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Magikano 07

The new *meido* from the last episode preview makes and appearance, and yes, she does remind me of Tachibana from Mahoraba, albeit a much more sneakier and crazier one :). Anju is pretty hillarious and I just couldn’t stop laughing at her scenes, especially in her fight in the hospital with Ayumi, leading to some eel-rape :P.

The OP and ED sequences are also changed slightly in this episode, to fit in the new characters for the second half I presume. The OP sequence looks much more interesting now that the last one, and the ED still has those hynoptical dancing *chibi* forms of the characters , why change something that already works great , eh :).

The humour in this episode is also noticebly at a higher “LOL” quality than the past few ones, with the trademark extreme SD/ deformation of characters in full swing here, especially Maika’s ” “transformation”. Even Rika, the pokerfaced character that usually doesn’t get much changes in expression, also wasn’t spared, with her getting the “*tsukkomi*” treatment twice this episode XD.

Haruo greatly suffered this episode as well, with him getting sick and involved in the fights and all. I’d rank to second to Asuta in the “Top Ten Most Abused/Suffering Male Character in Anime This Season” chart. It’s not much wonder that he’s not the brightest bulb in the series, with his sisters constantly hitting him with the Memory Erase Hammer, not to mention the other constant abuse he’s been suffering, from having his soul kidnapped by a ghost to suck the *maryoku* out of him to falling in love with an eel.

However, this episode also quite suffered from bad art, which is quite noticeble, especially on the Yoshikawa *shimai*, specifically for Fuyuno and Chiaki.I guess the spent the budget a bit too much on the new OP and ED sequences :P. Still, it doesn’t really detract that much from enjoying the show, since this episode is all about humour :).

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Magikano 06

God… another ass-crazy episode of Magikano. Nogawa Sakura is in her top form with this episode, with her hillarious voice acting. Other highlights:

HazukiNekomimi ghost kicking the crap out of everyone until Fuyuno deals her critical damage in the form of multiple*sukuru mizugi*.
– Maika freaking out on discovering that Haruo only has his skin left.
– Hajime now has chicken sounds when he appears and talks.

Next episode, another new character is intro’d, which is another *meido* that really reminds me of Tachibana from Mahoraba.

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Magikano 05

Marin confronts Ayumi, introducing herself as a witch hunter. Ayumi initially disbelieves it but when Marin’s spear negates her attack, she has too. Haruo comes interrupting suddenly and Ayumi seizes the chance to get away. Back home she shares the news with her fellow witches and the next day, she’s suprised to see Marin in the same school. Marin asks around for Ayumi’s weakness and tries to attack her with them, but fails. Irritated, Ayumi tries to attack her, but Haruo comes interrupting again, and her attack is deflected by him. Seeing his ability, Marin decides to hit on Haruo.

The next day, Yuri, Ayumi, Marin and Maika try to give Haruo their *bento*. Maika confronts them about what they’ve added in the *bento* and they all take a taste out of each bento. This results in them turning into their child forms and they the only way to cure it is to take another bite out of each bento. However, Marin’s gone so they chase her around, only for her to throw her bento into the pond when she’s caught. Yuri, Maika and Ayumi think there’s no more hope but it turns out that Marin left an onigiri. Haruo eats it first though, but fortunately he hasn’t gotten to Marin’s tea. They each take a sip and finally break the spell.

Bleh, complicated summary, but this is one of the better Magikano episodes. Catering to the lolicon section this time, there’s multiple hijinks and funny SD’s which have been the trademark of this series so far. Anyways, nothing much to comment about. Enjoy the screencaps.

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Magikano 04

The girls are taking a bath in their personal hot spring (cue fanservice) when they discover a peeping Tom. Ayumi uses her magic but fails to get him and they discover that their undergarments have been stolen plus something apparently important to Ayumi too (a pendant). They report this to the police, however Ayumi is feeling very very down because she lost it (*ra ra lu~~ ra ra lu~~*). They scheme to lure the thief back to their house and after quite a number of attempts, they still fail.

As a last resort, everyone, including Yuri, busybody as usual, take a bath while Haruo hides outside to try and catch the pervert. However, he stumbles on not one, but a whole group of them and they take him hostage to force the girls to pose naked for them. Ayumi accepts and takes off her towel only to reveal that “**IT’S A TRAP!!!**. She uses a magical bazooka and turns them all into frogs. Later, the police reveal that the thief is not among them and Ayumi’s disappointed. She decides to leave the matter alone, causing the rest to ask what did she lose and she reveals that it’s just a pendant with Haruo’s picture that she’s keeping in her panties to make Haruo fall in love with her. Angered, Maika picks a fight with Ayumi, as usual. Later, the panties thief is revealed to be a girl (?!)……

Another hillarious episode of Magikano and I still love how they really don’t take themselves seriously.Ayumi’s depression overtly reminds me of PPD Kurumi’s little depression hum, which I have abused before in the past. The efforts to lure the thief back also reminded me of Mai HiME’s infamous *shitagi doroubo* episode and the part where Ayumi takes her towel off is made me shout “**IT’S A TRAPP!!!!**”. Yuri also made some impact with her “Methods to safe guard your home”, especially the parts involving full-sized posters of bodyguards inside the house :).

Next episode introduces the *shitagi doroubo* of this episode, a witch hunter named Nijihara Marin, apparently mistaking that Haruo’s under threat of Ayumi, whom she just found out is a mage from this episode. BTW, isn’t that a really perverted way to detect a mage, by testing their panties ^_^;;;?

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Magikano 03

A two-parter episode this time, with the first featuring Ayumi’s effort to make Haruo into a “man” and the second involving some time-travelling (I’m soooo inclined to shout “Time Paradox!!” here, but I’ll refrain. 4channers will know about this :).

The first has Ayumi hijacking into Haruo’s dreams and making him into a hideously muscular guy, causing Maika to channel **The Scream**. While the second part has Ayumi ganging up with the other 2 sisters and Yuri to discover why Maika is such an *ani-zuki*. *Imouto* 2 has a flashback towards a part where Maika shouts that she hates Haruo in the past, prompting Ayumi to take out her Time-Traveller’s Passport and they go back in time to various time periods, seeing how Maika is such an *ani-zuki*. Finally they reach their desired time, only to find out it’s just a practice for Hansel & Gretel. Unsatisfied, Ayumi continues back to the time where Maika was born and finds out that she was born *ani-zuki* _|-|0”’..

Haha, Magikano still never fails to provide it’s funny brand of humour. The hillarious SD’s are still a riot to watch, although the art took a considerable drop this episode. They’ve also covered two chapters in the manga with this episode. I’m also getting quite attached to the ED too, added in with the hypnotic dancing characters (someone should make a GIF out of it :). It’s kinda cute though, looking at how Haruo and Maika are so attached to each other, unlike me and my *imouto* :P. Next episode is the customary *onsen* episode, so expect fanservice ^_-.

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Magikano 02


*(due to a technical error, my screencaps were screwed for this episode, and I’m too lazy to retake, so I’m not putting any up :P, get them as the usual place.)*

This episode introduces Kurosu Yuri, the student council president of the school. She’s pissed off with Mamiya due to the fact that her presence is ruining the peaceful atmosphere of the school previously. Calling in her lackeys (which includes Haruo) , she demands them to find a way to stop this, but gets little support. Hajime and Sora, capitalizing on the moé trend, ignite a moé battle between Yuri and Mamiya, which ends in disaster nontheless.

Going into the second episode, Magikano still retains the wackiness of the first episode, making it a really enjoyable show for me. The characters are stereotypical anime ones, but still they’re fun to watch. I kinda like Yuri too with her mild *tsunderekko*-ness. The fashion battle was a bit boring though, as the costume designs looked a bit bland to me, especially with the current moé flood.

The next episode involves Ayumi travelling back in time to discover the cause of Maika’s obssesive love towards Haruo and stop it. More hilarity to ensue :).

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Magikano 01

Magikano 01

(For more comprehensive summary and info, check out Omni’s post)

Basically normal “girl meets boy” story, so expect no suprises here. But seriously, the execution of the show is damn funny and over-the-top. I was laughing non-stop the whole time, especially during the deformed SD sequences and when the guy fell in love with the unagi, XD. The seiyuu’s performances are quite good, especially by **Nogawa Sakura**, voicing **Mamiya Ayumi** whose character really reminds me of **Shiho**, and which moyism pointed out, she really does voice **Shiho** in **Otome**.

Another thing which I noted is that **Haruo’s** sister, **Maika**, is voiced by **Mai Nakahara** who voiced **Mai** in **Mai HiME**. So means we get to see them feud over **Tate** again **Haruo**, XD.

The **OP** and **ED** sound OK and the art is quite good, especially when they employed the really perverted **SD** art sequences. In fact, it was the **SD** art that made me ROFLMAO throughtout the show.For now, **Magikano** seems to be a pretty interesting and funny watch, so I’ll pick it up for the time being.

Continue on for a screencap flood. Roughly about 100+ screencaps ^_-.

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