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When you dream of your sister this way…..

Is there anyone normal around in this show?!!!

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Mmmm fanservice first thing in the morning.

Ren and Mihato Uesugi run away from their abusive father to seek their prospects in Nanahama (Yokohama) City. Their failure to find jobs leaves them worried until Ren helps out a young girl, Kuonji Miyu, fainting at the street from heatstroke. The siblings bring her home and find out that she’s actually incredibly rich. Invited over for dinner, Ren somehow gets in to trouble with the butler head, Taisa, and his sister takes the opportunity to get themselves employed at the Kuonji household, but they’ll have to pass a one week trial period first.

Yay, one of the more anticipated shows for me this season has started. Somehow, I still can’t really imagine Seki Tomokazu as a butler, but this is just only the first episode and he was mainly using his “nekketsu” voice heh. Mihato is kinda lol too, with her “49 Secret Tools” and that scheming side of hers, because I thought she’s the “kindly” onee-san type, but it seems she’s got a real practical side too XD. I could imagine her saying “KEIKAKU DOORI” at the point she took the opportunity to get themselves hired.

Main attraction for me this show is definitely, Shinra Kuonji, voiced by the ever-awesome Itou Shizuka. Shinra-sama = Matured up version of Hinagiku that loves sekuhara, ’nuff said XD. Gotta love her way of calling Miyu a “rori and freeter” and her penchant for “cute things”. Surprisingly also, Kuonji Miyu is pretty likable for me, and Yuka Goto voices that capricious character really well, proving her voice talents. Oh btw, Kuonji Miyu = Nagi XD.

One thing I can’t shake off is how they’re somewhat copying off Hayate no Gotoku, in terms of presentation style at points and the whole setup. I really hope they will establish their own identity and feel instead, but so far the show is doing enough to pique my interest for the next one. Also, they seem to be saving a hell lot of budget in the crowd scenes, but it’s acceptable I guess.

Comments (9)