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2009 in Review, Part 1


First part of my 2009 in Review article. Only shows I’ve completed watching are in this list, divided in to four tiers of descending “accumulative entertainment value”.

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Completed: Kanokon


Mmm~ quite a lame end. I was wishing for a lot of helpings of fanservice, but the risque levels never went above the minimum levels. But oh well… at least this series is done for, for now. Unless they wanna do another season of it, XD.

Well, Kanokon has been mildly enjoyable for me, given the sheer levels it pushes the envelope of “fanservice” anime and thankfully, the show realises that and doesn’t push itself too much to try and make a “deep” plot out of it. Sure, there was much interesting things, characters and settings to explore, but in the end, I’m glad the studio decided to keep it short and simple.

It’s surprising too how long the show has managed to keep my interest, and it’s pretty much a testament of the shit I can endure just to get my dose Ayako Kawasumi and Noto Mamiko, although towards the last few episodes, I’ve totally been able to predict all their lines and responses. But I guess, something is better than nothing, plus it gives me something to tide my time over, especially early in the week when there is a general lack of shows to watch after Geass airs.

Not exactly a show worth to be recommended widely, but if you’re a connoisseur of fanservice anime, I guess Kanokon is worth a watch. Too bad the shock factors went down much as the show progressed on.

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Kanokon 11


Beach episode finally. I’m surprised it comes in so late in the show’s run, considering it’s one of the customary cliché’s that every ecchi/romance harem anime must have.

Surprisingly, it’s “normal” episodes like this, free from youkai hijinks and shouta gattai’s, are the ones I enjoy most in Kanokon. Just the whole gang having a bit of normal fun, spiced with some extreme swimsuits (note: bandaids ARE NOT swimsuits) and a little bit of character development (I “awww”‘ed when Asahina went to thank Tayura for saving her from a watery doom) are the episodes that I can lay back and enjoy.

Anyways, time for the slideshow. Not really much, but enjoy ^^.

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Kanokon 09



Holy shit this episode of Kanokon. Straight shot back up to the usual ecchiness. We have “chichi”makura (yes, that kind of “chichi”), pettan-ko Chizuru (flatter than Nozomu!!) and “cake”. Yes. “Cake”. No, seriously. “Cake”.

Oh god, now I hunger for cake.

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Kanokon 08

Pfft… what was this about Kanokon being “too extreme”. This week’s episode was as boring as the one where Chizuru had to avoid jumping on Kouta. Just another lame attempt to infuse “character development” in to Kanokon.

Even introducing Chizuru’s mom wasn’t good enough to forgive the boredom of this episode. Yeah, she did sexually assault Kouta, but it was just for a while and only once. Then that lame attempt to test Kouta’s “loyalty” was just pure boredom, since it was just Kouta and Nozomu going, “Can I?” “You can.” over and over. I nearly fell asleep at that part.

Even Chizuru had her FQ(Fanservice Quotient) lowered down, with just random T&A shots and a nyotaimori. For god’s sake, I’m not watching this to see a romance story! Give me back my awesome fanservice!!

Let’s hope next episode will bring back the mindless fanservice enjoyment. I suspect tentacles for next week.


The only remotely stimulating shot of the episode.

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Kanokon 07

I totally forgot to blog this episode in the rush of my exams (actually, I watched the episode an hour before my last exam ^^;;) but…


… and heart-shaped nipple covers. ’nuff said.

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Kanokon 06


Whee~ back to the usual aggresive Chizuru this episode.

It’s New Year’s over there and Kouta’s just chillaxin’ alone at home when as usual, Chizuru barges in and stays the day with him, making him food and playing Chizuru’s special sugoroku. Happiness doesn’t last long of course, as Nozumu barges in as well, so Kouta decides to take all three of them out for hatsumoude where they bump in to the others as well, causing Chizuru to complain about “disturbances”. Yeap, just another normal day in the Kanokon-verse. Asahina was just so cute when she got drunk by drinking amazake, at least Tayura got himself a nice memory.

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Kanokon 05


Chizuru laments the lack of fanservice in this episode.

Fail for not enough fanservice. I hate it when they start to put in some semblance of a story in to fanservice shows.

Right, so Nozomu’s brother, Saku, appears, puts a lust-restraining device on Kouta, which results in Chizuru having to avoid Kouta in order to not let him get killed by her body. Chizuru suffers from Kouta withdrawal symptoms, so Tayura enlists help to beat up Saku, but gets beaten up himself. Chizuru also gets stripped by Saku, until Kouta appears and fox shouta saves the day, again. Well, you get the gist of it. Rather pointless episode, really.

Meh, looking forward to episode six, there’s Chizuru in kimono and sukumizu. Interesting combination, don’t you think?

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Kanokon 04


Bunny girl Chizuru kinda fits her character. But it’s weird to see a fox cosplaying as a bunny girl, really.

Who would win though, in a shootdown between Bunny Girl Kallen and Bunny Girl Chizuru?

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Kanokon 03


Even Chizuru-san’s a bit shy.

You know all those people saying that “Kanokon sucks because it’s a fanservice show!” ? They’re all wrong. It’s a softcore show now.

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