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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Rather more serious, BAWWW episode, as the final member of the Kyouran Kazoku cast is finally incorporated in.

Himemiya Senko, Yuka’s real sister, comes back to torment her in to returning home to become their “Solitude Doll” back, as she’s pushed back in to the role. Along the way, we find out that Ginka has met her before as a child, and even promised to “save her” but he didn’t quite manage to do it until Kyouka decides to destroy the Himemiya clan to stop the brutalities.

Of course, the frenzy begins, as the Midarezaki’s totally and utterly destroy the Himemiya manor, Kyouka even putting a hole in a Mona Lisa painting after nicely using it as a deadly weapon, and they cap it off with some “big fireworks”. In the end, Senko is retested for her candidacy as a Child of Enka, and while she isn’t really one, Kyouka decides to cheat a bit, and she’s rechristened as Midarezaki Chika. めでたし~ めでたし~

This show sure keeps throwing me off and I didn’t expect such engaging drama right after the insanity of episode 1. Nevertheless it was rather good, and it managed to engender quite some sympathy in me for Chika, for being a poor victim of such abuse for all this while. I hear she’s gonna be quite awesome in the next episode from Mentar, so I’m eagerly awaiting for it.

Ginka was also pretty awesome this episode, and despite his feminity, this fella’s quite the man. I’m seeing him in a whole new light after this episode. There’s more than meets the eye about Gekka too, with that mysterious mind-invasion ability of hers, plus it’s hinted that she’s really pretty ancient as well. Wonder what’s her backstory?

Speaking of which, kudos to the Eclipse team, for actually translating the rap portions of the OP. This people really do take their jobs seriously. Keep up the good work!

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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki


Oh god, I lawl’d. That was certainly embarrassing. Gawd, I loved how Ouka did all the smokescreen effects by shooting on the ground with an AK-47. Hardcore man.

Well, it’s not all fun and laughter though, as we glimpse a bit in to the past of all the Enka children, who each have their own trauma’s etc. etc. Well, the usual stuff for me. I’m not easily moved nowadays. Let’s just hope they don’t get in to the way of the insanity much.

P.S. :/r/ more Yuuka going “Hauu~~~” and in gothic dresses.

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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Frenzy? More like pure batshit insanity, o-Kyouka-sama.

I picked this up solely on the strong recommendation from j1mone (one of the bloggers whom I actually check on a daily basis) and also because SS-Eclipse actually subbed it. Honestly, I was kinda surprised and a bit disappointed at them for picking up Geass R2 (considering the ungodly amount of subbers doing it already) but their choice to sub this redeems them back.

Let’s just say this, this show is. Bat. Shit. Insane. And I love it. The jokes are insane, but reference-free, mainly remaining in the context of the show’s already absurd setting, quite a breathe of fresh air, since the recent shows that employ the same batshit-insane style have been mostly quite hard to get (Pani Poni Dash comes to mind).

The awesome manzai couple of Kyouka-sama and Ouka Midarezaki is pretty cool too, and that’s not even counting in the absurdity of having a jellyfish, lion, gay guy and a biological weapon as your adopted children. Yes, this is definitely a batshit insane show that KNOWS it’s meant to be batshit insane, and it loves it.

C’mon, even the producers batshit insane themselves, going as so far to (probably) produce EIGHT DIFFERENT ending sequences for each of the TV stations airing the show. How bloody cool is that?

P.S. Kana Hanazawa’s Yuka is <3~~~~ Oh god, I miss her voice much. And her in a loli role too!

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