure reminded me of Tatsumiya Mana from Negima.

Service aside, this episode was quite a shocker as well, for Aoi-chan (assumed) death. I didn’t expected her to be given the death treatment, and it was quite poignant as well, with her death well fitting in her character and I highly respected her for being loyal to the end. I guess this kinda makes Aoi the new Akane :p. We need more of her >.<. Mashiro has also quite suffered in this episode and I'm starting to like and feel sorry for her. Meanwhile, Arika seems to be as darn carefree as usual with the little cameo she had at the end. I sure hope they don't go use the "big-impact-caused-loss-of-memory" plot line. Next episode seems to have quite a lot of things going on, but we'll see. I'm still waiting for Mai to make her appearance and kick Arinko's ass. Oh, and the new black uniform seems pretty cool.

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Mai Otome 17 – Welcome to the battleground of virgins.

**FINALLY!!** Well, it was expected, but **FINALLY**, there’s action back in Otome. My fanboyism was restored a bit, and only *a bit*, mostly due to seeing Natsuki’s Robe anyways.

As expected, war breaks and Windbloom is taken over easily by the Slave Army.Natsuki **FINALLY** reveals her robe, but too bad she gets pwned 5 minutes after using it :P. Heck, she even complained about in the preview, which was quite funny IMO with the Shizuru x Natsuki voice-over. The heck with the bloody writers, at least let us see more of her in action plzz!!

What I didn’t expect was that they made Erstin take both the routes I thought she’d be on to, which is (1) die and (2) betray. I didn’t really expect her to both betray her friendship AND die at the hands of Nina. God… the scene where she disappears into the trademark green sparks, with Arika and Nina looking at each other instantly reminded me of the infamous “**KIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ATHRUNNNNNNN!!!!!**” Gundam Seed scene, only now I can hear the cries of “**ARIKAAAAA!!!!! NINAAAAAAAAA!!!**”

But, to be honest, I still don’t like neither Nina’s nor Arika’s robe designs. Looks kinda bland to me. Natsuki’s was so-so but I can’t wait to see Mai’s one. Honestly, I’m starting to hope for the writers to go Seed Destiny on me, but only for the aspect of seeing Mai back in action. Nina and Arika still don’t pull it off for me.

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Mai Otome 16

I think I must be only one who isn’t getting more and more fanboyish on Otome. Somehow, the direction of the show lately and the new OP is having a reverse effect for me in rather than making me going gaga, i’m going “pfft… been there done that”. I guess it must be the overrated-ness of Otome among the otaku right now.

To come and think of it, the recent episodes have been very messy and unclear. Arika’s (almost)rape, didn’t put a good impression in me, and this show is seriously going GSD on me already. The new OP seriously reminds me of the other big Sunrise franchise, Gundam, which is nicely detailed in jason’s post. I’m never going to reach his level of fanboyism though :P.

To boot, they \*had\* to make is sooo spoilerish. Keep the surprises please, that was one of the main attracting factors of HiME. Oh wait… what am I saying, this \*is\* GSD..Otome Sunrise. Oh well… there goes my expectations of Otome.

One thing that’s sorely lacking now in Otome also is the total lack of fanservice, both risque or not. In fact…it’s getting boring to watch Otome.Clichés now come out in full blast, with that little lullaby sequence with the trio in this episode, signalling last time they’re ever going to spend time together as friends.

Ah… well, just had to get that off my chest. It’s just….. irritating.

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Mai Otome 13


Akane episode this time, but sadly(happily) the Mai Otome Wishlist Wish No.2 isn’t granted, so we get Akane (dramatically) eloping with Kazu-kun, without either both of them going psycho/disappearing into green sparks. Akane fans will definitely rejoice.

The highlight of this episode though, was the part about the ***Enju no Kougyoku*** which was about Mai and Tate(?). Seems like Mai just ran away from reality and probably to somewhere. Hopefully she eloped.

Why does it seem to me that the New Year has made the production crews more explicit? Akane and Kazu almost did it in this episode, while Shana 13 had the twincest’s French kisses, really French kisses.

Meh… anyways, I have nothing else to say, humour seems to be in short supply with me recently, so I’ll stop before I make a *faux pas*. Shuffle! 24 still awaits me, and in 3 hours, Fate/Stay Night will start. Exciting night tonight.

Oh before I forget, I just broke 100K hits!! Wai~~ Wai~~.

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