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Sinfully cute.

… is not bad at all. Thanks to a certain individual (Blame Mike!~~ Blame Mike!~~ *to the tune of “Blame Canada*), I found myself interested in it. In fact it was particularly engaging, even though 95% of the time I was going “OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!”. But don’t worry, I haven’t developed siscon thanks to the Westermarck effect. Besides, Nanoka is too cute to be found in real life. But I can understand… I can understand, if one were to be put in to the same situation as Koshiro was.

Particularly, why I like Koi Kaze is probably how well fleshed out the characters are, especially Koshiro, who bears the brunt of the mental torture of having fallen in love with his own sister. His anguish and reaction to having such forbidden feelings are well brought out. Nanoka, meanwhile, is probably the too-perfect younger sister, being that cute is a sin! Really! Her seiyuu does a very fine job on her… very fine job. Thankfully I’m not Stripey, but Koi Kaze does make imouto-con… well.. likable? Thankfully 99% of the time, imouto-san is non-blood related.

Koi Kaze also has some really amazing side characters, notably Chidori-san. I can easily imagine her as a yakuza/biker gang leader and she really does have the looks and charisma perfectly. But she does have a really caring side to her too and I feel kinda sad for her towards the ending episodes. Koshiro and Nanoka’s mom is also really an awesome mom, I’ll say, but I wonder why she divorced from their father…. perhaps she couldn’t stand his crybaby-ness? :P

Koi Kaze is definitely not for everyone, especially when it deals with such taboo topics like this, but in it’s core, it’s still a very well done series, tackling seriously on its subject matter and theme, which I really admire. The realistic characters also help make it a really good show, but it’s best to be forewarned before watching this series to make sure you don’t have any long separated or missing relatives XD.

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