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Half moons, beaches and hellboys

Hantsuki’s ending was not too bad, but it could use a little more impact. I’m pretty sad for Rika that she’s not gonna stay for long, but at least Yuuichi grew a spine already, so he’s out of the “Wimp Zone”. Overall, a good short and touching series, only lacking in impact. Didn’t really made me shed much tears unlike Narcissu.Looking forward to Momo now.

Kashimashi 07.…. ahhhh yes… the beach episode. They also seemed to have combined in the curry cooking episode into this as well. I have to say…. bikini’s + aprons = t3h WIN! Asuta’s on the short end of the stick here again, but I’m happy that at least he did get more screentime than in the manga. Seriously, he’s one guy I’d like to see being stuck in a harem situation. He could really sue Hazumu for unintentional *sekuhara* :P. Next one seems to be the *kimodameshi* episode, and I’m looking forward to see Hazumu in *chou-moé* form ;).

As for Jigoku Shoujo 20…. it deserves honourable mention for the WTF-ness factor. The string-puller this episode is really over the top and Mr.Hellboy is like… sooo lame. Ai-chan wins for gothloli outfit and for throwing Hellboy to hell. I’m really worried at how they’re going to end this series though :P.

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Kashimashi 06

I’m pretty surprised at the amount of drama that’s being infused in Kashimashi right now. I almost kinda stopped watching this episode halfway because it was getting quite sappy. I need more humour, goddamn it!!!

Anyways, it’s about high time everyone stop being so conscious about Hazumu’s previously a boy. IIRC, in the manga, they were quite over the “Hazumu was a boy!! OMG!!111” thing around volume 2?

The manga was also quite lighthearted compared to the anime right now, which has a quite heavy atmosphere surrounding the three main characters. I guess I’m just not quite used to watching romance shows at this level of sappyness.

To end this post….. what the dog did in this episode is sooo wrong….. ***sooooo wrong***. Plus, I’m starting to hate Hazumu’s father. And I really pity Asuta, since the next episode *will* make him experience both heaven *and* hell at the same time.

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Kashimashi 05

Source: Unknown.

Yasuna finally reveals her secret of not being able to see boys in this episode and it culminates to the kiss sequence that was in the first episode. This should probably revise some opinions on Yasuna hating.

I don’t really feel like going into the drama of this episode, but I have to say it’s done pretty good, with the build-up paced well. The impact of the kiss is also felt, and Yui Horie is strutting some serious muscle here with her Yasuna too. It’s been such a long time (first time,maybe?) that I’ve seen in this roles.

Personally for me, I’m pretty happy with the pace the show is progressing, and after this part, there should be quite some funny and more lighthearted parts to come, if they follow the manga, which coincidentally at the latest chapter I’m reading (Ch. 17) has taken a turn for the serious.

Asuta is really at the short end of the stick here though, but I really can’t blame him. If I’d were him, I’d be hitting on Hazumu too ;). The usual humour providers are doing their jobs well too, though I’m really seriously disturbed by Hazumu’s perverted father =.= .

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Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 04

Looks like the production team is going into serious drama mode with the anime, as this episode’s chockful of it. I miss the humour ._. , though gladly provided by Tsuki-sensei and Sora and Hazumu’s almost-to-be-a-criminal dad.
I mean, he actually untied Hazumu’s dress string thingies!! I was thinking of a some bad things at that, *seriously* bad things.

Still, this episode develops the Hazumu-Tomari-Yasuna love triangle to it’s tension-filled start. Didn’t really expect it to be this fast. Episode 5 will prove interesting hopefully. No screencaps due to no mood and laziness.

Oh, and I just noticed, I’m more attracted to Hazumu in boy clothes for some reason. Hazumu-girl anime art isn’t as attractive as Hazumu-girl manga art.

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Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 03

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Hazumu is surprised by the sudden appearance of Janpuu-chan and Sora, who explains he’s here to monitor his progress while Hazumu’s getting sexually harrassed by Janpuu-chan :). The next day, she agonizes on how to keep them both a secret from his parents, but finds out he doesn’t have to worry bout that :P.

Later in school, Hazumu’s telling some friends about how Tomari saved her earlier, eliciting some laughs and yuri-vibes. She spots Yasuna looking from afar, who runs off after being spotted.Yasuna later declines invitations to go out with her friends, as there’s guys with them, and she’s afraid of them. Hazumu tries to approach her too, but she runs off again. Back home, Yasuna’s the only person in the house, with only her dog to keep her company. She feels lonely but takes it in her stride. Meanwhile, Hazumu goes out for a night jaunt, after some advice from Tomari.

The next morning, Hazumu is waiting at Yasuna’s house with the pot containing the flowers that she and her planted together. Hazumu confesses she wants to ber her friend and with a disarming smile, Yasuna accepts both . Back in school, Tomari spots Yasuna and Hazumu replanting the flowers back at it’s original place….

Three episodes in and I’m liking the way that Kashimashi’s going in. All aspects were fully in balance, from humour to character development. I’m proud to say that it’s actually even better than the manga, for now. I really do love they way they gave everyone adequate screentime, without wastage. Undoubtably, this was a more Yasuna focused episode though. I’m pretty sure a lot of anti-Yasuna opinions must be having second thoughts now :).

Yasuna is also given more development, as we see her in a lonely enviroment, aggravated by her condition of not being able to see boys. In essence, she’s just lonely and scared to commit herself to others, fearing loss. Hazumu seems to be the only one she has tried to open her heart to, but now, she’s scared of her feelings towards Hazumu as well, as *yuri* isn’t exactly a social norm in Japan, where it dictates everyone’s actions. I’m sure a lot of Asians will understand this :).

Next episode focuses on the confrontation between Tomari and Yasuna over Hazumu. I’m pretty impressed with the title already, “***Shoujo sankakei***”, or simply put, “**Girl Triangle**”.

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Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 02

Source: Unknown

I say…. I keep forgetting to put a box of tissues next to me everytime I watch this. It’s really a bitch cleaning blood off the monitor….Oops, I mean… it’s so touching… err… makes me cry… err… you get the idea…

Well, episode 2 focuses on more character development, especially on Tomari-chan, about Hazumu’s gender change. Obviously, Hazumu becomes the media’s bitch, no thanks to the *uchuujin-san* announcing it worldwide. Subsequently, Hazumu’s friends try their best to keep her out of the media’s way (Tomari) and also resist the urge to nosebleed (Asuta and me). Oh, and who says anime isn’t educational? I learned how to wear a bra this episode :). And this shot really reminds me of Mai’s Mai-HiME special.

I have to say, I’m liking the direction the anime is taking now. Tomari’s inner struggles were potrayed nicely and effectively by the writers. There’s a considerable addition to the flashbacks, but tastefully added. I couldn’t help feeling a little touched by the end of the episode, with Tomari comforting Hazumu. Also, Yukari Tamura is doing a mighty fine job in voicing Tomari. I like her playing in more tomboy-ish roles ala Ranpha(Galaxy Angels) rather than her more famous role as Nanoha.

Kana Ueda’s voicing of Hazumu is taking some time to get used to for me. I’m actually quite half expecting to hear Kansei-ben everytime she speaks, no thanks to her admirable vocing of Hayate. I guess she’s doing Hazumu a bit too high-pitched for my liking, but she’s still doing a good job.

Yasuna takes quite a backseat for this episode, so there’s not much about her to say. Some have voiced opinions that Yui Horie isn’t the right *seiyuu* for her, but I kinda digress on that. Yui Horie’s a fantastic *seiyuu* in my opinion and I’m sure she’ll bring Yasuna to life.

Screencap flood below. I’m really going to take the paths of abq and moyism

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Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 01

Source: Kashimashi Volume 01

I have to admit, this was the show I was most excited about, more than Fate/Stay Night because of Hazumu. Yes I have to admit, I’m totally attracted to him. She’s just so moééé~~~~~~.

Frankly though, some part of me feels like it’s an forbidden attraction, because Hazumu is originally a he. The aliens had to nicely crashland on him and change him into a girl. Not just any girl, but a *chou kawaii*, *chou moé* girl too. Somewhere in my conscience, a voice is saying that this is immoral, which obviously makes it more attractive.

Anyways, Kashimashi is pretty much a shoujo-ai love triangle story among Hazumu(♥♥!!), Yasuna and Tonari-chan.I’ve already read the manga up till Volume 2, so I won’t give away much of the plot for it. But so far, it’s following the manga’s plot.

Production quality is OK, with the animation above average. The *seiyuu’s* provide much of the lift needed for Kashimashi, with a stellar cast consisting of **Tamura Yukari**(**Nanoha** , **Ranpha**, **Tiriel Twincest**) as Tonari, **Ueda Kana**(**Hayate**(♥♥!!)) as Hazumu(♥♥!! +10 moé) and the venerable **Yui Horie** (**Narusegawa**) as Yasuna-chan. Ueda Kana’s male voice for Hazumu sounds very funny though, but luckily we’re not going to hear it anymore. The OP by eufonius sounds pretty good, but no ED this episode. The main attraction of Kashimashi is Hazumu, the storyline and rom-com anyways, which is looking good for this episode. Definitely picking it up.

Screencaps below.

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