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Kiddy Girl-Yaranaika?

Kiddy Girl-and


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Kiddy Grade II Pilot

Kiddy Grade II

Watched the Kiddy Grade II pilot, released by the good people of Ayu.

Gotta say I missed the series a bit, having watched it back circa 2003-2004 on shitty VCD quality OTL. At that time, Kiddy Grade was a fun show, but somewhat lost me when the real arc began.

Anyways, amongst the new cast, I’ve gotta say that Ascule and Que Feuilles (that is hard to spell OTL) are promising, especially Que Feuilles with her black outfit and she somewhat has a goth theme. As long as she’s not going to be dojikko-ish like Eclair did, I think I’ll be on her fan club. Plus, as a homage to Éclair, she uses exploding éclairs as weapons. How cool is that!

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